Mike and I discussed having the extra creamy macaroni and cheese on its own, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, being low on margarine, his weird dream featuring aliens and stars, his going out to pick something up (but being back later), the rainy weather, getting his umbrella from home, his car, and “all or nothing” types of deals resulting in some crap. He got back at midnight, wondering why I didn’t either answer my phone or call to see where the heck he was. First, I was sleeping at 11:30 because of some gin and tonic. Second, I wasn’t really worried anyway. Turns out I also missed a call from Chinese Eric, but I hope I can return it later on!

We talked about how I’d sleep afterwards (I don’t know!), JON STEWART, Congress and the law, pills, the release of Windows 9, his hate for Microsoft, Windows kernels, Krista overanalyzing things again (a one-liner on happiness is not a statement on memes and culture!), and Sarah Palin being caught speeding. Also conversed about Sam Adams, Julia Stiles, George Takei (the cougar?) and his husband Brad Altman, THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Die Semi-Hard” episode which we’d seen before, (un)bending pins on microchips, commercials making him hungry, Burlington stores, Stella H., Indonesian names, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, my not buying more Kimlan rice vinegar since I was nowhere near Yaohan, and having more macaroni and cheese.



I got up after Mike did, but that’s okay. We discussed leaving a sinkful of dishes so it couldn’t be filled up with detergent, my not having an umbrella around here, only General Tso’s chicken calling for white vinegar in the Chinese dishes, rice vinegar, using the white vinegar in some dumpling sauce, and saving the rest of his seaweed for something else more expensive than cucumber. Also talked about getting plastic wrap at the dollar store (I’d be out anyways – it didn’t matter!), suffocation under the blankets, smartness in murder and DNA (with fingerprints and hair), Youtube videos on how to roll cucumber sushi, my being hangry since HE got to eat HIS sushi mistakes, A&W customer focus groups being stupid and assuming one-third was less than one-quarter, the NEW YORK TIMES, Snopes, Wikipedia, fact-checking being like detective work, and Ojou Ringlets on TV Tropes.

He pretended to be a Shiba Inu dog (better than “got size!” and pretending to be a douchebag) right before I left to go run errands, which cost me a minute. Would have been nice not to run for the bus in the drizzling rain! I got Glad plastic wrap, on-sale Russell Stover truffles for Lisa’s birthday present (NOW they’re on sale?!), a pack of 100 index cards, a box of 100 white Tic-Tacs for my purse, six pairs of black Secret ankle socks (so much easier!), and tape x4. After I did my banking, it was time to go home (and almost have a pee-scare in the process…) so I could be responsible and pay my Shaw bill. Then we talked about the MILD Casa Fiesta taco seasoning / the MEDIUM Ortega taco seasoning, the Duncan Hills coffee jingle, affectionate kisses, extra creamy ItalPasta, text messages, the bubonic plague, Translink deleting the “Posts By Others” function on their Facebook page, the news, losing a billion dollars, his friend Sherry apparently being pregnant and giving birth at age 52 (but it’s the granddaughter and NOT in the hospital bed), flipping out, and Kamloops flooding.

SUPER MARIO characters and turtles and bullets, oh my!


You Are a Country Chair

You are down to earth and very practical. You like things that last, and you always look for craftsmanship.
Some may call you old-fashioned, and it’s true that many of your favorite things come from deep in the past.

You like to slow down and live life right. You believe that mistakes get made when we rush.
You believe that most things in life are a waste of time. You focus your attention on what truly matters.


Mike and I discussed the cucumber sushi, butt hair, BLURRED LINES (rated / unrated / parody), Youtube videos, wasabi, his taking a nap, MODERN FAMILY, frying dumplings here in the future, communication, gas in the house, ignition of sparks, rice coverage for sushi cones, practicing with cooled rice (more sticky! less watery!), my crazy quirkiness, Nair “making me happy” / chemical burns / stinging his toes in the shower / “orange goop” (HILARIOUS!), DRUNK HISTORY on MuchMusic, enemies on EARTHBOUND’s beach at Summers, EARTHBOUND’s copy protection which has MANY enemies and deletes all your save files (but there are Game Genie codes for that if you want to try it out), showers, and the Brownie Batter Toffee Crunch. We also talked about his getting rice vinegar tomorrow at Yaohan’s Osaka Market (walking and exercise vs. gas cost), MY PENIS IS EVIL on Newgrounds, Saran wrap (I’ll get some tomorrow), wire mesh colanders, deals on microchips, THE GOLDBERGS, a dream he had the other night where I accused him of cheating on me with his 45-year-old cousin, Nissin satay / miso tonkotsu / shoyo tonkotsu / black garlic oil tonkotsu noodles from Big Crazy, and THE BIG BANG THEORY’s “train episode.” As I thought, Eric forgot about dropping by after work today for the sympathy card – oh well, at least he emailed me about it!

Then Mike and I conversed about being easily distracted, my drinking the cherry Coke, mixing the tonic water (no flat bottles!) with Bacardi 151 rum, doing the dishes, TWO AND A HALF MEN, stacked parking in Los Angeles, SEINFELD, his eating all the sushi mistakes, his going to Wreck Beach (the stairs!) with Krista (then sleeping in the same bed with her a few years later), belts with pockets, sticking yourself in crazy, premium Shin Ramyun Black noodles, NATIONAL LAMPOON’S SENIOR TRIP, cheap catfish. We brought up calming me down, crying, being a Shiba Inu, licking my face, loving me, my being important to him, things he hasn’t done with anyone else before (going to a church / wedding, or crossing the border with certain documents), RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and JON STEWART.

Dr. Andonuts and his final form in Radiation’s EARTHBOUND Halloween hack: “I have done nothing to you – leave me alone!”


Mike and I discussed getting more ORTEGA taco seasoning in Bellingham, more macaroni and cheese after midnight, index cards, pens, JON STEWART, Youtube videos, his pretending to be a Shiba Inu dog, needing a bigger bed (I KNOW), Vanessa’s name on Facebook, dumplings, coffee, Greek yogurt, deodorant, his waking me up at 9:15, rice vinegar being yellow, more email from Mom (a non-stick wok?), HOARDERS, showering, shaving, soy sauce, accidental spillage, “dumpling sauce,” paranoia, insults, and life insurance policies taken out on us before leaving separately for Bayou Brewery this morning. We bottled, corked, labelled, and capped a few dozen bottles of Robert’s wine after Vivian was running late and didn’t know how to get onto Jacombs. Mike thought that his phone would be scratched by the scissors in my purse, but that wasn’t the case!

At least the brewery was very near Ikea (she kept mispronouncing “Ikea” and “Jacombs”), but I was at least efficient in labelling the wine bottles. Robert joked that they could rent me out to Labatt! I didn’t want to get near the heat gun for the caps, though. Mike got geeky about the brewing equivalents, of course. Vivian took a VERY convoluted way back to central Richmond (including Alexandra), but went to the McDonalds drive-thru for a Santa Fe wrap before dropping us off at the hospital across the street. She had to get home so Erica could have driving lessons! We talked about cucumber sushi, fans, sugar, salt, odd cars, BART_CALENDAR and his interest list, cardboard, knives, doing dishes, seaweed, signs, and human error causing yesterday’s Skytrain shutdown.

Isaac to Flint and Boney in the Sunshine Forest: “I’m in the middle of slowly but surely devising a plan for finding Hinawa.”


You Are a Spatula

You enjoy cooking, but you like the results of your cooking even more. You cook your favorite dishes a lot.
You prefer to whip up food that others enjoy eating as well. You have a strong repertoire of crowd pleasers.

You feel at peace in the kitchen, and you generally like to be left alone to do your thing. You offer up lots of tastes while you’re cooking, though.
You love sweet food, and desserts are one of your specialties. You don’t feel like it’s a celebration unless a dessert comes at the end.


Mike and I discussed his wanting a real Shiba Inu dog, news about birth control and lawsuits, childfree people, Weird Al’s ALL ABOUT THE PENTIUMS, moments on the SIMPSONS, “bearded taco” slang, macaroni and cheese with ORTEGA taco seasoning, his actually using the pill dispenser I got him last year, Prince Charles saying to Camilla that he’d want to come back as a tampon, putting words to DRAGON WARRIOR music, the legends of Atlantis and Mu, Robin and Lena not being able to get to Steveston for some reason, and another Skytrain shutdown today. Also talked about chips and salsa, Youtube (music) videos, the CHRONO TRIGGER soundtrack being made by the same guy who did FINAL FANTASY 6, game composers, parking, White Spot, distrust, responsibility, MODERN FAMILY, Steveston, gas, signing the sympathy card, TWO AND A HALF MEN, and Craigslist ads.

Conversed about Sin with Sebastian, SHUT UP AND SLEEP WITH ME, Gmail’s “reply to all” feature being at the BOTTOM (I have it – but he wasn’t sure where his was at first), Russell Peters, eating (curry / chicken and mushroom) noodles before driving to the townhouse, wishing that he had that “forbidden man” aura about him (“why does a Chinese woman like a white man so much?!”), Robert bottling his wine tomorrow morning at Bayou Brewing Club on Jacombs (wine tasting!), and eventually going to the townhouse. Waste of time, at the very least. Random crap: BBQ equipment, two lazy susans, TINY maxipads, two boxes of hangers for doors, a piggy bank, three purses which aren’t my style, lots of paper, three possibly-useful storage containers, used lotion / creams / products, mugs, urea cream for flaky skin (may be useful!), a Starfrit apple pro-peeler, a Home Max single coil electric burner, a Great American Steakhouse onion machine, a BBQ book, two glass containers, a useless pencil case, possibly useless plastic containers, Boutique Hors D’oeuvres containers, two pencil boxes, tissues, napkins, notepads, Hello Kitty stuff, pens, five useful unused sponges, and WAY more! Some of this MIGHT be useful for future wedding presents, but I don’t know about the rest of it. We checked out O’Hare’s liquor store – yay for a lemon Radler!

Link of ZELDA in a MARIO game!


You Have Stable Toes

Your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You don’t waver on much in your life, and you stand firm in what you believe in.
You are rational and logical. Emotions don’t sway you, but a well-reasoned argument may just change your mind.

You deal with stress successfully, and you can put almost anything in perspective. Very little rattles you.
You accept people and events as they are. You don’t waste energy trying to change things that are out of your control.

Michael and I went to Kwong Chow to celebrate his and Dad’s July birthdays.


Mike came over while I was finishing up in the shower, but he should have expected me not to be around. We got going at 4:15 since he thought it would take forever to find parking, but I made a quick call to Steph to ascertain that there WAS just street parking near the condo. Of course we made pretty good time while talking about Dinesty and his coming over here later, so we stopped by Mom and Dad’s new cramped and MESSY condo. Havarti was pretty excited to see us! I wrote something in Lisa’s birthday card before giving Steph the bulldog magnets and container. We walked over to Kwong Chow soon afterwards, although Mom wanted to drive. NO, IT’S ONLY A FEW MINUTES AWAY!

Of course, Jon and Harmony were running late as per usual. We talked about the condo elevator, a happy Ayler grabbing everything, object lessons in “hot” and “cold,” WIZARD OF OZ playing on the TV, Hiero scratching his head pretty raw, the free-range chicken head on a plate (Mike didn’t like that – Mom eventually dumped a bowl over it), Denise, Tracy, Sean not knowing about Big G, toddlers dumping things on the floor (“Look at this fun game I can do!”), and green beans. Also discussed prawns, cold Horlicks with ice, milk tea, beef noodles, chopsticks, spoons, (Claire’s) pregnancy, Ayler walking if you hold his hands, potty training, the Fat Dragon experience, the Powell Street festival, crying as babies, 1408, WICKED, and Dennis’ wedding banquet. Hiero was interested in watching other people at the restaurant, while Ayler ate noodles messily from a plate, and watched Mike leave the table to use the bathroom.

Then we decamped to the condo, where we watched LEGO SIMPSONS and BOB’S BURGERS briefly after burn survivor news. We discussed mango pudding, coffee, GAME OF THRONES “Fire and Blood” beer, LA FIN DU MONDE, Lisa being homesick, free spousal visits this weekend, Ruth / Mike / Sandy, Estonian reindeer sausage, Limoncello, Havarti and many doggy kisses for me, Chelsea and her Transcendental Meditation UBC houseguest for Steph (Olivier from France), Shiba Inu dogs, turkey and diarrhea, Pastor Dan’s mom (who was a smoker) passing away from cancer this past Thursday (I bet he’s not in vacation mode now in Victoria), JACK BAUER (Audrey died and Jack’s now in Russian hands!), Oppenheimer Park, the Cecil, the #5 Orange, brothels, drugs, watermelon, and a Long English Cucumber. Mike and I left soon after Jon and Steph did, and listened to rock on the way to his place to pick up a blue bottle / sushi mats / sushi rice / his laptop with case / wasabi / other things he might need for a time. We got home and discussed Robin and Lena, old-time radio shows, eBay, porn stars, boundaries, controller cards, sympathy cards, SOUTH PARK, FUTURAMA, a Golden Child, appreciation being important in relationships, and his being tired.


Thank goodness Mike left the transit decisions up to me for once yesterday afternoon, so we could meet at Brighouse at 4:55! Of COURSE the Trip Planning had to be down, but the Bus Schedules still worked to formulate a plan! When I was actually at Brighouse (almost forgetting my hat), there was a group of people harassing others just waiting around. GO AWAY! I’M READING, AND NOBODY ELSE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU ANYWAY! Mike finally saw me shortly after 5, and mentioned that he’d seen those people as well. The Metrotown bus was really late, we thought. We talked about the Skytrain computer glitch the other day, moving stuff off his balcony in view of the rain forecast, Robin Thicke’s BLURRED LINES, a random text message conversation sent to the wrong number that included “a session at Big Mama’s” (DOMINATRIX!), his schedule being free and clear this weekend (I KNEW HE NEVER HAD TO BE SO DAMN ANAL ABOUT IT LAST WEEK!), the “next stop” announcements, the escalators, and his worry that we’d be late. Nope, especially since it didn’t start on time as usual! We saw Dennis and Susan, and I talked to them briefly. I also reminded Brian about Mike’s name when Mike had gone to get some beer and snacks. Yup, it was Mike’s first time at a seafood banquet, but he didn’t like much!

Brian, Denise, Amy, Sean, Jon, Tracy, Phil, Grace, Mike, and I talked about Vivian S. having her baby, parenting children, birthday meals, the legality of shark’s fin soup, seafood soup, Nathan’s wedding, Serena getting married soon, flossing, the Hog Shack, ribs, Big G and Havarti, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, New York, Mike’s problem with shellfish / seafood / the pigeon head (no sympathy from the entire table – we’re all used to it!) / the fish head (ditto), Nathan liking camels, Vivian and Robert wanting to “reconnect” at the Quilchena Golf and Country Club at the same time as the banquet (DENIED!), Tracy’s allergy to lobster mahi mahi, Alexis, and Karissa looking like Micah / being really uncomfortable. We also discussed Buddhists not wanting salt / sugar / garlic / spices (Brian and Amy had that request at their wedding!), Vanessa still working at Sonic, vegetarians, noodles, rice, douchebags, Tojo’s, chopstick use, hot pot, red vinegar, Brian being a lawyer, Denise being a family doctor, Sean’s Lamborghini, fun with food, red bean soup, Chinese pastries, Alan drinking and then wanting to have six kids, why Sean was single, Mom’s desire for more grandchildren, and funny stories. I gave Jon some stuff I had for him (including a long-overdue card… he did thank me and Mike for coming to Sunday’s baby dedication service), saw Auntie Kwai, said hi to Auntie Brenda and Uncle Eric, and had to tell Sean that Big G had died! He didn’t know!

Mike wondered if the dragon, phoenix, and Chinese characters were part of the restaurant’s normal decoration – um, yes? He also figured that it cost a lot to rent out the entire place – I bet! Jon liked the musical choice of TEENAGE DIRTBAG by Wheatus, but not the Backstreet Boys or Lady Gaga! We posed for a group photo at the end, when it was about 11 PM. That was too late for Mike’s plans to go to Superstore! We walked down the non-working escalators on our way to the parking lot so Brian could drop Jon off at home on his way to drop me and Mike off at the King Edward Canada Line station, talking about law, the law courts, DRAGON LORD CAFÉ, boring trials, jury duty, community court, LAW AND ORDER, moral support, 17 cops, and falling down escalators. We JUST managed to get the Richmond-Brighouse train; if we’d missed it, Mike would have been pissed. (me too!) After enough waiting at the bus stop, Mike just wanted to go home and sleep in a proper bed, which I didn’t really have a problem with. I told him to bring beer (maybe not the glasses), his computer / charger, and whatever else he thought he might need. At least his car is ready for tomorrow! Besides, I got home at about 12:10 or so anyway – no need to buzz Mike!

I had about twice the amount of seafood soup, squab, sea cucumber, spinach, fish, and abalone that I normally get at these 12-course banquet meals… I WAS SO FULL! Jon was right – I was benefiting! The problem with the squab was that the bird’s head was just sitting there on the plate. Everyone else was used to it, but Mike just felt empathy for the bird. More food for me!

Crossing the mountains to get to the DRAGON QUEST V kingdom of Gotha!


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