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My first live Canucks game was a 2-1 win for us! / Hockey player statue!

October 21, 2016

I emailed Mandy to wish her a happy birthday, and she appreciated it! I ACTUALLY WENT TO MY FIRST CANUCKS GAME TONIGHT! The Canucks played the Sabres at 7, and Steph gave me a choice between the Hurricanes game on Sunday the 16th or this game. Jim said that the entertainment value of the Hurricanes […]

The Grim Reaper gets full-size Snickers! / Zombies in the Christmas manger

October 20, 2016

I’m excited to actually go to the Canucks-Sabres hockey game tonight with Steph as a birthday present! From Reddit: The Grim Reaper is not wearing a costume. He’s here to take this old lady’s soul. “Holy shit! Full-size Snickers! Never mind, Margaret, we’re good.” Janina sent this Pat Albright post to me! “Chuck? That’s just […]

No human-compatible bathrooms! / The light frying your eyes like eggs and bacon!

October 19, 2016

I had a dream last night where a bunch of people and I were inside a wooden house, and my sister was telling us some interesting stories about a trip she’d been on. Then some riot police came in and invaded us! We wondered if my sister could do anything about it because of her […]

Man You Fear, no newspaper, punks migrating, fixing machines, cleaning chores

October 16, 2016

The Canucks played the Hurricanes at 7 tonight, and played comeback again to force overtime. Brandon Sutter won the game for us again in overtime. 4-3 win! Julie S. found a character named Man You Fear in GUILD WARS 2 on July 19! He doesn’t look very fearsome unless you don’t want to be killed […]

Birthday Wishes 2016!

September 24, 2016

BIRTHDAY WISHES 2016! Email: Eric M., Eric H., Dan W., Sharon W., Deb L. / Dylan L. {6} Evite / Event RSVP: Vanessa H., Sabrina K., Vicky L., Billie E. x2, Chrystal C., Christon S., Kevin L., Jeremy J., Vicky S., Daniel T., Phil Y., Dan W., Jeremy J., Sharon W., Eric H., Karen L., […]

Jim Playfair was a hockey player?! / A purple Virgo fairy! / You’re and your

September 11, 2016

Mom sent me an email, spelling “Sarne” as SHANE. I know she has sent Harmony some indecipherable text messages before, though. Eric Ho sent me an email before 10 AM, saying that he thinks he can come to Saturday’s dinner, which is good, so I gave him the “final details.” Jim Playfair was a hockey […]

Jim Kiick played football?! / Jeronimo Yanez, Diamond Reynolds, Philando Castile

July 8, 2016

Jim Kiick was a football player?! Jeronimo Yanez, Diamond Reynolds, and Philando Castile?!

Happy Canada Day with poutine! / Poutine is better than being skinny!

July 1, 2016

From James: Happy Canada Day with the Canadian flag, poutine, doughnuts, Kraft Dinner, a curling stone, an Oilers player (Wayne Gretzky>) with the Stanley Cup, Jim Carrey, Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, John Candy in THE BLUES BROTHERS, a beaver, a totem pole, pancakes, poutine, Justin Bieber (?), Sleeman’s, Moosehead, Molson Canadian, Alexander Keith’s, Labatt […]

Applewood Pulled Pork sub, pooping at 8 AM, Simple Mehta, new shorts, good juice

June 24, 2016

Thanks to Glenn putting the idea in my head last night, I wanted a sub, so I went out at 11:10 on a 407 to get a NEW Applewood Pulled Pork sub at Subway before getting envelopes / multigrain tortilla chips (so I can try out my new sriracha mayo as a dip) / store […]

Name of the Year Archives 2! (407 names)

April 23, 2016

These are mostly from the Name of the Year archives. Denim Fry?! Celebrity boy baby names! Celebrity girl baby names! Long Wang?! Lady Hardmon?! I Made Supermen?! Fabienne Cretin?! Ebenezer Noonoo?! Demetrius Dick?! Assumption Bulltron?!