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No-stress redrum! / Wrathchild in dream / What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About You?

August 27, 2014

I discovered redrum this morning, and it seems to be back to normal. Yay for no stress this time around! Also had a dream where Steve L. (wrathchild) was protecting us from Mom chasing us down. Oh my. You’re a Sensitive Sleeper Sleep doesn’t always come easily to you, but when the conditions are right, […]

No Amanda, Lars, Eliza, Esther, Jessica Leung, or Kevin Lee! / Direct Deposit / SPRING!

March 20, 2014

Decided to unfriend James V. since that “LIKING” and messaging behavior a couple days ago was VERY annoying! I also discovered that Amanda R. (zuridea), Lars (Billie’s friend), Eliza Lee Storrie (via Canucks fan page) Esther Chan (from Resonate), Jessica Leung, and Kevin Lee (Danielle’s cousin) have unfriended me; oh well. Got a direct deposit […]

These computer speakers sound richer?! / Embedding Youtube! / The Elevator Test

July 5, 2013

I swear, these computer speakers sound better than the old ones which Korey left here; probably a good thing! After half a song on one of my Youtube playlists (and hours of playing DRAGON QUEST V the other day), I swear the bass is better since it resonates more or whatever. Maybe I should turn […]


September 11, 2010

When Eric picked me up this evening, he wondered if I knew that “my bestest buddy” would be in town – OH NO! HE’S BARELY LEFT! CAN’T HE STAY GONE FOR ONCE?! Three weeks is NOT enough time, seriously! Such a random weekend to pick for a visit – it’s not even a HOLIDAY! Eric […]

Facebook Friend Details and Name Duplicates: Blood Games and Scrabulous!

June 30, 2009

Since Facebook (in their “infinite wisdom”… NOT!) has decided to do away with friend details (WHY?!), I present this extensive list to you instead. Written on June 30, 2009: Facebook friends, with details if I remember them! Male: 194 (46.1%) Female: 227 (53.9%) Total: 421 DEAD FACEBOOK FRIENDS – DEATH (OFFICIAL) TAG! (5) Candy Burns […]

Let’s declare moratoriums!

May 5, 2008

Eric picked me up at 6:45, and we were on our way to the novel experience of having a committee meeting in a mall food court. Discussed curry beef, interview / flying out on Thursday and coming back Saturday, Bible Study guides / money, staple food items, Dylan, Debbie, barbecues, family life, planning, Starbucks (when […]

You’d threaten a call centre person with slitting their throat?!

April 5, 2008

Today’s been crazy! Went to Pho for dinner, and met up with Jen and Karen there. We discussed hair in food, spring rolls, salad rolls, lychee / rambutan, ringtones, takeout orders, how you hate your own voice on tape, nicknames, Greg, Ivan, dating, squealing, certain items, and other such things. Korey and I then went […]

You can’t customize your Pho order!

February 17, 2008

Mom actually drove to church since Jon was too tired – she doesn’t like driving since that 2003 car accident. I remembered that she was stressed out, so didn’t say anything to her beyond the necessary greetings. Got to church to find the morning service still in session, so briefly greeted Grace / Steph / […]

Netspeak may have structure, but I’m still not deciphering it!

February 8, 2008

Note: What your LJ people would never admit Blogquiz, by Cami. Eric called at 6:35, wanting to be let in – sure, why not? After a few minutes of surveying my place, we left for Fellowship with his teasing me about how I’d done something to the Coquihalla Highway. He also was pleased that the […]

I didn’t get my blue sparkly shirt on Robson Street, Jeremy!

February 2, 2008

Went to the bus depot kinda early, especially considering that Korey was half an hour late – he didn’t even come on the bus at 5, but had a specialist appointment beforehand. So his cousins drove him instead – it works! We took a cab to the church, and discussed getting my books back tonight […]