Barry was here early, but I could at least finish my lunch and keep him waiting until 1 – he also told me about some Pathways Xmas dinner next week, so I’ll call him about it later! Yes, I returned those store brand rubber gloves, and looked to see that the Annie’s Grahams were more expensive than London Drugs. I bought almond milk x2, 1% milk, on-sale Sidekicks equivalents (Harvest Chicken rice / Garlic Butter with Lemon / Country Mushroom rice x2 / Teriyaki rice / Tomato Alfredo / Creamy Parmesan / Butter and Herb), on-sale store brand apple juice / mango juice, on-sale Dark Chocolate Peppermint Almond Roca, pink Excel White gum x2, a bunch of Nissin noodles, and Voortman Shortbread Swirls for possible small group use in December. When I got home, Mike was surprised – so was I, actually. We discussed credit cards vs. debit cards, the chili peppers rotting soon, Kim’s Mart, Russia, Sweden, his needing light and dryness to work on the car (I could bus it home by myself on Sunday if he needs an underground parking lot…), refilling the Coffeemate, the weather forecast, Barry NOT being my company, the can of tomato sauce, the olive oil, garlic, making sauce, Randy Stanton posting “have a good day” on various FB walls (and how I always hear it in HCBailly’s voice), his signing one last (?) Christmas card for Jon / Harmony / Ayler / Hiero, and a Korean food demonstration.

Then I reminded him that Translink had lied to him last New Year’s Eve, and he remembers, so isn’t trusting them again. If he’s not invited out, he’ll stay home. Sounds good! I went to London Drugs at 3:35 and got on-sale Ganong Delecto dark chocolate for the Morrills, an on-sale tall canister of instant coffee (the sale will only last two more days!), on-sale Kerr’s chocolate mints / Scotch mints / spearmint Scotch mints for the usual suspect when he comes here, Connoisseur brandy beans x2 (me and Jon), and Annie’s cheddar bunnies before coming home at 4:35. Mike and I talked about rotini, the rain, an adapter cable, female connectors, Morrissey, and weird license plates before he went into a pasta coma.

Ritter Sport chocolates!


I’m Leslie, and I’ve been doing a Holiday Wishlist since 2004. This year has been an interesting year for me. I’ve learned the value of true friends, and have limited my interaction with certain toxic people in my life.

1. Christmas cards: Yay for mail which isn’t bills or junk! My only request is that the cards not be too religious in tone!

2. Bookmarks: I read a lot, and guess what? If I don’t want to dog-ear my numerous books, I need those! (my friend Corey thinks a torn-off piece of paper will do, but I won’t do that unless it’s an emergency)

3. Stickers: I’d like to brighten up my life with colorful things! Since my nephews (2.5 years old and almost one year old) may like these too (hopefully, they won’t try to eat them!), I’d like to be the cool aunt even if I’m on a budget!

4. Dragons: No, not necessarily a fire-breathing one. I wouldn’t mind a dragon statuette, for example, but anything to do with dragons would be cool!

5. Trivia books: I’ve always liked random and quirky facts!

6. Candy or chocolate (or food recipes) from all over the world: My boyfriend and I enjoy trying new things! I prefer dark chocolate as most candy is too sweet for me these days, but he can have the other stuff!

7. Gift cards: I’d like gift cards to London Drugs, Save-On Foods, or Safeway.

8. Anything hockey-related: I’ve always liked hockey to the exclusion of other sports!

9. Anything that young kids might like: I want to be the cool-ish aunt, but I’m on a budget. My Christmas present ideas involve corn chips. Yeah, I know… (at least I’ve been spending time with them on Saturday mornings recently to help my sister-in-law out)

10. Random stuff! Surprise me!

Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate!


I was surprised when Mike came in at 8:15 AM saying that it was “inspection time.” Of course, I told him to quit it. He told me that the car was overheating again, and he didn’t want to fuss about it in the rainy weather, so he might as well ask Robert what he did last time to get rid of that problem. Perhaps Mike can do that on Sunday, but it’ll be dark by the time Robert and Vivian get home from Montreal at 7:30 courtesy of someone else, and we’ll be elsewhere anyway! Then he played RISE OF NATIONS for a while, but I got up midway through. We discussed dual media players and Superstore’s good Splendido pasta / Barilla being on sale for about $1.25 or so today before HE went to sleep. (spaghetti / fusili / ditali / shapes, oh my!) He got a call at 9:15 from a telemarketer / unknown number, too.

Then I had to play the “got your nose!” game with him, and he figured that I’d been spending too much time with the kids! Nope, I actually have never done that with my nephews, although Ayler recognizes body parts now! With this in mind, I told Mike that he had to sing kid-friendly songs if Ayler asked him for “music” through sign language! I finally tried the LIMITED EDITION Twinings Australian afternoon tea (full flavor strength!) that Deanna (endlessblush) sent me almost a year ago on December 4! Daniel messaged me his and Michelle’s address, so I’ll definitely be sending an Xmas card out to Burnaby!

You Are Apple Mini Pie

You are a loyal and dedicated person. Once you find something or someone you like, you don’t change.
You have strong willpower, and you can’t be swayed easily. You hold your ground.

You have a good work ethic, and you are willing to give a problem your all in order to solve it.
You have a lot of gratitude in your life, and you are thankful just to have a roof over your head and a fresh pie to eat!

Barilla pasta!


Mike dropped by at 11:55 with the Imperial margarine, a Club Pack of perogies (including the evil potato / onion which promptly went into two small Ziploc bags!), and a huge can of tomato sauce. What are we going to do with the leftover amount?! He thought he’d implied that he was going to crash here, and apologized with a “sorry” just in case I’d been counting on it, because that was only just something tentative. Apparently, he couldn’t stay overnight because he had to drive to his mom’s; he had forgotten that he was supposed to drive her to the airport! Oh well, that’s fine! He knew that he was driving her there, but didn’t think it would be this soon.

The plan was for him to drive over to his mom’s and try to get some sleep since Vivian’s flight is at 6 AM! This means that she’ll have to be there at 4-5 AM… yikes! At least Mike can actually drive home afterwards and then sleep in his own bed! Before he left, he said that the 800g perogies might be cheaper at Costco, but it would be a different brand. I said I might not be home tomorrow for a while, and definitely won’t be home till 8:30 or 9 PM on Saturday! (I’ll stick it out to 6 PM for Awana, haha)


Mike (who also left the olive oil here along with the garlic press) called me at 7:20 from Superstore to see if I wanted a huge tub of Imperial margarine on sale for $4. He was too late to go to Big Crazy because they close at 7. Then he said that there was a jar of tomato sauce for $1.25 (better price value than a can of the same thing?), so I figured that I might as well get that over tomato paste if it saved us a step. Since he said he had to get going after we discussed weird sound effects and noises (plus the lake effect), he said that the two-kilogram Club Packs of perogies were about $4, but they had potato / onion in them. Meh, I guess he can eat those when he’s here. I’ll just put them in a Ziploc bag when I get them! Then he tried calling me at 8, but I was way too focused on the hockey game, so he resorted to FB messages to ask whether I’d be awake at 11:20 or 11:45 since he was going to get the car to drop off the groceries. (?) Sure, why not?

The Canucks played the Ducks tonight at 7, and #17 Ryan Kesler was back in town. The Ducks scored 37 seconds into the game, and we lost Dan Hamhuis about a minute later. Bo Horvat scored his FIRST NHL GOAL tonight for us, though! Karla messaged me with her new Florida address, so CARD TIME it was! The game went into overtime again, which meant that we sacrificed an important point. This was the last time that there was a dry scrape between the third period and overtime, too. Then the game went into a shootout; Lack stopped Kesler again! Unfortunately, the Ducks won 4-3. *sigh*

Harmony just sent me a Facebook message to wonder if I’d be up for helping with the nephews again on Saturday. I guess so, although of course I’ll have to let Martin know again, haha! It will probably be a good time to give them their Advent calendars / Turtles chocolates / maybe brandy beans and Annie’s Grahams, and definitely less hectic than the next day!

Jamie Falkins (an Oilers fan) is cheering for the Canucks! I knew that living in Port Coquitlam would rub off on him eventually!


Mike and I discussed Mandarin, actually cooking the pudding Kit-Kats (I luckily found Melissa’s instructions in my web history), the news, doing him a favor by putting on the Youtube video for Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS full album while he cleaned up the kitchen last night, ramen poutine, wintermelon with pork in a fish broth, ketchup in Chinese cooking, Weird Al parodies, Italy, JON STEWART, Tim Horton’s doughnuts, bringing in frozen food to heat it up, and GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Then we talked about the Kinks’ LOLA, Thai ladyboys, his own parody lyrics to THE WRECKERS, other Rush songs (MALIGNANT NARCISSISM / SUPERCONDUCTOR / THE ENEMY WITHIN / DISTANT EARLY WARNING), THE PRINCESS BRIDE (Inigo Montoya!), red lights on my computer, trusting him with passwords, refusal to do certain things, and opening my living room window when he went to sleep on the couch since it had apparently been excruciatingly hot.

In the morning, we conversed about not having Tea-Smoked Duck since Jeremy’s place isn’t that well-ventilated, Geddy Lee, coffee, snuggling, Rush parodies on AmIRight.com, weapons of mass destruction, his being a bloot, his pretending to be a Shibe, Kitsu, Unintentional Period Piece on TV Tropes, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE, not having enough milk for White Cheddar with Broccoli, Rush Limbaugh, $20 for JOY dumplings (and Marukan yellow vinegar?) at Big Crazy, being crazy, Schadenfreude in PHOENIX WRIGHT, cyberpunk, and putting SHADOWRUN for the SNES on my SNES9x emulator. Talked about prostitution, Bill C-36, money for REED, restrictions, fried dumplings, sesame oil, my crying ambiguity, whether I was okay, potstickers, sushi, Rush forums, message boards, foot fetishes, Wiki Feet, and a Disney movie called PETE’S DRAGON.

Discussed his coming back on Sunday afternoon at 3 or 4, (Parmesan / cheddar) cheese, Amazon, male-to-female connectors, headphones, Superstore, Price Smart, store flyers, sales, sriracha rooster sauce, margarine, PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON, boiling meat in a bag, meat being expensive, bacon, earwax, candy, more pudding Kit-Kats, Q-Tips, and earwax. Talked about George Washington on Youtube, doing the dishes before he left, my whisk, his buying crushed tomatoes or tomato paste since I “overpay,” Ningtu Restaurant, Lynn, helping himself to stuff, his taking a shower, a Free Geek computer swap meet which he missed (but there’s going to be one next month), walking to Oak from Lynn’s for hours of exercise, refinement, the red lights on my computer tower, my computer clock consistently losing time, Clorets, mints, more pasta, and perogies. I don’t mind if he keeps the garlic, garlic press, Ziploc bag, and the remainder of the chili peppers here if we can make use of the garlic next week!

Mike says that putting the garlic in a sealed bag is a mistake; he did that once, and it died! He wondered whether I’d answer the phone if he called; sure, unless I’m not home or something! Before he left at 5:30, I told him that I expected him to be understanding if certain things didn’t work at times! Then I tried the Fanny Bay oysters, which actually tasted DECENT unlike the previous two times where I had to RETURN them, so YAY! Mike then knocked at the door when it was 5:45 since he’d forgotten a bag. I got a bonus goodbye kiss and the bag of oregano (NOT marijuana!) out of the deal, so it was fine.

Flint in the Tazmily jail… Inside the apple, there was a Hand File!

A cover from Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS tour:

A measuring cup which can measure half a human brain!


Dylan: “God’s word wasn’t meant to be enjoyed…” Everyone else: “… wow, that’s a new and strange teaching! HAHAHAHA!”

Mike and I discussed the eBay shipping calculator, the Vancouver-Edmonton hockey game, the Craigslist market value rate, rent, Amacon, moving, location, date codes on computer chips, weeks in 2003, Eric giving me a ride tonight after picking stuff up from Subway, a “short” small group tonight (no dinner!), and TWO AND A HALF MEN before Eric picked me up. Eric and I just listened to a few minutes of the hockey game on the way over, but we did say that we’d both called Deb to let her know we’d be running late; however, we didn’t get an answer! I told him that Mike had put on TWO AND A HALF MEN, and Eric wondered if he watched THE BIG BANG THEORY (rarely) or TWO BROKE GIRLS (no) – he pronounced the latter as “good,” haha! He said he’d pay my $5 since I forgot to bring it; yay! I’ll pay him back on Sunday, but I’m not going to church AND a pizza party / meeting AND Jeremy’s! Way too much people time, man!

Pastor Dan, Sharon, Dylan, Deb, Jason, Vicky, Eric, and I discussed Romans / the kids being at Deb’s parents for the evening since she needed a break (it was a VERY quiet time!) / some Gym Night next Saturday / volleyballs / basketballs / Zipporah and Moses’ foreskin / circumcision / the Jewish tradition / laws / parental rules / M&Ms / Mars Bars / brownies / cookies / coffee / apple juice / Sharon’s cozy sock-slippers / my warm toque / signing a family’s Christmas card / an old roommate who thought Dylan was condescending / faith. At home, Mike and I discussed the rigatoni / jarring his good pasta sauce / Daiso / wire colanders / ANGER MANAGEMENT / clipping toenails / oven-roasting the chili peppers / love / jail / assault / Mandarin / HORRIBLE BOSSES / Wendy’s / his grandpa / Pascal Dupuis and blood clots / Portobello Mushroom Melt burgers. I found out that the Canucks won 5-4 against the Oilers, so YAY for that!

Lighter to Bronson: “I’m always in good enough shape. Don’t treat me like some injured clod!”


Mike and I discussed oregano, being cold, Youtube videos, Wednesday being Hump Day (and his earlier comment about how the visitor parking must be full because it had been a Wednesday), Google Auto-Complete, chopping garlic, minced garlic, watching THE STRAIN later, real-life SOUTH PARK characters, Bert and Ernie, the HOT KID Chinese crackers, Canucks fan meetup pics, the cheese ramen (cheesy and spicy!), and Stephen Colbert. I didn’t mind buying the garlic and can of tomato sauce in the afternoon while banking and such if Mike wanted to use up the chili peppers for dinner tonight, especially since he’s not sure about the rest of the week. Of course, I had to be responsible and pay my Shaw bill first! Then I was surprised when he opted to have macaroni and cheese for lunch, but pasta is cheap!

I left at 2:15, did my banking, then went to Price Smart for large on-sale store brand blue rubber gloves (which Mike later told me to return since he had lots at home – and would bring some next time) / oysters (which I can easily return on Friday if they taste off), enoki mushrooms / garlic (which took me a while to find) / a can of store brand tomato sauce. When I got back at 3:30, Mike was busy watching the last episode of THE STRAIN on my computer, which is fine. I told him that I’d be leaving halfway through the hockey game, but would be back later – we can always eat when I get back! We talked about signing Christmas cards for Eric / Dan and Sharon / Jason and Vicky / Dylan, Deb, Declan, and Elysse; annoying family cancellations causing a job to be never heard from again; Craigslist scammy wanted ads; Playstation; warehouses; sports; and reminders. Now he feels guilty and stupid since he saw the receipt and learned that I paid $1.66 for the can of tomato sauce, because the same thing is about a dollar at Superstore. I am NOT returning that, so we might as well use it. No, I don’t have tomato paste which he can just add some water to! Ryan Blacklaws – an Oilers fan – added me to Facebook, too… sure, I guess?

After a soak in the hot springs, now Flint and Fuel are only HALF pitch-black and covered in soot.


Mike came over at 6:45 with the garlic, olive oil, and chili peppers to make the tomato sauce into pasta sauce! We discussed ramen, TWO AND A HALF MEN, MODERN FAMILY, boobs, Alex, Tic-Tacs, Chinese Eric, visiting people in hospital, AVENUE Q being in town again, reluctance, his pretending to be Kabosu, the cold weather in New York / Pittsburgh / Alaska, some of the garlic and chili peppers going bad, pasta shells (Conchiglie Rigate), pots, honey, old sayings, and cutting the chili peppers finely. Also talked about the soap cooking, rubber gloves, refilling the sugar, the salt running low (but there’s salt here!), penne going better with cheese sauce, COMMUNITY, Oregon, MuchMusic, OMNI, the snow in Buffalo, and a creative cake which looked like a bowl of ramen. Conversed about THE SIMPSONS, Worcestershire sauce, my buying some garlic heads and a can of tomato sauce so we can use up the chili peppers for a future dinner, 24/7 already being taken as a business corporation name, taking Advil for his sudden massive headache, and his dad wanting him to work sometime this week.

Mike and I discussed SOUTH PARK’S BIGGER LONGER AND UNCUT, FAMILY GUY, cocoa, Coke, my Facebook postings, filters, telling people what we’re eating “all the time,” Hawaii (and all 50 states!) below freezing, CONAN O’BRIEN, tattoos, craving Darigold Old-Fashioned Chocolate Milk, and ANGER MANAGEMENT. Talked about Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Michael J. Fox, family ties, the Bacardi orange rum, the jalapeno vodka, the Blu-Ray (XL), Portland, Krista, Ryan, my disappointment, Google Auto-Complete, and movies before sleeping at 11-ish. Of course, we were woken up at 8 AM by Hester and Ni and the yearly suite inspection. After that, we discussed weird dreams (San Diego cousins / FINAL FANTASY VI Serpent Trench music) before sleeping again.

We finally got up at about 11 within a few minutes of each other. Mike seemed to think that my “Nostalgia is the realization that things weren’t as unbearable as they seemed at the time.” FB status was hilariously laugh-out-loud funny, which is good! We also talked about coffee, the old Garfield cup, toenails, splitting things open, “grow-op inspection” warning, a “support matrix” in chemical engineering, liquid sugar, science, Thunderf00t, F.lux, his old friend, water, personal stuff, amusement park rides, impossible alimony amounts, money, and having things to do today.

Flint and Fuel are both pitch-black and covered in soot.


The usual suspect sent me a few Facebook messages at 1:30 this afternoon to say that he’d had to take the bus this morning since his car door locks were frozen and he could only get the key 1/3 of the way in. “Sounds familiar?” he added. WHAT THE?! Hopefully, he can get it sorted out this afternoon when he gets back since his phone charger and other things are in the car! Then he asked whether I kept Saran wrap at home; since I bought it from London Drugs for him to use, the answer is YES. He asked whether he should bring over garlic, olive oil, and chili peppers to use in making pasta sauce with my can of tomato sauce. Maybe if he does it tonight or Thursday… whether he’ll actually do it is something else entirely! Talked about his knocking down the Air Wick air freshener, and philosophical questions. We discussed the one whether you’d blow the entire world up with a push of a button, or the one where you’d make yourself rich at everyone else’s expense, and the one where you’d just lie down while everyone else works.

Eric Ho sent me an email to say that his grandma got quite ill on Sunday, so the senior home called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. (he’ll keep me posted!) Since the critical stage hasn’t passed yet, he’ll have to pass on the birthday dinner on the 23rd. Hey, I totally understand! It’s a very lucky thing that Mike had saved up the $1600 for a year’s worth of car insurance the other day, then! Good thing that I can still change the RSVP on the Evite (with a reason) since the deadline is Thursday! I hope his grandma recovers soon; that’s no fun! At 4:40, Mike sent me a message to say he’d be home by 6, then grab the ingredients and head over. All right then, I guess we’re finally doing that!


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