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Ocean’s Ginger-Lemon Sesame tuna snack, baked beans galore, Snickers, curry

September 23, 2020

After I had COFFEE TIME, Barry picked me up at 8:55 AM in the rainy weather and we went banking (no lineups!) and to Price Smart before making our next appointment for October 21. I got NEW Mr. Noodles Curry Chicken noodles x3, 48 Pepto-Bismol which expire in February 2022, Scaries / Scaero / Coffin […]

Colorful rainbow dragon, brown dragon with flowers, red blue dragon phone cases

September 14, 2020

When I got up this morning, it definitely smelled like smoke all through the apartment – UGH! Ayler called me at 6:35, and told me that the wildfire haze had made it all the way to Calgary. I wouldn’t be surprised, and told him that I had been there once via bus. He wondered how […]

Blue dragon hoarding junk food, diamond yellow dragon, red dragons castle, Gary

September 2, 2020

I had to unfriend and block Gary Wood because he commented on and liked EVERYTHING I posted, even stuff from BEFORE I mistakenly added him! Irrelevant Facebook stickers and comments galore! I even banned him from the Fearsome Canucks Fans group since I don’t want to deal with his stupidity because HE has no idea […]

Life Candy yellow shower pouf, Crave turkey bacon ranch melt, Destinee, Shaila

August 22, 2020

After I took a shower, Eric Ho texted me to say he isn’t sure about tomorrow, and wants to know whether we could do mac and cheese or takeout dinner for the Vegas game hangout. I thought about it and knew I wanted to make my pasta specialty for World Mushroom Day tomorrow, so let’s […]

NICKELODEON: Laren, Madoka, Kakyoin, Karkat, Oikawa, Princess, and Jolynn?!

August 19, 2020

Today is National Hot and Spicy Food Day! I went out to London Drugs at 11:30 in the 24-degree heat before the storm hits tomorrow. Bought a Mr. Noodles beef noodle bowl, on-sale Salsitas chips, on-sale Pringles chips x2 (Lightly Salted / Dill Pickle), 400g of M and M’s Canada milk chocolate candy which barely […]

Filipino-style Chicken Adobo lunch bowl, zero people, exiting a couch, no Wave

August 7, 2020

I fixed my weirdly-bent Honeywell fan prongs by putting them around the table edge and pulling or pushing them back to the usual position! Thanks, Nolan! The Canucks played Playoff Qualifying Game #4 against the Wild at the odd time of 8:01. It went to overtime and WE WON 5-4 11 SECONDS INTO OVERTIME TO […]

Canadian stereotypes map, GRAVITRAX, hexagons, One Hundred Degree Blues G Major

July 31, 2020

Ayler called me at 7. I said that it was awesome that he remembered to call – “Sometimes I just remember the day and not the time, but I won’t call you in the morning!” That’s good! I know why we set up phone calls, and he understands that it helps with his own planning […]

Butt napkins! / Colorful poop chart / Destroying a public toilet / Poop Play-Doh

July 31, 2020

From Julie M. and Take Your Whiny Ass Somewhere Else: A skeleton toilet paper holder! “Your butt napkins, my Lord.” From the V4F Discord server: A colorful version of the Bristol poop textures chart – YAY! From Farts Are Funny: When you’re about to destroy the toilet in a public bathroom and you hear someone […]

Quarantini / Goths and fatally hot summer temperatures! / Krysee Altrows?!

July 20, 2020

This is an apt day to post the FATAL TO GOTHS picture. It’ll be 33 degrees soon! MAN! Quarantini: Four ounces vodka, one tablespoon Nyquil, garnish with one Tylenol PM and one multivitamin. Drink one every hour ALONE until the coronavirus pandemic passes. From Spoz and StareCat.com last November: Remember, summer temperatures can be fatal […]

OGX tea tree mint oil, Irish Spring aloe soap, Jergens, Dove, Vaseline, Wet Ones

July 18, 2020

After COFFEE TIME by default since I got up at 7 AM because of the sunny weather, I showered today. I finally tried the pictured OGX Beauty refreshing tea tree oil and mint shampoo and conditioner that I bought back on February 24 at London Drugs during the LAST water shutoff. It’s refreshing and tingly […]