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Amethyst Felidae-Thompson, Machete Tigre, Keilidh Mandissa Hicks, Kelline Blake

November 10, 2017

From Not Always Right: Amethyst Felidae-Thompson?! From Not Always Right: Machete Tigre?! Unfortunately, he’s a furry… From Not Always Right: Keilidh Mandissa Hicks?! That’s not even how you spell CEILIDH! Unfortunately, she’s a furry, too! From Not Always Learning: Kelline Blake?! Advertisements

Chrystal calling to postpone again! / Panromantic polyamorous special snowflake!

May 25, 2017

Chrystal gave me a surprise phone call at 8:35, saying that she knew we were supposed to meet up tomorrow, but work has been absolutely crazy since a supervisor resigned. Luckily for Chrystal, she’s not the new supervisor! We finally figured out a new date to meet up: Friday, June 9 at the usual place, […]

Nailling-Martin, Wu-Woo, Leonard-Skinner, and other bad hyphenated names!

August 27, 2016

Nailling-Martin! Wu-Woo! Leonard-Skinner! Guetter-High! Lemon-Balls! Knutt-Rekker! Funk-Meister! Daly-Leake! Cox-Kiser! Fedder-Good! Dye-Breeden! Flok-King! Dickie-Peters! Eaton-Titlow! Casanova-Bonin!

LITERALLY, tasty ass crackers, taking up space on the sofa, sexy text messages

July 26, 2016

This CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS comic is from Wesley: “And when I heard the news… it literally crushed me.” “It LITERALLY crushed you?” “Yes, it literally crushed me. Every single bone in my body was shattered. I had to undergo severe surgery and physical therapy.” “Hah, yeah, I’m sure.” “You don’t believe me? You’re killing me. […]

The Princess, the world’s largest Starbucks frappuccino, Amethyst Kelly, reading

July 12, 2016

From Lucas: The Princess! World’s largest Starbucks frappuccino from 125th and Lenox in New York! Amethyst Kelly?! I’m not addicted to reading. I can quit as soon as I finish one more chapter.

Baby surprise = poop! / Sewer blocked by large Pooh / Roasted chicken leg

March 19, 2016

The Canucks played St. Louis at 7 tonight, and lost 3-0. From Julie: This baby has a surprise for you… it’s poop. From JBook and BBC News: Sewer was blocked by large Pooh! From Laura: A simple whole leg of roasted chicken!

000-0000, Dick Colon, Jamahlea, Sarharna, Chairish, Dick Long, Dick L. Ong

February 3, 2016

I got a call from 000-0000 at 5:20, which reminds me of the time when Mike had the same thing when he was here on 12 June 2014! Dick Colon?! Tori J’quai, Jamahlea, and Sarharna?! Chairish?! Dick Long?! Dick L. Ong?! Also, “Genevieve Gan Ong” makes me think of Ganong chocolate!

Claus’s shoes and cloth scraps! / Out-of-the-way Mole Cricket!

December 24, 2015

Kelli (neonrose5) finally said that she got her Christmas card from me – YAY! Claus’s shoes and the scrap of cloth from Hinawa’s dress are stored in here with care. Mole Cricket in the Mole Cricket Hole: “You went out of your way to come talk to me? Even when you could’ve lost your way?”

5-4 shootout loss, sex changes, Justin Timberlake’s hair, duct tape and mayonnaise

December 20, 2015

The Canucks played the Panthers at 1 today; it went to overtime and a shootout, then ended in a 5-4 loss. A religious school in the UK sent this notice out in December 2012 to acknowledge the transition of a teacher! Nice! Unfortunately, it seems that she killed herself six months later. 😦 Justin Timberlake’s […]

4-1 win, Carols, Wang Liqin, Diana Dbag, Kelly Hildebrandt x2, Harry Hole

November 2, 2015

The Canucks played the Flyers at 7 tonight, and won 4-1! Jake Virtanen got his first NHL goal, too! Cookie Monster: Me no need no vegetation! Me no need no carb control. Carol Baker: Carol Jensen: Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt met on Facebook, then divorced! Adolf Hitler and Frankenstein ran against each other! Wang […]