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Doctor Unheimlich, T-Tg (TearfulGoodbyes)

October 22, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withTabitha’s Lurgy Cause: natural sign of aging Symptoms: hunger, nice dreams, face blurring when photographed, occasional pale skin Cure: take a day off work Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withTacit_Genderosis Cause: cursed amulet Symptoms: howling at the moon, smell […]

What rose color are you?

June 5, 2012

Red Rose You are a red rose. You’re a lovely person, but people must be careful of your thorns. You are thought of as the best rose, though in your heart you are envious of the other roses that are different from you. More Tests | Take this Test Red roses. 😀

Which video game character are you?

June 4, 2012

Mario You manage to stay upbeat, even though you are STILL just a plumber. How many times do you have to rescue a princess before you get a large enough reward to go back to school and get a real job anyway? Of course, maybe if you could manage to rescue the RIGHT princess without […]

Carlos, religious commercials, PARKS AND RECREATION character, Ziploc bag paranoia

April 27, 2012

Carlos Mendoza (one of Chrissy’s friends) wanted to add me, presumably because I said I wasn’t wearing any pants in her status update which stated that SHE was wearing pants, so goodnight. I don’t THINK so! I was paranoid and put EVERYTHING in Ziploc bags for the Vegas trip: lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitizer, […]

Another blizzard in 2008…

December 26, 2008

It’s currently blizzarding outside, AGAIN. I kinda thought it would be like this after hearing the weather forecast. Sure, let’s have an additional twenty centimetres or more of SNOW! Yikes… not sure I’m going anywhere, let alone to dinner! Jon planned to bus downtown and watch people be crazy at Boxing Day shopping, but the […]


July 22, 2008

My mom to me, just now: “Let’s make out together.” Um… let’s NOT! 😦 Steph says that she was called “nidge” the other day – hahaha, I’m sure she loves our last name, particularly when others don’t even bother to pronounce it! Golden Ocean tonight for Dad’s birthday – Mom says she’ll pick up birthday […]

You gotta narrow it down, and not be like "whenever"

April 21, 2008

Bingos of the day so far: RECHANGE (94 points) – against Korey ANVILED (72 points) – against Barb A. Hey, Raymond messaged me back! He had dinner with co-workers on Friday, so he missed Fellowship. Then he went to the Sun Run yesterday, and had a missions meeting after that. Says now he can pig […]