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Dr. Megha Panda?! / Cerinity, baby Depaul with 12 fingers, and Lameshia?!

June 1, 2018

I went to the pharmacy next door at 1:50 to refill my prescription early; yes, even Adam commented on it! I’ll have to go back next week to get another box that’s not dangerously close to expiry at the end of June! Then I got the C94 shuttle bus for my first counselling appointment with […]

Black Friday death count, Meghan Bender, Michael Staake, Maeve Hightower

November 25, 2017

WHAT THE FUCK?! I DISCOVERED REDRUM AGAIN! Jesus Christ… From Julie: Black Friday death count as of 2013! Four deaths and 75 injuries! From Not Always Right: Meghan Bender?! From Not Always Right: Michael Staake?! Is that like burning someone at the stake? Yum, steak! From Not Always Right: Maeve Hightower?! That’s a cool last […]

Finally meeting up with Ryan Blacklaws! / Gluten-free blueberry cheesecake!

June 8, 2016

Since Ryan Blacklaws was in town for his son’s graduation, we decided to meet up while he was here from Kelowna. After I showered, I managed to meet him at the Greyhound station at about 2 since he got delayed at a commercial checkpoint, and definitely told him that Mikki said hi! I probably should […]

Magen being on FAMILY FEUD, Doge Ram in snow, awkward moments in saying WHAT

June 2, 2016

From Wesley: A woman named MAGEN was on FAMILY FEUD?! Then again, Sarah G.’s mom Susan also misspelled her middle name as MEAGAN. I thought it was a last name when I first saw it years ago! Doge Ram in snow! That awkward moment when you’ve already said “what?” three times and still have no […]

Not coming by / Sharon plans / Toilet slime neon ass / Doing mazes in the shower

May 28, 2016

Harmony emailed me yesterday to say that she might stay home instead of going to Hillcrest library because it could be wet outside today, according to the weather forecast. Jon called this morning at 8:40 to tell me not to worry about coming by; I just hope they have a rain plan for tomorrow’s birthday […]

Be more pacific! / Pope Pope! / Vania Stambolova STUMBLED OVER Olympic hurdles!

May 6, 2016

Sharon told me that her mom is dying. 😦 From Julie: When someone asks me to be more pacific… Pope Pope! ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Vania Stambolova lived up to her surname and STUMBLED OVER the hurdles during the 2012 London Olympics!

Staples-Bottoms, Toole-Burns, Whyde-Hole, and other bad hyphenated names!

January 18, 2016

Switchblade Symphony, “Sleep” Staples-Bottoms! Toole-Burns! Whyde-Hole! Piccirilli-Pecorelli! Smelley-Farkas! Royle-Weiner! Schmitt-Head! Long-Ouch! Cannon-Bottom! Bird-Bath! Good-Lauck! Gross-Tingley! DeMoney-Hyder! Sell-Schmehl! Goosie-Gander! Making this one even better, they both live in GOOSE CREEK, South Carolina! Dunn-Eaton! Macaroni-Cheves! Olah-Sailer! Eggen-Stake!

Shoyu tonkatsu! / Brian Gionta’s wife is named Harvest?! / Tondalo Hall?!

October 5, 2015

Last night, I called Jeremy and said that I actually couldn’t make it, blaming things on Sunday bus schedules. At least he had the right tone to his voice when he said “oh no!” Next time, maybe! I went out at 3:30 this afternoon, just managed to get the 410 at Brighouse, then browsed the […]

Great timing on the guest parking pass, Amacon… / Baby Names in Decline

August 8, 2015

Amacon gave the apartment building residents some parking passes yesterday; it would have been way more convenient last year when Mike was around this place a lot, so that he might not have to park his car on Azure Road all the time! At least today is much more calm than exactly a year ago! […]

Reviving GJ RQ 2! / MAD MEN Character / MAD MEN Name

May 20, 2015

I revived GJ_RQ2 today, and spent a lot of unfettered free time working on tags, backdating entries, and such! You Are Roger You are brilliant, sarcastic, and extremely honest. You have the authority to call things as you see them. You see the tragedy in life more than most people, but you are able to […]