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Zakiya, Savieon, JaQuan, Centil, Shawnika, Tarnesha, Shamell, Romeikie, Candra

August 16, 2017

UGH! I just had to kill at least one more insect crawling on my computer desk! Zakiya / Tarwaskia / Andre’ / Savieon / JaQuan / Dana’ / Centil / Shawnika / Tarnesha / LaTonya / Romeikie / Shamell / Candra?! Ah, ghetto names… Advertisements

Samoa Samoa, Razor Shines, Boots Day, Napoleon Outlaw III, Blue Moon Odom

April 4, 2017

I showered today. The Canucks played the Sharks at 7:30 tonight, and San Jose got two goals in the first thirty seconds of the game! Then the game ended in a 3-1 loss. Too familiar! From The Bleacher Report: Samoa Samoa?! From The Bleacher Report: Razor Shines?! From The Bleacher Report: Boots Day?! From The […]

Jim Kiick played football?! / Jeronimo Yanez, Diamond Reynolds, Philando Castile

July 8, 2016

Jim Kiick was a football player?! Jeronimo Yanez, Diamond Reynolds, and Philando Castile?!

Leshas, Deleriyes, Elton John Jerrera Orozco, Bruce Lee Antonio Felix Cabrera

May 27, 2016

From Julie S.: Leshas?! From Reddit: Deleriyes Cramer?! Elton John Jerrera Orozco and Bruce Lee Antonio Felix Cabrera?!

Tax forms, floor lamps, thrift shops / 2014 and 2016 Australian bogan baby names

February 25, 2016

I called Barry at 11:45 to see if he had time today to drive me to The Caring Place so I could drop off my tax forms. He called me back ten minutes later to say that we could go right then… I just needed five minutes to get ready before meeting him outside! We […]

Top 10 Dragons in Video Games! / Anthony Vaglica, Mr. Sackrider, Jock Stirrup

February 21, 2016

Shaw had an outage from 12 to possibly 4, so I just caught up on my sleep instead. The Canucks played the Avalanche at 7 tonight, and x. Top 10 Dragons in Video Games! Anthony Vaglica?! Mr. Sackrider?! Jock Stirrup?!

Staples-Bottoms, Toole-Burns, Whyde-Hole, and other bad hyphenated names!

January 18, 2016

Switchblade Symphony, “Sleep” Staples-Bottoms! Toole-Burns! Whyde-Hole! Piccirilli-Pecorelli! Smelley-Farkas! Royle-Weiner! Schmitt-Head! Long-Ouch! Cannon-Bottom! Bird-Bath! Good-Lauck! Gross-Tingley! DeMoney-Hyder! Sell-Schmehl! Goosie-Gander! Making this one even better, they both live in GOOSE CREEK, South Carolina! Dunn-Eaton! Macaroni-Cheves! Olah-Sailer! Eggen-Stake!

Moore-Bacon, Gorey-Butcher, Sharp-Payne, and other bad hyphenated names!

January 15, 2016

Moore-Bacon! Sawyer-Hiney! Rump-Orefice! Rather-Grim! Miller-Bruski! Gorey-Butcher! House-Reckker! King-Sizer! Coody-Head! Flynt-Stone! Ruff-Goings! Funk-Kee! Sharp-Payne! Yuhasz-Gass! Bush-Schaver! Johnson-Finder! Wenger-Dengler!

Bear Trapp, Chris P. Bacon, Alma Knack, Jennifer Slutsky

November 21, 2015

Bear Trapp! Chris P. Bacon! Alma Knack! Jennifer Slutsky!

Valis77 being a sex offender, solo challenges, Harry Boner, Flavour Balls, Jack Goff

November 13, 2015

I got Jon’s Evite for his yearly birthday celebration at Jeremy’s, so YAY! It’ll be HOT POT this time! Tommy told me about these SUPER MARIO 64 Versus videos by Josh (joshjepson) and Tyler (attackingtucans), so I checked them out. They’re all right, I guess. FINAL FANTASY Solo White Mage Challenge – Completed! (by MountainD18) […]