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Uterus ruining your life, Kylr Yust, not doing the thing, Dildo in Newfoundland

July 30, 2017

Hi, I’m a uterus! I’m here to ruin your life! Ugh. Pain. Cramps. I’m done! JUST KIDDING! From Reddit: Kylr Yust?! No, that is not a typo for Kyle. It’s apparently supposed to rhyme with “Tyler,” but I read it as “killer.” “Don’t do the thing”? I’m gonna do the thing anyway! There is a […]

Jesus coming once a year, Death Valley Road, Jesus getting his nails painted

April 16, 2017

Since I was up at 5:30 AM after going to bed at 1:15 AM, I had COFFEE TIME! What the fuck, body? I’m definitely taking melatonin tonight before bed! WTF church sign from the Kingsley Lake Baptist Church: Easter comes once a year. How often do you? A Twitch streamer I follow (Highspirits) is doing […]

Canucks and the regular season, my Finnish name, turning rabbits into chocolate

April 3, 2017

LiveJournal planned maintenance today: Fractured English! From Fiann: The Canucks start their regular season by golfing! From Visit Finland: My Finnish name is Taru Mansikkamaa, AKA Story Strawberry Land! The meaning of Easter, from Tumblr: Jesus has come back to turn rabbits into chocolate! Happy Easter!

Halloween, Republican / Democrat name, purses, Bennet sister, Bohemian name

December 1, 2016

Your Halloween is Chill You may or may not love Halloween, but you don’t go too crazy on this holiday. You simply enjoy your favorite traditions and ignore the rest. Whether you’re watching your favorite Halloween movie, handing out candy, or hiding out until November, you do this holiday your way. You may not get […]

Armadillo lizard as dragon baby, nearly rectum-free beef jerky, no game requests

October 4, 2016

David Edelman tried adding me to Facebook – DENIED! Hahaha! From Julie: This armadillo lizard might be a cute dragon baby! Jon Otis sees this sign in Arvada near the hospital: “Bill’s Beef Jerky — now nearly rectum-free!” I told you to stop sending game requests. You should have listened.

Embracing dream?! / Logitech mouse wheel scrolling glitch / New wallet

August 11, 2015

I had a dream where Mike and I were embracing warmly – oh man. Later, I had to go to London Drugs at 2:40 to buy a new on-sale Modella makeup bag to serve as a wallet because I remembered that Mike had seen my existing black cosmetics bag a lot during our relationship (17 […]

Redrum! / My mermaid name / Lavinia / Vestiqua?! / Multi-Shibe Kabosu!

August 5, 2015

I woke up and discovered redrum – time for some Advil and Russell Stover truffles! Your Mermaid Name Is: Xylia Sirene I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. What’s Your Mermaid Name? Blogthings: 100’s of Fun, Free Quizzes! Vestiqua?! LAVINIA, YOUR KID IS NOT AN ITEM OF CLOTHING! (a […]

SHOOTS AND SCORES: UPDATED! / What my name says / Chardedric / Mytica

August 3, 2015

WordPress has changed its font! I went back to Indigo Spirit today at 2:30 to grab the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Shoots and Scores Updated and Expanded: Updated and Expanded Edition (Bathroom Readers Institute) since Steph borrowed the old edition at the townhouse a long time ago and probably doesn’t have it anymore, then got […]

My literary name / Unverse, coments, Ruffini the dog, and “you inventory”

July 28, 2015

Last night, I heard that the Seattle true crime writer Ann Rule has died! I set up a food shopping appointment with Barry for Friday at noon earlier today. Then I went to London Drugs at 5:45 to get an extra red washcloth and extra red handtowel before I forgot. I also got two regular […]

Steve L. dream / Music class with the nephews! / Aussie Name / Banana pancakes

July 23, 2015

I got up at 6 AM, then 7 AM after having a dream with Steve L. in it – oh my, indeed. I left at 8:15 and JUST missed a Canada Line train, thanks to some jabronie on a bike who wanted to get in the elevator after I’d JUST impatiently closed the door. Actually, […]