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Spitting pear at a violin case, wildberry LIFE cough medicine, Rose Feast, chicken McNuggets

December 6, 2014

Right before I left the house at 11:15 this morning, I decided to repurpose Chrystal’s Advent calendar (for Jon and Harmony) and half-price Turtles chocolates (for myself or someone else?) – I might as well. I got to Jon and Harmony’s shortly after 12, where they were busy feeding lunch (eggs / noodles / juice […]

Cough medicine tomorrow! / Awana store without a glitch? / Martin email

December 5, 2014

Since the pharmacy next door only has a limited selection of cough medicine at the same price as London Drugs, I’ll just grab a new bottle tomorrow evening. I got two Awana-related emails in the span of two minutes from Auntie Vivian at 4:30, and from Martin at 4:32. Auntie Vivian says that she’s suffering […]

Letter Count! / Sarah and Vernon now have a son! / Mom and Yellow Power

October 19, 2014

Letter Count is a very useful tool to count the number of characters in a block of text or even short sentences in the case of Twitter’s ridiculous 140-character limit. Definitely worthy of a bookmark! I stayed up till 1:30 last night to finish some of the Doctor Unheimlich stuff, so YAY! According to Kittie’s […]

Ridiculous construction, Thanksgiving Dinner #1, ordering drugs, and scorpions

October 11, 2013

Talked to the usual suspect for a bit this morning, and that went all right. He says that he did test the mac and cheese, so he thought people would like it. Picking me up at 6 was fine, although it never took me and Eric an hour to get to church even if we […]

Aberdeen, giggle attacks, new small groups (RELIGION?!), dead motherboard

October 6, 2012

Eric called to see whether I was going to Fellowship; I said that I hadn’t received his original call four minutes prior because Ontario had called me, and I was in “phone-avoidant” mode. I also said that I would come – despite our doing similar stuff last week – because I needed to vent about […]

Navigating darkness, dentist, Spanish rice on sale

June 12, 2012

This morning, I woke up at 10, and was surprised that I still had power because of the scheduled electricity outage. But since I was still sleepy, I went back to bed. Later when I did get up and get ready, I found it was almost 1:30 after checking the time on my phone – […]

Berman, vibrators, Calla NOT Kayla, binoculars, Auntie Grace, and Green Village

March 18, 2012

Surprised Eric this morning by answering the phone with “Wedding Forum – how may I help you?” Hahaha! We discussed many things on the way to church: weddings in general, good friends, Christian music / static / the Shell Busey home improvement show / 99.3 the Fox, his meetings after church today and next week, […]

Hong Kong divorces and William / Mary / Sarah (dream)

September 13, 2011

I had a dream in which Cindy and Eric were engaged (I’m sure Eric would LOVE that…), and Vania / William / Mary / Sarah wanted me to look after some kids, but we all had to shelve books in a bookcase first. Then Mom told everyone that we’d be taking an unscheduled trip to […]

Background noise, gay marriage, two Christons and math (dream), Ben, eye makeup

June 25, 2011

When Teunis got home last night, I strongly recommended that he look in the freezer – of course, I had my usual background noise on which included DRAGON WARRIOR videos! We discussed self-esteem, signs, smoking, marijuana, cocaine, New York legalizing gay marriage, Sony / hackers, reminders of good things, frustration, laws, the durian gelato (which […]

Your audio sensitivity is NUTS! / Benedict! / Scott, Quan, and choirs (dream)

June 24, 2011

When Teunis got home last night, we discussed his extreme sensitivity to noise / no “filter” / traffic noises / being kicked in the crotch / video games / plans with Kaili (of course…) / FINAL FANTASY / WOW / BIOSHOCK / confusion / Jordan / Mormon missions / Tom Yum noodles / weekend plans […]