Flexible silicone oven mitts / My heaven on earth

Replied to Mandy’s email this morning, then Sam said hi via Gmail chat… always good! Talked about personal stuff and sleepiness. Paul made me want to get a Spicy Italian sub from Subway; while I was out, I got a dark blue washcloth / blue fish bath mat / pink cosmetics bag for use as another wallet (it HAD to be pink… ugh…) / one blue flexible silicone Starfrit oven mitt from London Drugs. Next time, I should get a bigger bath mat and another oven mitt. CONSUMER WHORE! Saw someone in a Bobby Orr Bruins jersey outside today… hmm.

Starfrit flexible silicone oven mitts in red AND blue!

Your Heaven on Earth is a Classic City

You love big city glamour and the best that cities have to offer – culture, dining, people watching…
You may even already live in one of the classic cities, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to visit them all.

When you travel, you like to try someone else’s life on for size. You like to imagine what it’s like to live in a great place.
You may not be able to live like a VIP all the time, but it can be fun for a few days. You love to splurge a little.

For your next vacation, try any of the great world cities you haven’t been to lately – or at all.
London, New York, and Paris are right up your alley. You’d also love Rome, Rio, Tokyo, Sydney, and Shanghai!


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