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Elaine, hot tea and hotties, cilli beep, carlic beep, peppar chicken

March 27, 2017

As planned, Elaine called me at 4:40 today. I was surprised to see a 603 area code / phone number, but I knew she was going to call. We talked about Steph, Ayler, Hiero, Fraser, her kid Josh, swimming lessons, her husband Matt, their getting together with a lot of Vancouver friends, Chuck and Andrea […]

Govnor Teats?! / 42 muscles to frown and 4 muscles to bitch-slap somebody

March 21, 2017

COFFEE TIME! Elaine and I made plans to meet at Lougheed Town Centre at 4:30 on Monday, March 27. She, Matt, and little Josh are leaving on the 31st, and are renting from Mel and Frances just five minutes away. Then she changed it to a phone call, which is actually better since I don’t […]

6-2 loss / Breakfast with Satan, Wipple, Shoogam, Flaccil, Ishaan, Hydee, Siri

December 15, 2015

The Canucks played the Wild at 5 today, and lost 6-2. From Vanessa: Let’s have Breakfast with Satan at our schools! Top 15 Baby Names! Girls: Bweezy, Wipple, Coite, Flatula, HottiAnne, Soolaz, Snorpla, Poonia, Reemy, Shoogam, Tawdrey, Glishia, Oslong, Phornola, and Sismus. Boys: Rroid, Enzifarn, Boshpock, Heap, Miffter, Pandor, Flaccil, Trung, Coptale, Slak, Felburn, Peenpo, […]

Here Lies Link! / ZELDA and the secret Chris Houlihan room! / Expavious?!

October 27, 2015

The FINAL FANTASY I party (Jeremy / Nathan / Elaine / Connie) has finally made it to the town of Elfheim. “Here Lies Link” is written on a headstone for a grave – yes, it’s a ZELDA reference! Here is the secret Chris Houlihan room in THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: A LINK TO THE PAST! […]

GAME OF THRONES character, swimsuit style, smores, mojitos, SEINFELD, gold-digging, ganache

June 17, 2015

Chinese Eric called me again at 11:10 last night, but I didn’t see it till this morning. I’ll get back to him tonight, I guess. Meanwhile, I’ll get these particular Blogthings out of the way while it’s still summer! (except the first three) Yup, this is the first thing I do with my newfound free […]

Woosh-woosh, another Awana break, 4-1 WIN over the Kings, Eric Ho, Sensodyne

March 21, 2015

Before I got up today, I heard the “woosh-woosh” of my heartbeat in my ears again. I emailed Auntie Vivian about not having an Awana ride, so I got another break. Good thing, considering that the Canucks played the Kings today at 1. It ended up being a 4-1 WIN for Vancouver, including TWO back-to-back […]

Spitting pear at a violin case, wildberry LIFE cough medicine, Rose Feast, chicken McNuggets

December 6, 2014

Right before I left the house at 11:15 this morning, I decided to repurpose Chrystal’s Advent calendar (for Jon and Harmony) and half-price Turtles chocolates (for myself or someone else?) – I might as well. I got to Jon and Harmony’s shortly after 12, where they were busy feeding lunch (eggs / noodles / juice […]

Doctor Unheimlich, He-Hn (Hibernicus)

October 20, 2014

Doctor Unheimlich’s Disease Registry Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withHeadless_Maids’ Syndrome Cause: lack of poison ivy Symptoms: foaming at the mouth, bruising, swollen appendix Cure: take one and a half pinches of snuff a day until it goes away Enter your name, for your own diagnosis: Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me withHealthyTaet’s Disorder Cause: lack […]

Jeremy’s phone number, small group emails, what should be on my fall bucket list

September 27, 2014

Since I had Jeremy’s phone number (but not Christon’s), I definitely gave that to Chinese Eric last night! There’s been a lot of small group emails exchanged this morning about new members, comforters, Elaine S., her boyfriend, and address reminders. You Should Visit a Corn Maze You approach fall with a spirit of adventure… even […]

Incorrectly spelling “incorrectly,” Onrac well, washing up because of filthy reflections

August 10, 2014

From Julie S.: “The only time the word INCORRECTLY is spelled incorrectly is when it’s spelled incorrectly.” SO TRUE! Elaine, Jeremy, Nathan, and Connie make it to Onrac in FINAL FANTASY 1. They decide to check out the well in the south of town. “Let’s take a peek at your reflection in the water…” “Ugh! […]