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Recent-ish dreams, Celebrity Christmas Party Memegen

November 30, 2004

RECENT DREAMS There was the weird dream I had in early October in which my brother and I had to run from operatives, lost our luggage, and had to be put in a special white-and-blue house for our own protection after we saw an Iraqi beheading… yikes! (no, I haven’t watched any of those videos […]


November 30, 2004

A living, squirming, and worst of all, biting condom grips the city in prophylactic panic. Especially hard hit is gay detective Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel). As chomped corpses pile up, no one believes his carnivorous contraceptive theory. Then, when Mackeroni loses a testicle to the latex menace, his pursuit becomes personal. He blows the lid […]

Mailing a bunch of stuff, and blasts from the past

November 29, 2004

Just got back from the mall, where I spent some time with Yazmine.. it is FREEZING outside! Then again, it might be the kind of weather that my friend Wrathchild does best in.. 😉 Went to the post office first to mail a bunch of Christmas cards, some Vancouver postcards, packages, and one birthday card […]

A 16-year-old had her mom set on fire…

November 28, 2004

In case you haven’t heard about this yet, it’s a sad story.. thanks, RQ! Rachelle Waterman Enlists Help to Have Her Mother Killed. Link to her last journal entry. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to comment on the last entry.. I should have done so before I took my nap, if it wasn’t […]

Crappy Christmas music, a building not being a truck, and a great guy

November 28, 2004

Eric and I really hate crappy Christmas music…. we’ve already heard some today, and it’s going to get worse as the season goes on. Of course, we have nothing against Christmas, but some of that “seasonal” music should be turned off at first listen! We also discussed “Mystery Memphis” for a while, as Eric’s dubbed […]

Bubble tea and urinals

November 27, 2004

Earlier today, I was in a blah sort of mood, caused by my unhappiness with certain things. They’re not resolved yet, but hopefully they will be later on. I called a certain someone, and was fully prepared to get the voicemail, but got him instead. We got to talk for two minutes before the phone […]

Steak, seeing Eric and not going out with him, Virgo astrology, and colorbar generators

November 26, 2004

Finally back from Shannon’s.. I treated myself to a steak from Boston Pizza. Wheelchairs, traffic, rain, and other assorted delays on the trip home did nothing to improve my mood. I get to see Eric at around 7, which makes me very happy! Yes, I know I see him a lot (well, twice a week […]


November 25, 2004

Well, I had it out with Shannon at the Lonsdale Quay market. Strange place to have a semi-argument, but I had to tell her again that it wasn’t acceptable for her to call my parents if she couldn’t get ahold of me. It doesn’t mean that I’m not annoyed by it just because my mom’s […]

My brother’s 23 today!

November 25, 2004

The Merzbow file transfer (Catapillar 2002) worked, much thanks to Jon. Speaking of my brother, he’s 23 today.. go leave your birthday wishes here. I already wished him a Happy Birthday.. he’s going to class, an orchestra rehearsal, a music theory talk, and going out after all that to a beer bistro for some food. […]

Dual media players

November 24, 2004

Listening to a CD in both Winamp and Windows Media Player can be a very weird experience, especially if they’re not synchronized with each other. Just found that out for myself, since Corey (who can now see my LJ.. eek!) told me to download Winamp because it was better than Windows Media Player. The CD […]