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Teal Cyko / Tahlequah Rae Pruitt / Sequoyah L. Pruitt / Aspen / Marshawn Lynch?!

August 2, 2017

I saw a dead mouse, so called Barry to see if he could remove it – he said he’d try. I was surprised when there was a knock on the door at about 3:45, which happened to be a Shaw technician. He installed the Wi-Fi router / modem for me, and did a lot of […]

Black dragon of death, peacock dragon, liking lotion in baskets, dragon necklace

May 22, 2017

It’s Victoria Day today! To cap off my long weekend, I watched these two Connecticut guys are trying Canadian junk food from Vancouver! Coffee Crisp, Mars Bars in Maple flavor, Smarties, ketchup Doritos, ketchup Lay’s, Maynards Canada wine gums / Swedish Berries, AERO Canada bars, Kraft Dinner, OMG’s Candy clusters, All-Dressed Ruffles Canada chips, Hawkins […]

Thinking for yourself / Zuzu Verk?! / Zdeno Chara’s bed for Sochi 2014 Olympics!

April 22, 2017

Education: Why think for yourself, when you’d be better off just accepting our teachings without resistance? Now, just drink the Kool-Aid like Adam Hilliker wants you to… From Dateline NBC: Zuzu Verk was a murder victim?! From CFOX: This was 6 foot, 10 inch Zdeno Chara’s bed for the Sochi Olympics in 2014!

Marsupial, Tu Hat, Yu Gatbans (Han), Eva Green, Aga Doo, On Lee Wan, Will Gowan

January 4, 2017

The Canucks played Arizona at 7 tonight, and Vancouver won 3-0! A penalty shot, the first shutout for us, and a five-game win streak! From Julie’s friend Rachel, who saw this at a Chuck-E-Cheese: Marsupial?! From Andrew C. and Viral Bee: Tu Hat?! (too hot) From Andrew C. and Viral Bee: Yu Gatbans (Han)?! [you […]

5-2, Brad Slaughter, Drew Peacock, Anita Hummer, Sly, Jeanell, Michelle Dick

March 14, 2016

HAPPY PI DAY! The Canucks played the Jets at 7 tonight, and lost 5-2. Brad Slaughter is the meat manager! Drew Peacock?! (Droopy Cock) Anita Hummer?! From Julie: Michelle Dick?! From Julie: Sly and Jeanell?!

FINAL FANTASY III Earth Fang, Mister Simpson, Dr. Dickwella, Beautiful Existence

February 29, 2016

Here’s the FINAL FANTASY III party with the Earth Fang from the Cave of Darkness! Mister Simpson?! Dr. Dickwella?! Beautiful Existence?!

A 22-Year-Old Who Gave Birth On New Year’s Had Twins In Separate Years

January 3, 2016

A 22-Year-Old Who Gave Birth On New Year’s Had Twins In Separate Years – Babies Jaelyn and Luis were born just two minutes apart. posted on Jan. 2, 2016, at 1:50 p.m. A young mom in San Diego who gave birth on New Year’s had twins born in two separate years. Maribel Valencia, 22, had […]

Superstore, Melona ice bars, shortbread ice cream, Clamato, no snow here yet

December 17, 2015

Barry picked me up at 1, and I told him that I wanted to go to Superstore (24 December 2014) today. I hoped that they’d have the President’s Choice pulled beef poutine pie that they’d been advertising on Facebook! Superstore did respond to me on Facebook, confirming that the Richmond location had some, after all. […]

Cornell / Racqual / J’zyra, Blessing Salami, Creedence Clearwater Couto

December 9, 2015

Cornell / Racqual and J’zyra Thompson?! From Reddit and r/soccer: Blessing Salami?! From Reddit and r/soccer: Creedence Clearwater Couto?!

Hyphenated last names can be a VERY bad idea… Long-Wiwi? Beaver-Wetter?

October 13, 2015

This is why you shouldn’t hyphenate your last names when you get married! Looney-Warde! Kuntz-Dick! Drinkwine-Layer! Filler-Quick! Hardy-Harr! Traylor-Hooker! Beaver-Wetter! Wang-Holder! Busch-Rash! Wait, there will be two people named Cynthia Rash, assuming she takes her husband’s name! Best-Lay! Long-Wiwi!