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Mario quitting his day job, the end of all ice giants, approval, contradictions

June 30, 2016

From Steve L. and the Youtube comments on a Tyr video: Jesus promised the end of all wicked people. Odin promised the end of all Ice Giants. I don’t see many Ice´╗┐ Giants around. I am who I am. Your approval isn’t needed. Garfield: “Good morning” is a contradiction in terms!

Fraser, pizza, and hard root beer! / Hong Kong dragon shirt! / Winter Dragon!

June 29, 2016

I went out to Delta at 2:15 with the Western Family Brownie and White Chocolate Chunk soft-baked cookies, and Lisa’s Whittaker’s Ghana Peppermint chocolate block / Whittaker’s Peanut Butter chocolate block (220g each!) for her birthday. As I got on the 401, I helped an old lady get her walker on the bus at her […]

Kama Pootra, Everyone Poops, passing gas, 410 pounds, poop journey, fart culture

June 29, 2016

From Rock 101: Kama Pootra: 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop! (by Daniel Cole Young) From Julie: A kids’ book by Taro Gomi called EVERYONE POOPS! The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts! (by Shinta Cho) Everybody Poops 410 Pounds A Year! The Long Journey of Mister Poop! Who Cut The Cheese?: A Cultural History […]

A YOUR NEXT tattoo / 23nd annual grammar convention?! / Murder / Clean houses

June 29, 2016

A tattoo saying “Your next”… From Julie: Shirts saying “23nd annual” at the annual grammar convention?! Don’t judge me because I’m quiet. No one plans a murder out loud. A clean house is a sign of a broken computer.

Bruce Willis Caraballo Alvarez! / Malaysian-style double burger! / Aavak Dragon!

June 29, 2016

Bruce Willis Caraballo Alvarez?! From Laura: A Malaysian-style double burger! From Youtube: Aavak Dragon!

Fixing a broken plate with tape / Laura’s lobster rolls! / EARTHBOUND characters

June 29, 2016

From Rock 101: My little cousin broke a plate, and tried to hide it from my aunt. INVISIBLE TAPE TO PUT THE PLATE “BACK TOGETHER” AGAIN! Laura’s lobster rolls! From Julie: Poo, Jeff, Ness, and Paula as the EARTHBOUND party!

Necronomicon thong underwear, Chinese roast pork belly, mad cow disease

June 29, 2016

From Julie: Necronomicon thong underwear! From Laura: Chinese roast pork belly! They call it PMS because “mad cow disease” was already taken.

Only having one cookie, a huge Oreo being one cookie, one glass of alcohol a day

June 28, 2016

From Laura: Why have only one cookie when you can have seven in one? Diets: You said I can have one cookie. This is one cookie, so piss off. The doctor said I could have “only one glass of alcohol a day” – I can live with that.

Ripping books / No Laura / Taro cake / Turnip cake / A Small Medal in Romaly

June 28, 2016

I left for Harmony’s at 3:15, bought an egg and luncheon meat bun at Kam Do Bakery, and bought a Citrus Charge Mountain Dew bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart since Lucas and I had been talking about that earlier. As I was waiting in the train at Brighouse, I heard the “okay, let’s see” mentally […]

Cratf vendors?! / Falrod urination in DRAGON QUEST VII / Fire, water, earth, air

June 28, 2016

From Julie: Cratf vendors?! In the castle town of Falrod, the DRAGON QUEST VII party comes across this guy urinating against the walls! “You need to go to the bathroom, too?” Fire, water, earth, and Lays chips as air!