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Thirteen hours isn’t fourteen hours, but it’s good enough! (parties and stickers)

July 31, 2006

I got up at 6:20 PM, which meant that I managed to (mostly) sleep through knocking at my window and the headache that I took Advil for. Checking my email, I found one from Steph (“Glasses and Mother”) and one from Justin (“dinner party”). Hey, it’s a good thing Steph asked Mom since I was […]

Mosquito bites, Sufjan Stevens, grammar

July 31, 2006

As I predicted, I was / am up past 4 AM just updating / catching up on my friends list on the weekend: more than 570 entries on LJ, and 97 on GJ. Thank goodness RQ isn’t on my friends list anymore, otherwise I’d be insane right now! This mosquito bite (or whatever) is really […]

Wearing hotpants to worship, smashing guitars, beer memories

July 30, 2006

Before breakfast today, Eric broke Rule #6 (again?) by entering the room I shared with Steph (AFTER we got dressed, thanks! :P) and watching us get ready and pack our stuff away. By the time I got back from washing up, Eric / Steph / Karen / Jeremy / Ben / Christon / Anthony were […]

"We went through a pound of butter a week, and I didn’t even use it that much!"

July 29, 2006

We woke up the teens (Sam / Mike / Joey / Chris / etc.) in the lounge, then I told Steph that Jon thought I was a gossip hound: since when is hearing about the baptism class / date from one of the participants (Mike) GOSSIP?! At breakfast, Steph told us that her old roommate […]

He’s not even eight years old, and he has eight crushes… Ivan, your brother’s a PLAYER!

July 28, 2006

I want to do a “day update” for Summer Conference, even though I wasn’t online on the weekend… you apparently needed a password for accessing the Internet there, according to some people I talked to. So I’ll just update as usual, then edit the timestamps to make it seem like I was “live on location […]

Friday Five on names

July 28, 2006

Yeah, I know I probably update too much when I should probably be trying to sleep. But if I try sleeping now, then I might very well REALLY oversleep… not good! Besides, I’m making up for the lack of posts which will be apparent over this weekend, so you should be happy! (… yeah, I […]

Waking up REALLY early… stop it, body! :P / Weird survey from Amy

July 28, 2006

My first thought when I got up today was that it was 5:40 PM… and then I figure that I was screwed since I was supposed to be somewhere by 4 PM. Then when I found it was 5:40 AM, I wondered what the heck I was doing up. I know I went to bed […]

It looks like I’ll have to get new glasses…

July 27, 2006

Earlier tonight, the right arm of my glasses decided to come off. Luckily the mall was still open, so I decided to hop the bus for a quick trip to Iris (the eyeglasses place) to see what could be done about it. The short answer turned out to be nothing since the spring inside had […]

Only 5 more years to give birth?! / Teaching English to my mom can be amusing! / Durian gelato

July 27, 2006

Apparently, my mom thinks I only have 5 more years to give birth. What the heck… just because SHE finished having kids at 35 doesn’t mean anything about ME. (not like I’ll get married or anything) The lunch today with Justin’s grandma was all right… I spent most of my time talking to my brother […]


July 27, 2006

Firefox took away all my cookies! I am not impressed! At least I have a list of all my important passwords somewhere, and it didn’t take away my cache / history / clicked-on links!