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July 31, 2011

Since I finally got my tags page to completely load, here are the stats for the six tags I used in every entry during the past six months and change: Teunis: 1061 (840 in Blogger) Visitors: 1131 (1073 in Blogger) Johan Hedberg: 855 Peter: 1085 Winterlion: 1030 Houseguests: 686 (the last time I did this) […]

Banner and abuse nightmare, vocab compliments, periodic elements, and July 2011 BBT Tally

July 31, 2011

Mom and Dad got home at 11 last night, and gave me gumballs (wedding favors from Michael and Juliana’s banquet) / Nesquik chocolate milk / jalapeno cheese slices. I also got an apricot, a nectarine, two walnut pastries, and a muffin from Grandma. Good thing that she forgot about two towels! At least the parents […]

Happy Date for dinner, bus impatience, Google results as a restaurant, and brain mush

July 30, 2011

Mom and Dad dropped me and Grandma off at Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant after they gave me $20 and Cracker Jacks, but Mom had to make sure Flora from #9 was working. She wasn’t, but that was apparently fine. I saw an Asian couple changing their baby’s diaper on a chair inside Happy Date […]

No more fish burgers at Dairy Queen, Grandma!

July 30, 2011

I got to the townhouse just before 12, and Grandma thought I was hungry. Well, I know her metabolism demands to be fed RIGHT NOW! We eventually went to the Dairy Queen across the street, where she was not impressed that they don’t sell her favorite fish burgers anymore. I got her a regular hamburger […]

Fireworks at English Bay / Vanessa and FREEDOM / Spoz in a dream / Soul’s eye color

July 30, 2011

Christon sent us an email saying that his summer doesn’t feel complete unless he’s gone to at least one fireworks event at English Bay; this year, the barge will be closer to the crowds. He shouldn’t be organizing such a thing, but he’s targeting Wednesday night since the Spain event should presumably be less crowded […]

Hung, Kenny, Teunis vacuuming, and Emily’s chocolate / I’M FREE!

July 29, 2011

Hung re-added me to Facebook, so PHEW! Talked to Kenny briefly on Skype about Teunis, heh. I told Emily M. that I had some chocolate for her (and Nina and Gerard) if she was going to be around this Sunday – she will be, so IT IS ON! I’m getting sick of the chocolate Easter […]

Cleaning the bathroom / Teunis finally packing it in with wireless connections

July 29, 2011

Spent some time this morning in cleaning the bathroom, since it was needed! Teunis came back at 2 before seeing Hester about the parking pass / doing the final packing, and confirmed that he did leave at 9:15 or so. Says he couldn’t sleep because of the noise made by my door opening and closing; […]

XBox / 8-Bit FINAL COUNTDOWN / Tropical Flowers

July 29, 2011

ZERO DAYS! CRUNCH TIME! I seem to be able to update via Semagic… Teunis and I discussed storage, contacting Hester, his calling Tess (HA!), long-distance company limits, tomorrow’s plans, no videos on the phone (Youtube eats up a lot of bandwidth), CALL OF CTHULHU / BREATH OF DEATH, BREATH OF FIRE / FINAL FANTASY spoofs, […]

Cleaners, foreign thanks, siege lifting, weight amusement, inclusion, and NO BOWLING!

July 29, 2011

When Teunis got home, I had him help me open the Clorox cleaners before I gave him one Cadbury’s premium dark chocolate bar and the “new home” card with gems on the front. He bowed and said his foreign thanks, hahaha. We also discussed downloading / testing games, a Japanese raccoon movie, the gradual emptying […]

Intense blackcurrant and premium dark chocolate! / My past medieval life

July 28, 2011

Went out and did my banking, then went to Shoppers Drug Mart. The quality chocolate bars were indeed on sale, so I picked up five Lindt / Cadbury / Nielsen: intense blackcurrant, premium dark chocolate x2, mint, and Jersey Milk. I also bought two on-sale Clorox cleaners (so Teunis can at least help me open […]