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Tommy being stupidly defensive / Dumbing yourself down and defenestrating idiots

August 17, 2017

Last night, Tommy was being pretty annoying with his continuous Facebook messages, so I gave him one-word answers till he apparently got the hint. Then he dragged me into a Facebook group chat with Helen and Jimmy at 10:15 PM to talk about Jen and defend her behavior. We weren’t too impressed with his excuses […]

You have caged my heart! / A Starman Statue! / Ghosts inhabiting Threed tunnel

February 14, 2017

COFFEE TIME! The Canucks played Pittsburgh at 4 today, and lost 4-0. A Nicolas Cage Valentine’s Day card from Julie: You’ve caged my heart! In BOZOBOUND, Bozo is trying to get to Cirque de Town. For some weird reason, a Starman statue is blocking the path. In BOZOBOUND, Bozo and Paige stay overnight at the […]

Life better after a big poo, friends forever, fiery farts, a Number Two Pencil

January 26, 2017

From Helen S.: Life is always better after a big poo. From Julie S.: Toilet paper and poop are friends forever! From Reddit: Here’s a fiery fart! From Pete and FART IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD: Here’s a Number Two Pencil for you!

What I got for Christmas 2016!

January 1, 2017

From Helen Y.: Snoopy and Woodstock with party hats and confetti! From Helen Y.: Snoopy and Woodstock are saying that it’s almost 2017! What I got for Christmas 2016! * lots of online wishes! (Mandy D.-R. [a_phoenixdragon], Alan Cofman, Lena M., Vivian S., Cathy B., Christine B., Julie S. [moonshar], Michelle S., Cathy W. [understimulated], […]

Correct toilet paper rolling direction, chemistry H20, concentrated awesome

December 19, 2016

From CFOX: Rolling the toilet paper OVER the roll is right and good. Rolling the toilet paper UNDER the roll is wrong and bad. Waiter: “Can I take your drink order?” Chemist: “I’m a chemist, so I’ll just have some H20.” Chemist’s friend: “LOL, I’ll have some H2O, too.” Chemist drinks water, and his friend […]

Dragon wedding cake, Tim Hines as a glitchy block, a save master in Claw Castle

December 7, 2016

From Helen S.: DRAGON WEDDING CAKE! When Jon Otis and Joe Scharfenberg defeat Dan Quayle in the Denver HinesCo Building in JONBOUND, they go into the golden room next door to find the kidnapped Sarah Buffaloe AND the ketchup mogul Tim Hines, who is… a glitchy block?! Trae, Rakim, Penny, and Inspector Gadget are in […]

Lawless Love, Velociraptor, Dick Butt, Jack Goff, Firmus Dick, Ida Ho, FUCK

August 19, 2016

Lawless Love?! Hey, he and his wife had the same birthday of January 7! Velociraptor?! Dick Butt?! Jack Goff?! Father Firmus Dick?! Ida Ho?! I love the word FUCK, and saying it often doesn’t make me any less intelligent than you.

Jalapeno sausage poutine! / Donuts! / Flossie Dickey! / Breaking out of my tomb!

May 7, 2016

Before I left for Harmony’s at 8:15, I briefly emailed Helen K. about stuff, then bought double chocolate doughnuts and a Nutella croissant at the Marine Drive station Tim Horton’s to share. (I’d been talking about croissants on Reddit to Lucas earlier) We talked about the Vegas pickled garlic and dark chocolate espresso beans, Steph […]

Law Power is a police officer?! / Mister Alexander?! / Rambo rending feelings

May 5, 2016

I added Helen M. Sturt via the GEEKY group on Facebook last night before I went to bed. Sgt. Law Power?! From Wesley: Mister Alexander?! Here’s the RAMBO title screen with some great NES Engrish! “Rend the feelings the heart with painful feelings.”

Holly, Lena, Helen Y., Snoopy and Woodstock birdies, Brooke, no Jen

February 14, 2016

Holly and I talked a bit today via Facebook messages – too much narcissism in her life from her mother-in-law Jessie, and possibly her husband! I also talked to Lena for a bit via Facebook messages – at least Christian seems to be a good guy! No, she doesn’t want to trade Robin for Mike […]