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Opening things, spelling errors in certificates, European cities

March 31, 2006

For my own reference: The VANCOUVER thread where Felicity Walker (morbioid) and I talked about hanging out one day since we both live in Richmond. Money issues prevented my meeting a real-life Erik Gagnon, heh. I went grocery shopping earlier, and bought a lot of stuff: Excel Night Chill gum (I’m a sucker for new […]

Audioscrobbler neighbor radio, Mousebreaker, online gaming, quizzes

March 30, 2006

Corey just buzzed me about Last.fm Audioscrobbler and their “neighbor radio” feature. Apparently, their player feature plays songs based on what you like from your profile. Seems accurate for him so far… it would be useful if he forgets to bring MP3 CDs with him to the school lab, I’m sure! Maybe I’ll try it […]

Current Location, One-Word Survey, Blogquiz

March 30, 2006

I should have checked my friends pages earlier, but I was busy with stuff. Let it be known that I hate the LJ “current location” field! Note: What my LJ friends secretly think about me / LJ Murder Mystery / LJ Secret Fantasies / LJ Cheap Sci-Fi or Horror Movie blogquizzes. (by Rachael and Whale) […]

Noticing the notice, spam, and quizzes

March 29, 2006

Note to self: Ask sister who’s getting baptized at Easter… she would know! That, or I’ll ask the teens this weekend… Easter IS coming up, heh. Here’s a funny sign I came across on the Latest Posts page. Some of the spam journals seem to be deleted, too… yay! 😀 Notice: Thank you for noticing […]

The Doors online game / Stereotype Meme (emo geek, so kill me now!) / Oscars

March 28, 2006

Find your way out of the house! Nothing to do with the band, sorry. (Help here.) Stereotype survey ahead! 😛 Added comments in parentheses. –METALHEAD– [] Do you have long hair? [x] Do you like beer? [] Have you ever been in a moshpit? [] You don’t believe in God? [] You got a pentagram […]

Comparing Myself to a Summer’s Day

March 28, 2006

Yeah, I should probably be in bed right now. But that conversation earlier just threw me off for some reason… blah. 😛 Thee Summer Day Score Name Leslie (62) Saturday 15th July (87) 0 : 1 Loveliness Lovelier Lovely 1 : 1 Temperature 98.6° F 60° F 2 : 1 Lease 29.55 years 0.59 years […]

Beware the screen name of OMGHABERDASHERY!

March 28, 2006

I just had the most confusing IM conversation ever: [01:39:20] omghaberdashery: I say, old bean, have you seen my hat? [01:39:38] AlenaBrolxFlami: it’s probably in the fridge with the pork and beans [01:40:05] omghaberdashery: oh dear [01:41:15] omghaberdashery: SHOWER [01:41:21] AlenaBrolxFlami: do I know you? [01:41:22] omghaberdashery: shower duh [01:41:31] omghaberdashery: I have no clue […]

Weird database gaming dreams, You Don’t Know Jack, hockey, quizzes, being spoiled

March 27, 2006

Autosave has rescued me once again. 😀 Man, I could use time for other things, but not much I can do about the situation! I dreamed that I was editing a weird Excel database where there were ToolTips for every cell, and playing a game where I could choose options in a fight for a […]

Mom’s Marky Mark reference, one-liners, different ABC survey

March 26, 2006

If you read this on a regular basis, you know how my mom can get sometimes. This version of a Marky Mark reference is stolen from my sister’s blog, but is no less WTH-worthy. Mom: I think he likes you. Did you feel his vibrations? (without context, I can only guess what she was trying […]

Jeremy, Rachel, experiments, zombies eating people’s brains

March 26, 2006

I saw Jeremy at church today.. it was definitely a case of “long time no see” for us! We talked a bit about Jon’s box of books that he’s keeping for now: he’s reading through some of them, including the third book in a series that one author wrote. (he read the first two, and […]