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What BOYHOOD Character Are You? / What’s Your Amish Name?

February 28, 2015

Time for Blogthings! You Are Dad You are a former wild child who has mostly cleaned up your act… although you’re still a little wild. You’ve grown wiser and deeper over the years. Family and stability mean more to you than adventure these days. What BOYHOOD Character Are You? Blogthings: 100’s of Fun, Free Quizzes! […]

Deleting a RISE OF NATIONS folder, Kung Pao Wok, lotion, vegetable chow mein

February 27, 2015

I had some spontaneous earwax removal for hearing this morning just before I got up at 11:15… ick! Later, I got ANOTHER rent increase form through my mailslot! DAMMIT, AMACON! I guess I’ll call Barry about this next week when redrum ends. Then I finally managed to delete a rogue RISE OF NATIONS folder which […]

6-3 loss to the worst NHL team, KILL BILL character, SUPER MARIO 1-1

February 26, 2015

The Canucks played the Sabres this afternoon at 4. Unfortunately, Vancouver lost 6-3 to the worst team in the NHL, collapsing when it was 3-3 midway through the third period. There was a Buffalo goal with 1.4 seconds left in the whole game, for fuck’s sake! You Are Black Mamba You are a natural born […]

Redrum, boredom, Ladner reminders, CHRONO TRIGGER and the Millennial Fair!

February 26, 2015

I am still bored, of course. I’m listening to a CHRONO TRIGGER playthrough on Youtube, and the Millennial Fair just reminds me of the time on July 28, 2013 when Mike and I were walking around at the Ladner outdoor market holding hands! Now I’ve discovered the start of redrum… great.

Anger management, free time, editing, Vanessa, Krista, Hudson’s Hope

February 25, 2015

Any anger management classes I would have had Mike take would NOT have helped with the gaslighting / micromanagement / INTJ personality / making things up / selfishness / being anal about time and scheduling, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to do any Facebook message chronicling with him around. What a realization of […]

Noodles with enoki mushrooms! / 2-1 win over Boston! / BIRDMAN Movie Character

February 24, 2015

I had noodles with enoki mushrooms for the first time since Michael and I ate them for breakfast at different times on November 25, 2014! The Canucks played the Bruins at 4 this afternoon, and it was a 2-1 win! You Are Mike You are a dominant and confident person… at least, that’s how you […]

BTK Killer, Plenty of Fish, Erica, condoms, Lena, unhealthy relationships, DRAGON FIRE!

February 24, 2015

When your father is the BTK serial killer, forgiveness is not tidy I’ve decided to try a Plenty of Fish profile again; I don’t care if Mike’s sister Erica works for them or not, because I’ll just be another anonymous site user. I deleted mine soon after I went exclusive with Mike on 5 June […]

My hydro bill is $61.61 instead of $70! / Swiss Name / Colorful Name / Wonton

February 23, 2015

I got my hydro bill (it was inexplicably $70 two months ago on 22 December 2014 – Mike and I had wondered about that) in the mail today, and despite my leaving the computer on now almost all the time for myself and NOT someone else, it is now a NORMAL amount! ($61.61 for the […]

Replacement pub glasses, light bulbs, and laundry detergent!

February 22, 2015

I went to London Drugs to get laundry detergent (I needed to replace it whether or not Mike saw or touched the bottle) and pub glasses (last bought on 26 August 2014) since one of mine is ruined with hair and such on it. While there, I discovered a fortuitous sale on store brand light […]

Dryer sheets and Greek yogurt, summer 2014, 4-0 double shutout, Ashlei, Christal

February 22, 2015

I went out to Price Smart at 11:40 AM to get (vanilla) Krema Greek yogurt x2 for the first time since 10 July 2014, and dryer sheets (August 5, 2014) because Mike had seen or touched them while he was here. (I know…) I’d forgotten about those items recently! 120 Mountain Rain Western Family store […]