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Benkai Ramen, processing things, and more

October 31, 2011

Talked to Teunis briefly on MSN before leaving. Well, I expected at least one announcement at tonight’s sibling dinner… I didn’t expect TWO! Now I’m just trying to process stuff. Jon, Lisa, Harmony, and Steph bugged me about Chinese Eric (WE HAD PIZZA AND WATCHED THE EFFING GAME!) and transit before we discussed Marble Slab […]

Melatonin, desert land mines, Halloween masks, and plan changing

October 31, 2011

Got up, had a shower, and started some laundry before going to the pharmacy next door to get some melatonin which hopefully will help with the sleep issues. Then my plans were ruined because Steph decided we should go to Jon and Harmony’s instead for Korean Chap Chae – WTF, people?! It WAS easy before, […]

Metric buttload of stuff / Honey Goldfish / EMI

October 30, 2011

When Eric called this morning to see whether I was coming out, I told him that I would since I had a metric buttload of shit to give out. Once I saw him, I clarified that I didn’t mean literal shit! We talked about the ass Paul, today’s meeting, bad drivers, the extremely rainy weather, […]

Up early / The Art Start Test

October 30, 2011

Since I went to bed at 1:30 AM, I was annoyed that I got up at 6:15 AM! Not sure if I ever did get a bunch of sleep ANYWAY! At least I got the GBA copy of BREATH OF FIRE I; here’s hoping it works better than the SNES version! You Are Bold and […]

7-4 CANUCKS WIN with Chinese Eric and Pizza Hut!

October 29, 2011

Decided to give up on MOTHER 3 because of the lack of infinite oxygen codes! Chinese Eric came over and brought his portable TV; we discussed his sister Erica having my bowl for a party (at least it’s being used!), commercial breaks, the Canucks-Capitals game, the Caps tying the game at 3-3 on a penalty […]


October 29, 2011

As I thought, white Eric tried getting me out of here via MSN last night – no go, especially with the weekly tradition and my having to restart the computer twice during said brief conversation because it was getting slow! Made mushroom soup with vanilla soy milk; it’s a bit sweet, but it still works […]

Chinese Eric / Roadside CafĂ© Oracle

October 28, 2011

Chinese Eric got on MSN last night to see what my plans for today were: since Bible Study is just the EPITOME OF EXCITEMENT (sarcasm!) these days for me, I’m staying home even though I know white Eric will try to get me out of the apartment again! Hanging out tomorrow is totally doable: it’s […]

Jambalaya fettuccini, understanding of frustration, and gelato

October 27, 2011

Called Hester to let her know about the front door, but she says it was fixed earlier today; I would HOPE so! Vanessa got on MSN to let me know about a plane crash in Richmond; no wonder Denise was complaining later about being stuck! Chrystal called to see if we could meet “earlier” since […]

Billie, Que Pasa twins, FUCKING possessives, and hot beverages

October 27, 2011

Turns out that Billie N. and I were both having Que Pasa blue corn chips last night during the hockey game – what a coincidence! No, I don’t have a camera in her Kelowna place, hahaha! I was having them plain, but she had hers with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly. Unfortunately, that didn’t help […]

Italian Hazelnut Truffle, baby oil, and Goldfish as an alternative to no sugar!

October 26, 2011

Went out in rainy weather to Zellers at Lansdowne to see if they had sweatpants – nope, and it was the same story at Sears when I went to Richmond Centre. (but I did get new dark panties from there!) There were plenty of winter coats, but that’s not what I was looking for! I […]