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Life Candy yellow shower pouf, Crave turkey bacon ranch melt, Destinee, Shaila

August 22, 2020

After I took a shower, Eric Ho texted me to say he isn’t sure about tomorrow, and wants to know whether we could do mac and cheese or takeout dinner for the Vegas game hangout. I thought about it and knew I wanted to make my pasta specialty for World Mushroom Day tomorrow, so let’s […]

Birthday Game Name Generator! I’m stuck on an island with Harry Potter?!

August 20, 2020

Champs Sports at Richmond Centre finally answered their phone (unlike yesterday at 1:05) at 2:30, so I was able to ask my question about shorts sales. I’m tired of the bullshit shallow “pockets” on these dark blue Tradition shorts that I got from Sears in the past. I managed to almost lose my bus pass […]

Meat on your grandma’s tummy?! / TOILET DARTS game!

August 17, 2020

Today is International Correct Everyone’s Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Day! MY FAVORITE! 😀 I’m at Richmond Centre right now. I heard a little girl in the restroom stall next to me. “Grandma, you have meat on your tummy!” Grandma’s response: “Sure, I have meat on my tummy.” HAHAHAHA! From Wesley and Reddit: TOILET DARTS is […]

Teriyaki Chicken Booster Bowl, NHL Stanley Cup, the smoke alarms cheering me on

August 4, 2020

The Canucks played Playoff Qualifying Game #2 against the Wild at the odd time of 7:52 PM, and won 4-3 despite Minnesota’s attempted comeback and goal with SEVEN SECONDS REMAINING IN THE FUCKING GAME! Western Family Booster Bowl: Teriyaki Chicken for lunch! Vegetables, white meat seasoned chicken, and long grain rice covered with a sweet […]

Engagement rings not being a life event / Mothers are not THE BIRTHING PERSON!

July 31, 2020

Diane wants me to not tag her in Bruins pics anymore as she “doesn’t follow it.” Hey, at least I don’t DEFEND A FRIEND WITH BAD SPELLING like she did a few months ago! Tagging Verragio Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands and Rings is NOT a life event, Facebook! From Reddit on November 23, 2019: […]

Horned creatures and marijuana, Donald Trump toddler, legs open in a casket

July 25, 2020

Helen Y. says that Tammy Milosh smoked and drank too much, so her general health took a nasty turn. She was admitted to hospital and didn’t survive her complications despite initially progressing. Jim’s Pineapple Express strain marijuana From Marijuana and Ganja: Horned creatures, a horned dog, a lion, a sitar, and a super-trippy Indian background! […]

Kraft Dinner Extra Creamy macaroni and cheese! / Kenyaah Darks?! / Beri Witten?!

July 7, 2020

I discovered redrum today – UGH! Also called the dentist office at 11:20 to reschedule my appointment because of said redrum. Friday, July 24 at 3 sounds good in view of redrum ending next week around the 14th, laundry, showering, and then payday with shopping time! Breakfast: Kraft Dinner Extra Creamy macaroni and cheese for […]

Blogthings: Music style, cinnamon roll or croissant, BRIDESMAIDS character

July 3, 2020

What Style of Music Do You Like? You Like Adult Album Alternative! You like lots of different types of music, but your taste tends to run a bit more indie, artistic, and (naturally) alternative. Rock is the name of the game for you, and you like a wide variety of rock styles. And some of […]

Blogthings: Mom type, having a 4D personality, NEVER HAVE I EVER character

July 3, 2020

What Type of Mom Are You? You Are The Free Range Mom! You are a firm believer in kids learning from their own mistakes (as long as everyone is relatively safe). Your kid doesn’t want to do homework tonight? Well, that’s a great lesson to be taught earlier rather than later in life. You don’t […]

Blogthings: Work from home, BRIDGET JONES, hands, fondues, love at first sight

July 3, 2020

BLOGTHINGS IS BACK FOR NOW! Finally, an excuse to use my meme / quiz LJ icons! What’s Your Work From Home Personality? Your Work From Home Personality is Work and Chill. CORONAVIRUS! If you are going to work from home, then you are going to take it easy. No need to stress about working too […]