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Auntie May making taco chicken from carrot muffin tops (dream)

March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Happy Zombie Jesus Day! Happy “Jesus and Phoenix Downs” Day! Happy “day until all the chocolate is on some sort of discount”! Got up at 7, then again at 10:15… a little better, although the sun is still my enemy. Found that Eric had called me for some reason; that white man is […]

4-0 loss with four goals on five shots / Deletion because of spelling corrections?! / Terra

March 30, 2013

The Canucks played the Oilers tonight. There were three Oilers goals on the first three shots of the game, and Cory Schneider was pulled in favor of Luongo at just 2:05 into the game. Then Taylor Hall had a hat trick not very much later. Then I was deleted from a hockey group because I […]

DW4 complete! / FFVI ADVANCE again! / HOCKEY AND AWESOME / Croissants

March 29, 2013

I finished DRAGON WARRIOR IV this morning, so it was on to FINAL FANTASY VI! Holly sent me an FB message about spelling and personal stuff, while Vanessa sent me messages about sushi / McDonalds / homemade poutine / coupons. Then I decided to make my evening AWESOME by talking to Chinese Eric: of course […]

New underwear, phone bill, expired food, 4-1 win!

March 28, 2013

Had to go shopping for a new pair of underwear at Sears due to an accident… CURSES! At least I was responsible and paid my phone bill… almost forgot my purse when I went out, too! UGH! I ate eating expired food again for dinner: Butter and Herb pasta, which expired on March 20! The […]

Sharpies, my funkiness, appraising the Gum Pod, Gardenbur guard missing us

March 27, 2013

I bought five black Sharpies and four boxes of on-sale $1.99 roasted almond / oats and honey Nature Valley granola bars at Shoppers Drug Mart, and six Kleenex boxes (to replace the Royale and Scotties) / six blue ink pens at London Drugs this morning. In the afternoon, Lindsay Irwin added me from the hockey […]

No Ink Joy pens or non-KLEENEX tissues! / 0-0 tie and a 1-0 win! / Capturing my heart

March 26, 2013

No more Papermate Ink Joy pens, since they can’t write curves well; no more Kleenex which isn’t actual Kleenex brand since it’s not as soft. I should go to London Drugs / Staples tomorrow to figure this out. The Canucks played the Blue Jackets tonight; it was SCORELESS leading into overtime. Then it went to […]

Disappearing checkboxes, Vikings, the Bible, sashimi, and JACKASS

March 26, 2013

Solution to ANNOYING checkboxes which disappear: It seems to happen randomly, and can be fixed without exiting the tab or browser by right-clicking the Windows task bar, going to Properties, then simply pressing OK. Then refresh the page! (temporary fast workaround?) After I got home from being out, I noticed that Chinese Eric had called […]

Leon! / High Contrast corruption / Healie TmlaoSim / Keeleon Castle

March 26, 2013

I saw Leon S. on Lisa’s “dentist” status, so had to say hi; he added me shortly afterwards! Then I had Google Chrome problems on Facebook only, so after asking for some help, I resorted to Firefox for now. But after some help, I disabled some extensions… High Contrast seemed to be the culprit! Stupid […]

Flexible silicone oven mitts / My heaven on earth

March 25, 2013

Replied to Mandy’s email this morning, then Sam said hi via Gmail chat… always good! Talked about personal stuff and sleepiness. Paul made me want to get a Spicy Italian sub from Subway; while I was out, I got a dark blue washcloth / blue fish bath mat / pink cosmetics bag for use as […]

Breakfasts, strawberry cheesecake, Rich talk, baby Sebastian, and 3-2 win!

March 24, 2013

When Eric picked me up this morning, we talked about my being “drunk” – NO WAY! Thank goodness I’m not in a ranty mood these days, so we can have / enjoy morning quiet. He told me that he ate a granola bar and brought a banana to church; sounds like my own breakfast! Talked […]