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Oyster omelettes are certainly interesting!

August 31, 2008

Amanda B. added me to Facebook – I guess she found me via Growing Gifts OR Sara H., hah. Either way, it’s cool. My mom had something interesting to say while we went to church – something about inviting my favorite men to dinner in a couple of weeks. Hmm, I guess we’ll see who […]

Taiwanese Cultural Festival…

August 31, 2008

High-scoring words of the night so far: AILING (114 points) – against Raymond C. [two 4W] CAMPI (176 points) – against Pat K. [4W, two 2W] It’s good to talk to my brother about books and stuff. I can definitely finish THE TIME WE CAME TO THE END in one night, if I make sure […]

No more Serena, Michelle, and Monica!

August 30, 2008

Bingo of the day so far: SNORTERS (90 points) – against Angela V. High-scoring words of the day so far: ATONIA (110 points) – against Michael M. [4W, two 2W; hooks off PE, SWIVED, and M] OI (52 points) – against Raymond C. [2W, 4W; hook off UNSEW] VASE (112 points) – against Shelley R.-B. […]

Zodiac Killer mystery solved?!

August 29, 2008

Bingos of the night so far: SMOKABLE (110 points) – against Wendy L. INTERREX (80 points) – against Leslie U. [first time playing against someone who shares my name!] High-scoring words of the night so far: FISH (80 points; 4W, 2W), EBONIES (288 points; two 4W) – against Cindy A. AHEAD (144 points) – against […]

Yogurt, soup, popcorn, perogies, and more!

August 29, 2008

Just went shopping at Save-On, and was true to my consumer whore tendencies. Found a variety BOX of over 100 perogies from Cheemo, so had to get that! Potato cheddar and potato / bacon / Romano cheese sounds good, although I don’t know about potato and onion… might not taste so good without the cheese, […]

Now he’s menacing my SUBCONSCIOUS?!

August 29, 2008

Hahaha, I find this amusing: I just added some SUNSHINE (sunlight, really) to SUNNY SUN’S garden. Amusing synchronicity! 😀 (Have also changed my response to tonight’s dessert outing: I don’t need to be reminded of certain people! Guess I’ll have to wait till Sunday to see at least one of my favorites…) I had a […]

Thank goodness for David! / A letter to the last commenter in my journal

August 28, 2008

High-scoring words of the night so far: HORN (112 points) – against Guy M. [two 4W] ZETA (104 points) – against Shelley R.-B. [4W, 2W] LIST (82 points) – against Josephine S. [hook on AXION to make LA, SI, and TO] AIVER (120 points) – against Steve L. [two 4W] David picked me up, and […]

Good times with Billie! / Funny MARIO videos

August 28, 2008

Bingos of the day so far: REORIENT (82 points) – against Doug W. GENTIANS (60 points) – against Kathy T. High-scoring word of the day so far: DEITY (156 points) – against Sara H. [two 4W, plus a hook off BLOOD] Billie and I had lots of fun when she was here: watching various MARIO […]

Yes, Mom… I’m cheating on my boyfriend with another GIRL….

August 27, 2008

Mom sent me an email earlier today, but I didn’t get it till now since I was hanging around with Billie. Great Pho, talk about people, and laughing over strange things… good times! So I get on the phone with Mom to tell her that I can’t make it to the townhouse tomorrow – something […]

Let’s wreck form while planning…

August 26, 2008

Bingo of the night so far: UNITAGE (106 points) – against Karla M. High-scoring words of the night so far: WRECK (224 points) – against Colin W. [two 4W] FORME (160 points) – against Michael M. [two 4W] REEVE (136 points) – against Raymond C. [two 4W] TEWS (123 points) – against Matthew A. [two […]