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Conversations with Erik: January 15 to 30, 2005

January 31, 2005

Session Start (Yahoo! – flamsterette_x:aryk29): Mon Jan 17 21:14:29 2005 aryk29: Hey, you needed to speak with me? I’m online now, but will be on and off for a while. [Offline Message (Mon Jan 17 17:10:42 2005)] flamsterette_x: My Yahoo was acting up and popping on and offline… but yes, I did. Just to chat, […]

Odd names / My prescient powers and how they relate to Matt and Cris

January 31, 2005

I found the name Zillion Wong as I was reading the paper today. Reminds me of a guy named Zen Tan that I went to junior high school with. Some people choose weird names for themselves, that’s for sure! 😉 I am so envious right now, I could crush something! I mentioned my friends Matt […]

Misspelled Names

January 31, 2005

I just saw “Alana” spelled as “Alainea.” *thud* (I’m fine with Alaina, Alena, Elaina, Alanna, and Alannah) When I see certain names spelled like that, I have to wonder. Examples from the Net and The Baby Name Countdown by Janet Schewgel: Tymothee Tyfanie Myckenzie Gennifer Micheal (that ALWAYS screams “TYPO!” to me :P) Lileigh Makinsey […]

Tom Petty lyrics / Replacements songs

January 31, 2005

Certain situations made me think of these two Tom Petty songs. Not sure if that’s good or bad. Song: Don’t Come Around Here No More Artist: Tom Petty Album: Southern Accents Hey! Don’t come around here no more Don’t come around here no more Whatever you’re looking for Hey! Don’t come around here no more […]

Three pregnant ladies at a baby shower is amusing!

January 31, 2005

I went to my friend Lauren’s baby shower tonight… it was a lot of fun! Sarah, Karen C., Karen K., Helen K., Helen C., Winnie, Jenny, Connie, Sophia, Frances, Elaine, Lesley, Irene, Lily, Maxine, Anita, Esther, Stella, Michelle, Lauren, and I were there at Karen C.’s townhouse that she bought a year ago. This is […]

This late update courtesy of the AGM…

January 30, 2005

When I got to church today, I looked around for Lily with no success. So I asked Lee where she was… at work! At least she got my message of yesterday, and will drive me to Lauren’s baby shower tonight… yay for reminders! I also talked to Vanessa, Stella, Dylan, Rich, Daniel, Alan, Joe, Nathan, […]

All the hat results!

January 29, 2005

Here are all the results from the hat quiz! I am a Translucent Visor. I am something of a gambler, but generally a wise one – I only gamble if I expect to win. A negative aspect of this is that people tend to shy away from playing with me. What Sort of Hat Are […]

Snyder’s Veggie Crisps / Chinese New Year Fun Fair / Rooster-Blowing

January 29, 2005

This afternoon at Awana, Eric T. brought us the remains of this huge bag of Snyder’s veggie crisps: the spinach, potato, and tomato chips were pretty interesting! Maybe I’ll ask him where he got them tomorrow if I see him at church. Later, the leaders were having a debriefing discussion about the kids’ Chinese New […]

Jaded / Ghost Stories / 101 Ways To Say "I Love You" / Being random, Hats, Alcoholic Drinks quizzage

January 29, 2005

Rant On Ghosts, for Jennifer Why the hell do ghosts have to come in and mess stuff up for other people? I mean, here we are, just minding our own business… then suddenly, we have legions of demons / poltergeists / otherworldly presences deliberately messing with us! You should definitely read all the ghost stories […]

Feeling a bit better / Horizontal Sleep Day / Essential Indie Rock Album

January 28, 2005

Feeling a bit better about things now. As I told Dave earlier, I feel like having a horizontal sleep day: no, I am NOT drunk like I was on New Year’s. I awoke at 10:15, but couldn’t get out of bed till two hours later. Ugh… I am not sure how “up” I’d be for […]