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Sushi platter prices at Koko

June 30, 2004

went to dinner at Koko with Steph, Cindy, Dawn, and Linda.. had an interesting time with the “sushi platter” prices.. we’re too used to Daimasu or Samurai Sushi.. more value! Cindy inadvertently ordered a roll with real crab meat.. she has allergies to shellfish, so that was a mistake.. discussed updates / life / plans, […]

Dinner and chilling with the girls

June 30, 2004

decided to call my sister because I was kinda bored.. turns out she’s going out for dinner tonight at 7 with Dawn, Cindy, and Linda.. she even invited me.. I wanted to make sure Linda wouldn’t mind.. even though I do not think she would, you never know! so I’m going, even if I do […]

Childhood punishments

June 30, 2004

My parents were very good at emotional and verbal abuse. There was more than one time that my mother told me that she didn’t love me anymore, that she wouldn’t speak to me anymore, and that she wished she had never had me. My father would tell me that I was no good at anything, […]

Making four new friends today!

June 29, 2004

I’ve made four new friends today.. that makes me happy! currently involved in a long discussion with Michael.. also talking to Corey about reading material and such.. the baby photos got through to Steve and Carol all right.. thank goodness for friends who are willing to help out.. scanned / posted / Photobucketed in short […]

213 things Skippy can’t do in the US Army

June 29, 2004

you should all check out this hilarious website.. my new friend Dave (Chimpy) told me about it this morning.. so funny.. “213 things Skippy can’t do in the US Army”.. HAHAHAHA! I should definitely tell everyone about it later on.. it’ll make you scream with laughter, perhaps.. good, eh? April 16, 2003 The 213 Things […]

Ted the Caver / Kitchen Personality and Life’s Highway

June 28, 2004

today, I exercised my civic duty and voted.. not telling you for whom, though 😛 Corey decided to creep me out with Ted the Caver.. thanks, dude.. but you’re not testing the limits of my love for you as yet, y’know! 😉 as it is, I’m rather happy WE can talk about things! 😛 didn’t […]


June 27, 2004

I got up to Level 10 in Mysteries of Time and Space.. Jon had to sleep, so I reluctantly quit the game.. it should have a “pause / save” function built in 😉 that way, you don’t have to restart.. although it DOES have codes for certain points within the game.. you don’t have to […]

Viridian Room

June 26, 2004

finally finished the Viridian Room at about 8:30.. even with the walkthroughs online, it took six hours.. had breaks for dinner / TV / figuring out certain things in the game / restarting the browser.. I’d play the Blue Chamber, but it’s not available now.. maybe later on, or in two weeks.. no big hurry, […]

Unreliable people

June 26, 2004

got to church, only to find that people had left already.. I *told* them to wait for me, damn the unreliable friends! Lesley, Dylan, Derek, Billy, Stella, and Randal were still there; that was a very fortunate thing for me.. we went to eat something at a Chinese restaurant.. discussed politics, which exacerbated my headache.. […]

Daimasu and Book Warehouse

June 25, 2004

spent some time with Yazmine in town today.. woohoo! went to the library, Future Shop, Daimasu, Book Warehouse, and various shops around the Broadway area.. it was good seeing her again after three months.. picked up three library books, and the new Matt Good CD.. (no exhaustive writing about it like with Avalanche :P) had […]