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Despresso, Auntie Catherine, Lakeside Grill, Mayfair Lakes, seafood linguine

September 16, 2020

Joke: What do you call a sad coffee? A Despresso! Yesterday, I found a Facebook group for people born on September 17! AWESOME! I totally joined after answering their three questions, OF COURSE! BIRTHDAY BUDDIES GALORE! After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 9:30 on a 401 to meet Auntie Catherine at Aberdeen Station at […]

Western Family sockeye salmon snack! / Sirloin steak breakfast, A8, and masks!

August 17, 2020

I texted Walter at 9 AM to see whether he was working today or tomorrow, so since he was, I decided to go out at 10:10 on a 407. I ended up with a London Drugs 540 mL white porcelain coffee mug, $35 cash in laundry loonies and quarters from BMO (two months earlier than […]

Mask litter! / More Heinz baked beans! / THE FIRST SUSHI AND SASHIMI IN MONTHS!

August 2, 2020

After COFFEE TIME because I woke up at 7:15 AM, I went to Price Smart today at 1:05 on a 401, just missing the 407, but I figured it was definitely safer to wait for the next automated light instead of running on the RED HAND signal. They did not have a reasonable quantity of […]

Clover Leaf Wild Pacific pink salmon, hallway light bulb burning out, blues

July 14, 2020

Right after taking the dry laundry inside in a timely fashion at 4:30, I noticed that the hallway lightbulb had burnt itself out. I’m pretty sure that’s Hester’s responsibility to replace it, and am also sure that she won’t know what “the lightbulb burnt out” means, so I had to tell her “it doesn’t work” […]

Misspellings and Engrish galore! Bathrooms, grass, and thickets?! (210 pics)

June 12, 2020

LOTS OF ENGRISH! YAY! It’s worth noting that this took up 51 pages in my WordPress Drafts document on Google Docs, so the entry DEFINITELY needed an LJ-CUT! https://imgur.com/a/BT6KtIE (Engrish 1 album!) From James: Slimming herb as Sliming Herb?! SLIME! From James: Pancake batter as Pancake Battle?! From Alonzo Lerone: Common People Glasses?! From Alonzo […]

My pasta specialty! / Missy Molly Mold Spore?! / Leg cramps and technical death!

January 27, 2020

The Canucks played the Blues tonight at 7, and won 3-1 thanks to Thatcher Demko and Bo Horvat’s insurance empty-netter with five seconds remaining! Nine wins in a row, the first time since 2009! The first team all season to beat the Blues at home in regulation after they were leading in the first period! […]

Go big or go home! / 20% off FUCKING SALE! / Death and cremation options

December 18, 2019

I had to go banking by myself today with my Asian old lady shopping cart at 11:20 on a 401 (JUST managed to get it), then went to Staples for 60 Z-Grip Pens (July 10, 2019), and wasted time at Price Smart. Stopped at London Drugs for a new Santa hat / on-sale Smokehouse Blue […]

Phone photo dump! / Salmon, delays, and congee! / Pumpkin spice chicken wings?!

September 24, 2019

It’s National Punctuation Day today… MY FAVORITE! After COFFEE TIME, I had to leave at 2 on a 401 and then a 410 (which I just got to on time, no thanks to idiots blocking my path on the sidewalk) for my appointment with Dr. Ruby before I helped with the kids. That was uncomfortable […]

Sureal Sparx?! / My being an asshole today / SOUTH PARK and outraged millennials

September 13, 2019

It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 and Friday the 13th today! 9/13/19 is also a palindrome date! Since Luke and Flaps were talking in Spanish in sober Discord, I decided to ask them to do Mom’s Spanish translation if she ever forwarded it to me! If it’s so urgent, she should have forwarded it earlier today, […]

Surfboard noodles, puzzles, babbling, salmon, spinach, Wilvince Kemmy Bazil

July 15, 2019

After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 2:40 on a 407 to help with the kids, telling Jon to text me if something happened. Got there at 3:45 and discussed poop hygiene, Beckett waking up just then, paper planes, bullet trains, origami (I was just folding along with them and not caring if I was […]