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Fifth Reddit silver! / Michelina’s Beef Stroganoff / Youtube being drunk again!

September 12, 2020

I finally managed to delete Valkyries / High_Valyr / G. Kumar from my phone contacts and WhatsApp using the trash can icon. (Cue Mom asking me last year on the 15th at White Spot, “Do you know how to cancel a person who is dead??”) That conversation would be embarrassing to have on my phone, […]

Wings at Moxie’s? Sure, why not? / English and tough thorough thought on a mug!

April 1, 2019

Brian and Holly seemed to be making plans for $4 wings at Moxie’s tonight, so in a moment of rare spontaneity, I decided to join them, Paulo, and Darryl. Turns out Jeremy and Jeff were invited too, but that was okay. I thought Brian was giving Paulo a ride too, but I guess not. At […]

A dragon breathing lightning, Vietnamese subs, breaking a physio chair, trains

August 16, 2017

After (MORE) COFFEE TIME, I left at 11:40 AM on a 407 to make it to Jon and Harmony’s at 12:15 or so. Apparently, nobody was home, but I heard Ayler’s voice a couple of minutes later from the car. Jon made a comment about my San Francisco shirt – yeah, it’s pretty noticeable, but […]

Glow-in-the-dark plush toys, Vikings on the moon, model trains + imitation crab

August 7, 2017

Eric Ho AKA Chinese Eric (lddude) actually sent me an email this morning at 8:50 AM, replying to an email I’d sent him on July 13. It was about hanging out when I was free, since he’d been busy lately! EVIDENTLY. From Adela: “Help your skin to glimmer like glow-in-the-dark plush toys set on fire. […]

Eric Ho and Remy Martin! / Canada-Russia World Cup hockey / Rossann Williams?!

September 14, 2016

Back to Opera for me since Slimjet refuses to load any plugins for Youtube whatsoever! Since Eric Ho called and emailed me last night while I was out to state that he might have to work a double shift on Saturday, I was okay with him coming over today to watch the Canada-Russia World Cup […]

Confusing Canadianisms! / Elves! / No sneaking in, peeking, leaking, or reeking!

December 18, 2015

From Meanwhile in Canada: These 55 Canadian words and expressions confuse the rest of the world! Dressing gown, no-see-ums, tuque, bachelor apartment, whitener, hooped, face cloth, elastic, college, garburator, dinged, rubber, all-dressed, holiday, parkade, housecoat, wicket, brown bread, serviette, keener, kangaroo jacket, Mickey, thongs, lineup or queue, give’r, sixty-pounder, eavestroughs, forty-pounder, gasbar, chocolate bar, pablum, […]

Minor Korey project / Dinner next week / How Charlotte Are You? / DRAGON CAKE!

May 26, 2015

I finished a very minor separation project having to do with Korey and Craigslist, mostly. It only took me half an hour (from 7:10 to 7:40) to divide the Relationships 1 memory section into two separate sections! Pastor Dan sent us an email about some small group dinner next week; I vaguely remember hearing about […]

Paranoia while going to the States! / Toilet paper / Cajun crab legs

April 15, 2015

There were trips to the States where Mike would tell me that I couldn’t have certain things with us because the border security COULD search the car and our property. “You can’t have food with you!” “What if we eat the snacks before going into the border crossing?” “No!” Later on, he said that the […]

Worst names, Mandy, naptime, Chrystal’s email, “Dana”, emoji, olive pizza

April 12, 2015

From Reddit: What is the worst name you’ve seen given to a child? Do you know why? I replied to Mandy’s email this afternoon, of course. After I took a much-needed nap (yay for freedom!), I actually got an email from Chrystal at 6! She wants to reschedule from the 19th to the 26th since […]

5-0 WIN! / NOT being an idiot due to no Skype or texting! / Mr. Big or Aidan

April 9, 2015

The Canucks played the Coyotes in the penultimate game of the regular season at 7 tonight, and we won 5-0! Eddie Lack was awesome, Weber got back-to-back power play goals (one where a 5-on-3 was on the ice), and Dan Hamhuis got his first goal of the year. Vancouver is going to play Calgary in […]