Went out in the rain to successfully return the GOODY toothbrush covers, which went well, without any “ripping open the packages” BS this time! I went home immediately afterwards to start more editing for Holly, and was out and back within half an hour!

You Are a Child of the 1990s

As a child of the 90s, you have always felt a bit sandwiched between two worlds. Not quite Gen X or Gen Y.
You dig digital things and technology, but you aren’t native to them. And you still remember when Tamagotchi were cool.

Your parents probably made you the centre of their world, and you both benefited and suffered from that scrutiny.
There was more pressure on you than any generation before you, but you still found time to sing along with the Spice Girls.


Deb couldn’t help me with my food once I got to her place because she literally had her hands full with baby Elysse, which I totally understand. Yup, I could get the dishes myself! Once I finished eating dinner, I talked to her and Dylan about Michael’s total non-interest in small group (I’d rather that he practice honest communication – I’m sure they agree), egg drop soup with pepper, apple juice, Steph and Lisa meeting on Craigslist (Dylan thought they’d met at work!), mocha almond fudge ice cream, being Jewish, Easter stuff, conversion, what Dylan appreciated about his university Bible Study when he wasn’t a Christian, Mike talking a lot, and the kids’ sleeping. Declan was watching Hot Wheels videos on Youtube using the iPad, which is fine. When Eric got there, I immediately asked him who lived in New Westminster because I’d seen it on the event invitation. He said that it was Geoffrey’s apartment building, and wondered if I or Michael would be coming out. Not likely, as we’d both have to transit out there!

Vicky, Jason, Deb, Dylan, Dan, Sharon, Eric, and I talked about Matthew, church future (no divided church again?!), life updates, the Easter luncheon at church, MINECRAFT, work, being tired, Manhattan, moving, faith, LORD OF THE RINGS / Tolkien, conspiracies, the post-Easter dinner, COSTCO theme (not the joke “finish off what’s in our fridge and freezer” theme!), kale salad, cream puffs, worries, cash, and chicken. Eric and I also talked about homo milk, lactose intolerance, farts, and protecting his car. At home, I discovered that Chinese Eric had tried calling me again while I was out. Later, I talked to the usual suspect about scanning photos (his parents each have one – home and office) and dinners, so at least that was fine!


Barry called this morning to set up a food shopping appointment on Friday at 11. Seems that Sophie (fallenback) has deleted me from Facebook – hmm! After being responsible and paying my Shaw and hydro bills before doing some banking, I went to London Drugs to return the GUM toothbrush covers before buying the GOODY toothbrush covers plus some tape. Then I went to Richmond Centre to get some dinner food from Kung Pao Wok… noodles, sesame chicken, BBQ pork, and mixed veggies sounded fine to me! Got home and found that Janina had mailed me a trivia hockey card, a note on Tower Records stationery, and a Tower Records postcard with Easter stickers on it. SWEET! The GOODY toothbrush covers didn’t work when I got them home, so I threw away the parental toothbrush holder, and put the gross-looking receipt (when did I have spicy chicken wings here?) in a Ziploc bag. I’ll return the toothbrush covers at a different LD location!

You Are an Apricot Lassi

You are a very unique and quirky person. You are extremely happy and downright spunky at times.
You enjoy being different, and you have turned life into an adventure. You’re creative enough to make each day special.

You live life to the fullest, and you find sweet, juicy parts where no one else sees them. There is so much bliss around you.
You are a naturally friendly person, but you are also outspoken. As an independent thinker, you don’t hold back for anyone.

From Karla: “I take for granite people’s poor grammar. More pacifically, how there always thinking “for all intensive purposes” is supposably correct.”


After I went to Boston Pizza for some New York steak / veggies / mashed potatoes, I went to London Drugs to get GUM toothbrush covers / two GUM medium toothbrushes / Orangina. When I got home, I discovered that Hester had called me not five minutes beforehand. Her husband Ni answered the phone, and wanted me to go up to their suite right away; sure, as long as I got my laundry tokens and mousetraps! Hester dropped off two mousetraps a bit later, as they were in her office. Then I discovered that the GUM toothbrush covers were VERY ANNOYING AND TINY for my hands, so I’ll return those at some point (for credit?) tomorrow in favor of the bigger $5 Goody toothbrush covers instead! I also told the usual suspect that we were going to L.A. Grill sometime whether he liked it or not, haha. Gotta have some mild revenge for his including me in that wedding RSVP without consulting me first!


Steph emailed in the morning to see whether I’d be home this afternoon, as Mom apparently had more random crap she wants me to have. When Steph got here from the townhouse, she said that it was nice to see me twice in one long weekend. I told her that since it was Tuesday, it wasn’t technically the long weekend anymore, so at least she corrected herself to “twice in one week”! I got a binder full of past birthday cards (keeping for future journal entries!), my blue School Day Treasures childhood milestones photo album (memories!), blankets, pillows, cushions (including one designed by Gordon in Hong Kong – I’ll keep it for now), four pairs of grey socks which I’ll keep for now, a light blue and white sweater with subtle flowers, a billion washcloths / handtowels / towels, a toothbrush holder which might come in handy around here now (I can get GUM or GOODY toothbrush covers at London Drugs later), and dishes which I have no room for.

Since POOP happened in the bathroom just now while the toothbrushes had no covers on them, I’ll have to buy another purple medium toothbrush and a green hard toothbrush from London Drugs later, anyway. *sigh* Also received three pairs of (waterproof) shoes which are way too big for me (throwing those out), a pair of sandals (good – my hotel slippers are almost worn through), an old SOAP ISLAND cup which I remember from childhood, verbena body lotion which is ALMOST ALL USED UP, more cold cream (it looks old – THROW OUT!), Johnson’s lavender baby oil gel, and LIFE peppermint mouthwash. I threw away the stuff which I’d have no room for, also. Hester returned a call to say that she could give me laundry tokens and mousetraps at around 6, so I guess that’s fine.


You Are a Maxi Skirt

You are easygoing and a total free spirit. You don’t fit into many molds, and that’s fine with you.
You usually end up following your heart, and that leads you to some pretty unconventional choices. You are doing your own thing in life.

You are a dreamer, and people dig the way you look at the world. You always have a unique perspective to share.
Someone has to ask why, and you sometimes feel like you are the only one doing it. You always question the status quo.

A split ends chart!

Dragon 1 from Candy:

Dragon 2 from Candy:


Talked to Kenny about Hien, Auntie Ping, baptism, conversion, and religion today. Ugh, I don’t envy him!

A LiveJournal banner picture for the LJ Facebook group:

You get the Staff of Change from the Boss Troll (fake Samanao king), and you can use it at the Elven Village near Noaniels. The shopkeeper won’t sell to you if you’re in human form, but she will if you’re a dwarf. (or all wearing Animal Suits won from Vampire Cats / Catulas) If you’re in Slime / Skeleton / Demon form, the game will freeze after giving you a blank text box!

Ooh, obtaining 420 gold pieces from two Lethal Armors and five Curers on 4/20…

What do you mean, Voodoo Shaman-A calls for reinforcements and gets ANOTHER Hork?!

See? There’s no other Hork around in this battle!


I had a dream where Janina was an actress, and was seen crying as she quickly left a townhouse complex of white houses. It seems she had just heard about her daughter Marilynn’s death! Then I was on a cruise ship with a bunch of people. I saw Uncle Ted, Auntie Grace, and Auntie Catherine in the line at the convenience store. They reminded me that we had a Washington steak dinner in a few hours, so I shouldn’t fill up on other food. Auntie Catherine even asked about “the nice young man” she’d seen with me, but Mike was elsewhere!

Later, I was watching TV and seeing what food I could take; it was behind swinging doors and on shelves, much like a grocery store. My parents had a LOT of orange-flavored liqueur in mini-bottles, and Uncle Eric had a LOT of cabbage! I asked him about that, and he said that he wanted to remain healthy. When Mom and Dad came into the huge room, they didn’t comment on how I was nervously watching TV, but left soon afterwards. Then I met up with my actual friends to explore the ship, which is when the dream ended. Triggers: yesterday’s salad, discussing Erin and the twins on Friday, being around Mike a lot the last few days (and crying around him on Saturday), talking about Washington and alcohol yesterday, Mikki’s steak picture last night, and thinking about calling Auntie Catherine recently.

You Are Grad School

You are brilliant, studious, and even a little bit eccentric. You’re willing to live life on your own terms.
You believe in education, and you want as much of it as you can get. No one can take your education away from you.

You are a geek at heart, and you love learning. You’d like to get paid to study and teach, even if those jobs are hard to come by.
And even if you can’t work in academia, you’ll always be an academic at heart. You love the idea of required reading.


After talking about things like the HTML5 video player / undershirts / new things / glue mousetraps / cleaning up his place a little last night / communication / honesty / openness / hurt / Kleenex / calling him “baby” / taking charge / his admiration of my free spirit / feeding him a Vitamin C tablet / lime / being bothered by some stuff / choice(s) / whether melatonin would totally knock me out past 10 AM with the usual suspect, I finally decided to get some sleep at 4:15 AM. The next thing I knew, Mike was trying to wake me up at about 8:50, saying that I’d gotten (only a bit!) more sleep than he had, since he’d slept at 5:30 or so. Since he reminded me about my wig (which is good because I might have forgotten otherwise), I reminded him in turn that he should do the dishes! To his credit, he did them quickly while I got ready and gave him his chocolate eggs from the fridge. I thanked him for that, and for fixing the Youtube problem. He acknowledged that, then said that he could take his own “buttery on the inside” Ziploc bag home; okay, sure.

He forgot his umbrella on the way out, and then called fifteen minutes later to say that he’d left his tote bag here. I didn’t pick up (as per usual), so I called him back in two minutes instead. He’d thought I hadn’t answered the phone since I was in the shower. Nope, I like my showers to be non-rushed if possible! It wasn’t a problem for me to take it on my own way out! I was SO early to the Canada Line station that I bought a shredded pork bun for each of us (I was getting hungry) at the Kam Do Bakery, but that definitely didn’t kill enough time. Good thing that I had a book to read while waiting near the ticket machines through four trains coming in and out! When we were actually on the train, I insisted that Mike eat his while it was still fresh, since that’s what I would do! He thought I hadn’t eaten one, so offered it to me – nope, I’d already had mine, and was trying to do something nice for him! Later, he said that he really had needed that bun; I knew the food wouldn’t be served straight away upon our getting to the house!

We talked about No Frills having Unico crushed tomatoes for 97 cents, the SOUTH PARK movie, the 150.6 gas price today, Catholics, Steve, Hitler’s birthday today, PULP FICTION, the Pope as portrayed on SOUTH PARK, Pope Benedict, non-Italians, Catholics, his shoe soles being really worn, hiking in Bellingham, buying new shoes there, the CLEVELAND SHOW, that bitter ARROGANT BASTARD ale, the jalapeno STOLI vodka being sold here, and trying my raspberry vodka next time. Also discussed his only half-shaving after his shower (oops!), shaving “down there,” Brazilian waxes, BOB’S BURGERS / Linda / corrupt health inspectors / rat feces, almost forgetting Uncle Lawrie’s China tickets at his place (double oops!), not really talking to Claire and Marek for different reasons, the Mongolie Grill, Timmy / Jimmy / gay porn in SOUTH PARK, phone data, and email proof that Vivian had indeed invited me to this lunch. I like how she said “only reply with regrets,” and someone had replied with “Yes!!!! I would love to come!!!!!” hahaha. Apparently, Vivian doesn’t like the idea of poutine at all! She hugged me hello, which I think is a good sign. Mike was trying to do things with a crumpled receipt and Corsair rebate (which he had to photocopy) at NCIX for computer stuff, and the company ALMOST got him with the “attach receipt to rebate” rule! Thank goodness there was tape and an envelope around! It was good to see Great-Aunt Zoe and Uncle Lawrie again, though! Of course I thanked Vivian for inviting me, although I conveniently neglected to mention how I’d learned about the luncheon at the last minute!

When Claire entered the house (separately from Marek), I was polite and said Happy Easter. She loved my yellow and light blue sweater, and I liked her purple dress! Later, she came up behind my chair to invite me to mill around and talk / dance after the wedding reception (blaming the numbers on the caterer – yes, Mike had told me about his perspective!), so I said I’d let her or Mike know my decision in the future. Nope, he can’t get out of attending the wedding, as Vivian said that he should see if a certain suit still fit him since he was doing something important on that day! Afterwards, he showed me that the last text she sent him was from LAST YEAR, and (later) I told him that he’d survive because I’d had in Vegas. No, I hadn’t wanted to go to that one on some level, either… must have been the escalators, too much family time, and not enough alone time! Later, I asked if he thought I should go, and he said I could if I wanted to. Yes, he’d definitely heard the invitation since he was sitting right by me! I’ll figure transit out in late May, since I certainly don’t expect him to drop whatever he’s doing to come back and pick me up! It’s not urgent, in any event.

Jeremy wondered whether we’d seen the Fan Expo this weekend, but we had not. Later, he said that he’d gotten Sarah into hockey, which is cool. We talked about the unsteady chair (Mike said he’d lost a raid for his RPG once by falling from it!), Claire taking pictures, US stamps, postage, Anthony Bourdain, their family friends, graduations, Bellevue, Christine being somewhere in the universe, that Canucks parody of TRUE DETECTIVE, next week, busy weekends, Kitsu, Abu Dhabi, the Passover brisket, red wine, fish, bachelor parties here AND in Vegas, Robert being neat and tidy, a “side business,” Chinese bus tours, pasta, Chinese / Japanese breakfasts and meals, expensive local housing, six-hour border waits, and congee. Also discussed leftover ham / (buttered) toast / honey mustard / coffee / water / nugget potatoes / white wine / salad / ginger scones / jellybeans / Purdy’s chocolate / chocolate Easter bunnies, pacing yourself while eating, the Boston Pizza “pizza cake,” Jill, Vivian’s book club, Slickety Jim’s, Mike’s homemade salmon sushi, Vivian going to Tojo’s with Richard and a cardiologist he’d wanted to impress (so he bought a $1000 vodka!), business, projects, exams, this summer’s lake vacation, gardens, dresses, the DOGE meme, ANGRY KABOSU, and Whistler. Later in the kitchen, I asked Mike whether he knew what I was telling him by saying he could keep the spare keys for now. “I can come over anytime?” More like “I don’t necessarily need to bother with phone calls when you visit,” but that also works!

Sure, I’d appreciate a heads-up either way… but as long as he doesn’t come over on Wednesday since I have small group, even after I get home! He does know that he needs to think about what to put in that card, but there was no time for that this morning! That’s why I need him to come over at some point later in the week. We also talked about butter chicken poutine, FAMILY GUY apps not being what they’re cracked up to be, the DOLPHIN browser on his phone, “flashing the firmware,” his only chewing gum when I tell him to, and my still wanting to take him out for a meal in the future. Thank goodness he hasn’t bugged me about that! I told him that I was glad the “100 Days” lunch for Hiero next week is separate from anything for Mother’s Day / Mom’s birthday (we can figure out transit later), since I was definitely not doing that. He brought up Father’s Day, so I said I’d think about that one later! Then I asked about his friend Tony’s wedding on June 21; he seems to think we can fit in an early trip to Bellingham BEFOREHAND since the wedding will be in Langley and SO CLOSE to Aldergrove and the border! I don’t know about that, man… but at least it seems like he’ll finally have his car back! The July family function will likely include Lisa’s and Dad’s birthdays, and I’ll likely have to remind Mom about Mike’s birthday on the 7th of that month, too!

Uncle Lawrie could drop me off at a Canada Line station (which turned out to be the Oakridge one), and I didn’t mind if he helped Great-Aunt Zoe do some shopping (for hard avocados?) at Stong’s Market beforehand. Mike and I just stayed in the car to discuss some stuff (mostly described above) and to take a very brief nap. Too bad that he couldn’t sleep in his own car, since it’s only five feet long. That means I’d JUST be able to fit in it, hahaha! Luckily, the Richmond-Brighouse train was only a minute away, and I could hear it coming into the station! I didn’t have to wait too long for the 407, either! Getting home at 2:45 or so was certainly better than I expected!


Mike came home at 9, and said that EARTHBOUND’S “Otherworldly Foe Battle Music” had been playing when Robert had helped him bring in the TV last December. Robert apparently said it was good music, haha. Of course I knew Mike couldn’t do it by himself, but I had to be surprised anyway! We discussed moldy carrots, rice, turkey, the Top 75 Hardest NES Games, taking care of shampoo myself, the MAELSTROM game for Linux, ZELDA’s source code, LIFEFORCE, SUPER MARIO LOST LEVELS, hiking in Bellingham, his needing new sneakers, Vanessa, need for a bigger bed, ALMOST LIVE, Bill Nye, and the Mexican sparkling wine. At least he managed to fix the Youtube “no sound” issue by installing some other plugin!

Also talked about sleepiness, the beginning of our relationship, Jason Priestley’s movie COLD-BLOODED, issues, caring for each other, the bed / blanket / pillows, tattoos, Biggus Dickus, CIVILIZATION, LIFE OF BRIAN, white Eric’s dietary restrictions, whether he or Chinese Eric had girlfriends yet, virginity, experience, sensitivity, crying, New Westminster and that SON OF MAN movie, melatonin, first kisses, Laci Green, doctors, and sex therapists. I was actually surprised when he asked whether I’d be okay getting back by myself from his mom’s on Sunday; WHAT THE. Apparently, he THOUGHT he’d invited me to Easter lunch, but a quick check of my text logs revealed what I knew to be the truth.


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