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Douglas Duncan robs Dunkin’ Donuts?! / Gorilla Jasper! / Sixi roasted husband!

June 11, 2017

From AMERICA’S DUMBEST CRIMINALS: A guy named Douglas Duncan robbed Dunkin’ Donuts?! Bonus: His accomplice was named Howard Johnson! From Janina: This gorilla is saying, “HUBERT! JASPER! I am not paying this man to take pictures of you two fooling around! Now sit still and behave!” From Engrish.com and Library of Most Controversial Files: Sixi […]

HYPERBOUND Information!

October 8, 2016

I also found this Youtube playlist by northbydefault. DO NOT USE IMPORTANT ITEMS LIKE THE PASSPORT AND THE NEWS CLIPPING!

Homemade Mexican food! / Christon and Kevin! / Chinese birthday dragon!

September 12, 2016

Jon actually called me back for once, so I wondered whether white Eric’s birthday thing was still on. Apparently, it was and Eric Ho was apparently coming! I quickly got some things together before leaving at 5:35, and went out to get a white chocolate mocha Starbucks (not caramel!) from Shoppers on my way to […]

Pozole! / Laksa noodles, Cherry Coke, ginger Pepsi, periodic table of swearing

May 25, 2016

I left for Harmony’s at 3:15, and went to Price Smart for NEW on-sale Ginger Pepsi x2 and some Roasted Garlic and Herb Brown Rice Medley and Savory Herb Basmati Rice Medley using my Rice and Grains coupons. I also went to London Drugs for some store brand aspirin, on-sale melatonin, NEW Prima Taste Singapore […]

Tatiana Ng + Randal (dream) / Christ died for prices / Easter about Jesus birth?

March 22, 2016

I dreamed that Randal emailed me with the subject “Tatiana Ng and the black man,” and that Gmail had weird font spacing issues. What the?! In real life, Eric Ho emailed me to say that he’d be working all Easter weekend. Oh well. I’ll repurpose his red Lindt Easter eggs for someone else! I also […]

Dilbert on energy and being an introvert / MOTHER 4 cow bones in the desert!

January 5, 2016

I called Uncle Andrew’s office to cancel my appointment next week, since I’m not sure when I’ll fully get over this cold, and I want enough time to fully be ready. It’s freedom to reschedule, and not an imposition like Mike seems to think! From Reddit: Dilbert on being an introvert – people ALWAYS drain […]

Toilet theme park in Korea! / Stay in your pajamas! / You’re much manlier now!

January 4, 2016

Eric Ho emailed me, Jon, white Eric, Randal, and Jeremy about some Washington Redskins 2015 playoff party at his house on Sunday. I can’t even stand Randal, so maybe not! The Canucks played the Coyotes at 7 tonight, and lost 3-2. At least a Coach’s Challenge finally stood up, and Bo Horvat scored for the […]

Dragon bookmark, no problem, Metta World Peace, Yoshie Takeshita, Chris Smelley

December 10, 2015

I called Barry to see when a good time would be for food shopping; next Thursday at 1 it is! Then I got a great snowman Christmas card, snowflake stickers, “I like to party – and by party, I mean read books” bookmark, and a bigger awesome bookmark (featuring a purple dragon sitting atop a […]

Ram Amandeep, So’Unique Miracle, Shakespeare Mozart Armstrong Correa Perez

November 20, 2015

Ram Amandeep?! So’Unique Miracle Randle?! Shakespeare Mozart Armstrong Correa Perez?!

Finding the original 2005 Steveston wig, Mike twisting in the knife, AC/DC

February 10, 2015

Mike emailed me at 2 AM and 6:20 AM. He seems to think I’m obsessing over what I gave up (the chat history plus the jacket), and thinks I need to stop it. “I don’t think I have it anymore, and even if it’s still there somewhere, you wouldn’t be asking for it without a […]