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Blue dragon hoarding muscle cars, pink dragon flower, green dragon, DRAGONCAT!

September 26, 2020

From Dragons: A blue-green dragon and a hoard of muscle cars! From Julie: Red and pink dragon flower! From Julie: A woman, a sword, and a roaring green dragon! From Julie: PURPLE DRAGONCAT!

Hiawayi Hawaii and D-lland, Daquan, Janiya, Yosha, Hiawatha Hawatha, Murlean?!

September 26, 2020

Today is National Dumpling Day! Of course I had some for breakfast earlier! Perusing Discord this morning: No, Enigma, you aren’t BALLING your eyes out! Are you scooping them out with a melon baller? Nobody cares if you’re logging in just to post an execrable poem and then logging out again, Heartbreaking… ESPECIALLY if you […]

Reddit Poop Knife Award! / Whole-Wheat Kraft Dinner! / Burt’s Bees lip balm x6!

September 21, 2020

I discovered that the Whole-Wheat Kraft Dinner was already expired when I bought it on August 26. THE EXPIRY DATE WAS AUGUST 15?! YUCK! I know it doesn’t really matter for cheese powder and instant pasta, BUT STILL! I texted Barry to see if we were still on for Wednesday – even if he has […]

Birthday Photos and Pictures in 2020!

September 21, 2020

Birthday Photos and Pictures in 2020! THIS ENTRY IS ALLOWED TO HAVE NON-ALIGNED TAGS. September 1976 Limited Edition sticker: 44 Years of Being Awesome! Seafood linguine at the Lakeside Grill at Mayfair Lakes golf course for my 2020 birthday! Thanks, Auntie Catherine! Early birthday brunch at the Lakeside Grill, 5460 No. 7 Rd. Seafood linguine: […]

Backyard Barbecue! / Maritha?! BAD SPELLING OF MARTHA! / Ida Bob Joe Seward?!

September 10, 2020

Today is the first day EVER that the NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS, and NHL will all play on the same day. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey! I went to Shoppers Drug Mart briefly at 3 on a 407 where the bus driver had no coronavirus mask or Plexiglas shield, and read “polytechnic university” […]

Blue dragon hoarding junk food, diamond yellow dragon, red dragons castle, Gary

September 2, 2020

I had to unfriend and block Gary Wood because he commented on and liked EVERYTHING I posted, even stuff from BEFORE I mistakenly added him! Irrelevant Facebook stickers and comments galore! I even banned him from the Fearsome Canucks Fans group since I don’t want to deal with his stupidity because HE has no idea […]

NICKELODEON: Junko, Aizawa, Catra, Ciel, Bokuto, Crosby, Dabi, Dio, Elizabet?!

September 2, 2020

From Julie M., THE LOUD HOUSE, and Nickelodeon: Happy May 2020 birthdays! Junko and Juno?! JAPANESE! From Julie M., THE LOUD HOUSE, and Nickelodeon: Happy May 2020 birthdays! Alana is fine, but Aizawa?! From Julie M., THE LOUD HOUSE, and Nickelodeon: Happy May 2020 birthdays! Carlos is fine, but Catra?! From Julie M., THE LOUD […]

MyKuali Red Tom Yum Goong noodles breakfast, All-Dressed chips, Kraft Dinner

August 27, 2020

I went out at 2:15 in the HOT SWEATY HUMID WEATHER on a 407 after procrastinating BECAUSE I FOUND OUT THERE ARE NO PLAYOFF GAMES TODAY OR TOMORROW?! BULLSHIT! (BLM / Evander Kane / Canucks / texting Eric Ho) I bought one more pair of Old Navy Go-Dry Active shorts, on-sale Silk Canada almond milk […]

August morning hockey! / Greek-style Beef Gyro for lunch!

August 6, 2020

COFFEE TIME because of a MORNING SUMMER HOCKEY GAME IN AUGUST! Eric H. texted me about the early game, too. The Canucks played Playoff Qualifying Game #3 against the Wild at 11:30 AM, and won 3-0! Hughes, Petey, Boeser, and MORE! Breakfast: Paldo lobster noodles! King noodles! King cup noodles! Western Family Booster Bowl: Greek-style […]

Lobsters NOT being a life event / Vedan spicy mushroom and cuttlefish noodles!

August 4, 2020

New record: NINE text messages from Mom trying to set up a Friday get-together at Kwong Chow’s new patio after Jon’s crew gets back from vacation. *rolleyes* Bonus: A new phone typo of “HTADIN” for “Blaardine.” UGH! GET TO THE COMPUTER INSTEAD! Thank GOD there’s likely a play-in hockey game sometime that evening. I don’t […]