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Nobody said stuff about you… / September 2013 BBT Tally / Japanese Artwork Test

September 30, 2013

At least Michael also thinks everything went fine yesterday as far as meeting the parents went, although he seemed concerned that they’d say stuff about him after we dropped him off! They didn’t say anything about him to me (except paprika offers), but they might have discussed us both after dropping ME off at home. […]

AMERICAN IDOL-themed Monopoly?! / HOLY CRAP cereal / August 2013 BBT Tally

August 31, 2013

Got to the townhouse just before 8, and figured out the wireless connection easily; I also saw an AMERICAN IDOL-themed MONOPOLY game… WHY DO MY PARENTS HAVE THIS?! Found pickles, mushroom soup, honey almond nougats, Brookside Dark Chocolate Mango Mangosteen, LIFE Kleenex boxes (I know a use for those…), Farmhouse rice x7, Starburst candy, more […]

Buying four kinds of ice cream (dream) / Rock-paper-scissors / July 2013 BBT Tally

July 31, 2013

Why did I dream about buying four kinds of ice cream?! At least these pretzel M&Ms don’t taste too bad… I was also responsible and paid my phone bill today, too. You Are Calculating When you play, you play to win… but that isn’t readily apparent at first. You are sneaky. You plan your moves […]

Canada Day, surprise, “what did I see in you?”, June 2013 BBT Tally

June 29, 2013

Apparently, Michael does want to do something on Canada Day, even if he isn’t sure what, and doesn’t mind if I come up with ideas as well. Sounds good to me! He also says he’ll miss me while he’s away; that’s kinda surprising, but kinda not at the same time. (it IS sweet of him […]

Lively Mumble at 9 AM?! / May 2013 BBT Tally / California Pizza!

May 31, 2013

There were more people in Mumble at 8:35 this morning than I expected! Marko, Lindsay, Hayden, Jim, Thomas, Joe, Andrew S., Sam, and I talked about CVS / Walgreens work, pharmacies, husband / baby stuff, weight loss, John Powell, Flyers / Phillies / Eagles, timezones, dropping phones into water, UP / TOY STORY / WRECK […]

Brandi FINALLY unfriending me! / Holly / No gum?! / Ice cream flavors / April 2013 BBT Tally

April 30, 2013

Brandi unfriended me today, which is good – I couldn’t take her endless statuses about her kids and special needs and everything else, never mind the weird hockey superstitions like “DON’T POST THE SCORE, OR WE WILL LOSE! ALSO, DORITOS ARE THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE CHIP TO EAT DURING GAMES!” Luckily, I was anticipating it last […]

Italian breadsticks, Helen S., March 2013 BBT, playfulness, iPhone or iPad

April 2, 2013

Finally remembered to eat the leftover Italian breadsticks, so I did just that this morning. Also unfriended / blocked Helen S. since she uses sticky caps and “@” for “A” far too often! It doesn’t even cut down on characters… what the fuck?! No, I don’t care if it’s kinda supposed to represent a hurricane! […]

Italian breadsticks, February 2013 BBT, JANE EYRE, music personality

February 28, 2013

Had Italian breadsticks as a snack after going to Richmond Centre and having a strawberry bubble tea at Big Orange, and started JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte. Vanessa said it was too bad she’d eaten before 5, as we could have grabbed something in Steveston; maybe next time! (also saves more money) Harmony thanked me […]

CECIL should not be a girl’s name! / January 2013 BBT Tally

January 31, 2013

Apparently, CECIL is a GIRL name in Holland, and there are GUYS named SKYE. That’s just WRONG! Decided to do my laundry here today, too. Somehow lost a fuzzy sock and an undershirt, so I guess I know what I have to get next week! Went home to put some pasta, chicken, beef noodles, and […]

2012 Yearly Recap / December 2012 Bubble Tea Tally

December 31, 2012

Went to Richmond Centre for my last bubble tea of the year – strawberry at Big Orange, baby! MONTHLY BUBBLE TEA TALLY, DECEMBER 2012 (1) strawberry @ Big Orange (Monday, Dec. 31) This is the 2012 Recap. Fitting for the last day of the year, no? JANUARY * received a laughable email from Korey via […]