Stories, falling asleep, miso soup, Leap Year Day issues! / Weird Owl Yankovic!

Leap Year Day issues! February 29!

After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 3:05 on a 407 to help with the kids… of course I just missed a 401! I still got to the station in enough time to kill time at both T and T (premium Shin Ramyun Black noodles, Palmolive Oxy Power Degreaser in an 887mL bottle – my limited Cantonese for “washing dishes” won again!) PLUS Tim Horton’s where I got a cheese tea biscuit. Despite some shenanigans, I got to the apartment at about the usual time. Seemed like everyone had a cold and cough, especially Beckett, so I used his hoodie to wipe up his runny nose. Even I was getting one a bit later while reading stories to Hiero, so I used the frog blanket to wipe my own nose… it’s probably not the worst thing, and I’m pretty sure they launder it anyway! When I got home, I had peppermint tea / Vitamin C / zinc / garlic.

Beckett just wanted me to get balls from his throwing them around most of the time, even when Barry called me at about 5:50 to try rescheduling a food shopping appointment AGAIN! That’s fine – I just dealt with that the same way I dealt with Karen Choo calling me while I was talking to people in the car years ago, namely addressing the immediate situation while still being on the phone call. I didn’t care what she thought then, and I didn’t care what Barry thought if he heard “here’s a boh-boh”! Later after a very early dinner of lotus soup / goji berries / kumquat / miso soup / noodles / vegetables / eggs, Beckett got a word book. I sat him in my lap and read to him, then spied a newer word book with textures. He seemed to like the OWL page at least. Showed Ayler and Hiero the contents of my wallet as I was looking for my scissors.

Later, I spied a Pokemon circle, and got some balls from way behind the couches, requiring me to move them! I got Beckett to say “please” a couple of times for that amount of effort, definitely. When he wouldn’t just settle down and sleep, I was drafted in to help by just sitting by the crib to keep him company before he hopefully fell asleep. I told him that it was Auntie, got a fish cushion and the stuffed dragon from the floor to his crib, and also held his hand briefly. He didn’t throw anything around – just moved them around and fell asleep within five minutes or so. Harmony thinks he just likes the company vs. being afraid of the dark – last night, she couldn’t do anything much because he wanted her to sit around for two and a half hours! AIYA! I left at 7, which was SO EARLY that I got home at 8:05 on a 407. WOO!

Weird Owl Yankovic!

Shin Ramyun Black Pot-Au-Feu noodles!

Palmolive Oxy Power Degreaser dish detergent, 887 mL!

Cheese tea biscuit at Tim Horton’s.

Lotus soup with goji berries. Miso soup with noodles, veggies, meat, and eggs.

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