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Callahan Walsh?! / Reymundo Mundo?! / Kawhi Leonard?! / Poutine pizza / Mullets

October 25, 2019

John Walsh does good work, but why did he have to name his son Callahan Walsh?! Reymundo Mundo?! From TSN: Kawhi Leonard?! ALMOST sounds like coffee… or a crow going CAW! CAW! From Julie M. and Only in Canada Memes: Poutine Pizza! Just in case you were bored of having unclogged arteries. From Vanessa, A […]

Mardi Gras! / Sandy Balls in the New Forest?! / PRACTICAL CANDLEBURNING RITUALS?

March 5, 2019

It’s Mardi Gras 2019 today! From the Daily Mail: There’s a place named Sandy Balls in the New Forest, England?! From my Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader #22: PRACTICAL CANDLE BURNING RITUALS?!

Taking the road less traveled, Tim Burr, Raymond Burr, the cat being fed already

January 15, 2019

I hung around Deb and Dylan’s today since the paint dude was coming by to finish up whatever he did yesterday, and he left at 10:30. SO EARLY! Managed to use up a lot of time by being on Discord and Reddit mobile, then ate my packed lunch of leftovers from last night: chicken wings […]

Jay and Kateri Schwandt have had 13 sons in a row, with no daughters!

June 2, 2017

Uncle Andrew’s office called me at 10:55 this morning – yes, next Tuesday at 4 should work just fine for once for my next dentist appointment with Sean! From Ripley’s Believe It Or Not on May 13, 2015: Jay and Kateri Schwandt have 13 sons in a row! Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinnie, Calvin, […]

Citrus Ginger soap, Method soap, Scientific Mapp, Majestic Mapp, Fabian Assmann

April 8, 2016

I went to London Drugs at 12:40 to get some NEW Essenza Blends hand soap (Rosemary-Mint / Citrus-Ginger), on-sale NEW Live Clean shampoo and conditioner (Coconut Milk), on-sale Method hand soap (Mandarin-Mango), Jergens hand soap (Tropical Vanilla), NEW Softsoap Wild Basil and Lime hand soap, and NEW on-sale Reese’s White Chocolate peanut butter cups. Of […]

Acai and Pho! / Fraser and Easter! / Judgmental Vancouver map / Draymond Green?!

March 26, 2016

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart at 3, just managing to get the 407 since I had to run for it. I got Softsoap Acai Berry with Tropical Water body wash in a purple bottle, and Lindt Easter eggs / Cadbury Fudge Easter eggs for Nathan and Ciel tomorrow. Then I discovered that I didn’t […]

Gendered jellybeans, Rodney Assman, Ben Bushyhead, Everybody Loves Raymond Cruz

March 20, 2016

From Julie: Hey, it’s officially the first day of spring, so it must be time to shave our legs! Spring: It’s that time of year again. From Angela V.: Gendered jellybeans from Jelly Belly to “Support Our Wounded Veterans”?! Who sees jellybeans and thinks it’ll make them less or more manly / girly if they […]

Dragon bookmark, no problem, Metta World Peace, Yoshie Takeshita, Chris Smelley

December 10, 2015

I called Barry to see when a good time would be for food shopping; next Thursday at 1 it is! Then I got a great snowman Christmas card, snowflake stickers, “I like to party – and by party, I mean read books” bookmark, and a bigger awesome bookmark (featuring a purple dragon sitting atop a […]

Finding the original 2005 Steveston wig, Mike twisting in the knife, AC/DC

February 10, 2015

Mike emailed me at 2 AM and 6:20 AM. He seems to think I’m obsessing over what I gave up (the chat history plus the jacket), and thinks I need to stop it. “I don’t think I have it anymore, and even if it’s still there somewhere, you wouldn’t be asking for it without a […]

Mike wondering why videos even matter / Mike emailing about legacy obsession (dream)

February 9, 2015

Mike finally emailed me back at 11:15 last night, saying he doesn’t know how I expect him to remember all the Youtube videos which we’d linked each other to (… Facebook message history?!), and the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE videos for YOU MOCK ME and TALES OF RIBALDRY: LUSTY WOODSMAN were on Yahoo Shine Canada, but […]