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Aji Taro, 4.5 years later / Homestar Runner and fruit

May 31, 2007

As I requested, Teunis picked me up this afternoon: I have good shower timing, which Eric later thought was impossible. (I don’t THINK so!) We went to Aji Taro, and had a good time talking about history / BBC feeds (Ideas!) / abandoned places / LJ friends and their doings (Breklor birthday mass?! Oh my…) […]

Streaming audio solutions / Sunday dinner back again? / Pathetic criminals / Blogthings

May 31, 2007

Seems I’ve found a solution to my streaming audio inaction problem, because Rock 101 on the radio has encountered static again. I remembered that I had a radio station on Audioscrobbler / Last.fm – definitely using that since it’s made up of what I like, and it’s been awesome so far! I know, I’m lazy […]

I’m not in fandom, but I can support them anyhow! / PONDEROSA’S STEAK SAUCE

May 31, 2007

Links and such related to the recent LJ deletions: If anyone looked at the ‘Warriors of Innocence’ website (the cocks responsible for the mass deletions and stuff), RUN AN AD-AWARE / SPYWARE SCAN. They download tracking cookies to your computer. Sign the petition! CNET article… only a dozen?! Yeah, right! List of Suspended Communities and […]

Dream of green paper and Gmail / LJ deleting fandom pedo stuff / Murder

May 30, 2007

Well, I did get back to sleep and had a weird dream. I don’t remember any of it, except that Corey sent me green paper in the mail. Oh, and that I was involved in a long Gmail conversation with Eric and my sibs. That reminds me: I need to tell him whether I’m going […]

24% city, 21% country

May 30, 2007

Stupid people doing work right outside my patio window… it’s not like I can SLEEP with this drilling and racket and talking going on! They started at 8 AM, which (in my opinion) is too early – it’ll still be sunny at 1 or 2 PM, most likely. Wish they’d do it then… hopefully, I […]

It’s TO, not TOO! / Ponderosa’s Steak Ager

May 30, 2007

Earlier tonight, I was talking to an online friend. Eric / Sleestak always asks me, “What are you up too?” and I always correct him. Tonight, I felt like correcting him even more so than usual. I even explained why that word was wrong, and asked if he understood. His response: “Nah, it’s more fun […]

Shannon and Michigan / Ponderosa Coleslaw

May 29, 2007

Note: Your LJ Friends’ Futures / Your LJ Friends’ Most Embarrassing Moments / Your LJ Friends’ Celebrity Lives / Princess Tutu LJ Life blogquizzes. (by Tiff, M, and Tory) Hey, today is Vancouver Giants Day – sweet! On to things which aren’t so sweet: Shannon called me AGAIN this morning. Good thing I turned my […]

Hanging out with Chinese Eric at the Keg / Old Bailey online

May 28, 2007

Eric H. and I hung out tonight, and it was definitely cool. He called me about an hour beforehand, and I was kinda dead scared that he’d cancel again – it’s happened before, although with nowhere near the same frequency as Elizabeth! He wanted to know where I desired to eat – the Keg, Boston […]

Andrew and someone else are sweetly cool / Planet Hollywood’s The Terminator

May 28, 2007

I’ve thought about things, and decided that a certain watch sticker interaction in the parking lot today was pretty cool. (thanks!) Definitely what I would like to apply in my life, but the only problem is that I have no skills that way! Oh well, I guess the birthday cards are my way of showing […]

Your birthday gift’s already literally in the bag, so too late! :P

May 27, 2007

Hey, Tobias emailed me back some of his favorite Bob and Tom clips in exchange for the Seattle Phone Pranks Records For Sale. (Bob and Tom are from Indianapolis, I assume) The clips are Trucker Clock, Donnie Baker – Team Names, and Dickens Cider. Seems fair enough exchange to me! Got to church (Steph will […]