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Stress illness, Celery as a person I may know (?!), Puritan names from 1888

September 16, 2013

As a result of last night’s events, I had stress illness for the first time in YEARS! Oh, poop. (literally!) Got a shower at home, too. Why is someone I blocked showing up in the “People You May Know” list?! This person (Celery) is NEVER someone I’d want to be friends with, especially given his […]

Sausage, drinks, accidental spillage, Chinese Eric worse, annoying Mandy Ortiz

February 17, 2011

Teunis and I talked about astronomy, RED PANDA / FLYING SQUIRREL, French radio shows on music, sausages, the NUM LOCK key (0 – a zero – should not be a “/”), fruit, pies, flour, fat people and shoplifting, Chinese Eric, eggs, accidental spillage, and more. Talked to Chinese Eric about good laptop timing, his health […]

AMBER, fire oil, staying up all night and all day, and SOURDOUGH

January 31, 2011

Teunis and I talked about the bathroom fan, using candles (Jon / Harmony and Peter / Holly do so), interesting radio shows (SPARK), sourdough pancakes, a 1258-page book called THE CHRONICLES OF AMBER (only $4?!), and soy milk pudding. Then Krista called and wanted to work on her resume over here… at least this time […]

NEW LAPTOP! / Pho! / Birthday extravaganza on Sunday! / ERIC HO!

November 17, 2010

Eric and his sister Erica picked me up shortly after 7, and the first thing Eric did was to take the NEW LAPTOP inside – good idea, since it was pretty cold outside! He said it had 160 gigabytes, and it was a good brand: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know your computer is slow. I don’t […]

Trinidad food, penis, periods, plantains, words, portmanteaus, Latin, Bra, and more!

January 25, 2010

Eric picked me up after going to the bank, so I spent most of the ride analyzing Mr. Creep and Randal’s actions of this morning. I’m sure some of it sounded like a rant, but COME ON. He said that he didn’t know anyone by the name of Mr. Creep – well, that’s what I […]

Not this again…

January 14, 2008

I woke up with a terrible stomachache, which I recognize as the beginning of stress illness. Truly, I hope it’s not rearing its ugly head again. Maybe aspirin will assuage it – I know it’s not something I ate yesterday at Jer’s, failed eggplant experiments or not. 😛

Eating? What’s that?

August 14, 2007

Wow. What with one thing and the next, I don’t think I’ve eaten a meal or indeed anything much since yesterday’s breakfast at Denny’s! Maybe I should make myself some lunch soon… or try to finish off Dallas’ KIMCHI! That’ll be some good stuff! 😀 Nathan also just emailed us an Shanghai Wonderful SLB confirmation […]

Dreams of animal stampedes / Outback Steakhouse Cinnamon Oblivion

May 3, 2007

I HATE INTERNET DRAMA! Hmm. Now I get phone calls from Toronto?! Very odd. Oh well, I was going to see if I could spend time with the Big G today, but I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t since I woke up feeling a bit unwell. (yay for it striking after Jen’s dinner?) […]

Spoof usernames, sleep, redrum, phone call etiquette, Friend Test

March 5, 2007

Radiohead’s Fitter Happier kinda matches me right now, since I’m practically all better now. Guess my nocturnal rest was pretty good, for once. No love for King Hwa Enterprises, though… they made my phone beep, and woke me up at 11:02! Ah well, might go back to bed later. I am definitely NOT going over […]

Fish, Playstation 2, and regifting stuff from the Taiwanese president

March 3, 2007

Here are some more of Corey’s Taiwan impressions from last night: [19:20:32] Corey: [23:51:44] Flami: Plates mean nothing!: ??? [23:52:32] Corey: guess what I had for breakfast [23:54:11] Flami: strudel! no, wait… that’s what I had for dessert tonight [23:54:18] Flami: SLB [23:57:02] Corey: right! for the second time [23:58:15] Corey: in Tainan (a city […]