Mike finally got back to me about stuff tonight around 7 PM, and I’d already told myself that I wouldn’t give him a hard time about typing more to Krista than he did to me over the past couple of days. Apparently, there are a LOT of fruit flies around his place – he’s choking on them?! I had to dig a little bit into my Reddit history to find a recent thread on r/vancouver about them: “Put cider vinegar in a small dish, and cover it in Saran wrap with small hole in the center. Flies go in and never come out!” He was just going to use things he already has in his kitchen, and wasn’t going to go buy apple cider vinegar because he hates the stuff, but now sees that he has to. Well, good luck with that! I also had a rum and Coke just now!

Quan tagged me in a picture from Christon and Jeremy’s birthday dinner at Jeremy’s earlier this month: Vivian, Sheena, Steve, Jen, Eric Ho (in back), Randal, Stanley, Christon, Acer, me (in middle), Mike (standing), Gino, Quan, and Jeremy.


Julie (julie709) sent me a blank card with cherries on the front, and included two Philadelphia Flyers stickers inside! (because I’d sent her some Vancouver Canucks stickers in the past) YAY! But then Kaitlin (_rck / triptastic / samoth / norsk / lordworm / deathwhispered / oligarchist / opaeth / nun / deformed_foetus) unfriended me on Facebook for some reason – BOO!


Some idiot girl (connected to Caroline) named Phoebe M. Gunderson thought that I was being racist since I said that “Shawnaw” (Caroline’s sister?) was a ghetto or black name, and then accidentally friend-requested me before blocking me! HAHAHAHA! IT IS SUCH A NAME, AND I WOULD HAVE DENIED THAT REQUEST ANYWAY!

Deanna says that my an early Christmas card / an early birthday card / five Vancouver postcards got there today; I knew that beating the holiday rush would be good for mailing things to Victoria, Australia! Vancouver played Carolina at 7 tonight. It was Carolina’s first game in Vancouver since October 15, 1999. Carolina had no wins going into this game, and it was a chance for Ryan Miller to get his 300th win. The Canucks won 4-1, partly thanks to Brad Richardson’s TWO goals! (one on the first shot of the game at 1:32, and one with 17 seconds left!)

Shawnaw IS a ghetto / black version of Shawna, and that’s not racist to say! Some people are just way too sensitive and politically correct! It’s about making fun of the NAME, not the person behind it!

Weird names (except Petra) from Julie S. and the MAURY POVICH SHOW / STEVE WILKOS SHOW:

Sands… why not Sandy or Sandra?!

Shonda?! I wouldn’t be surprised if some black people “extend” it to LaShonda or Mashonda. What’s next, Taquiera?! However, I did know a white girl named Shanda Bowie in elementary school…

Delphia?! They could have gone all the way and named her Philadelphia! Oh wait, that’s only for boys… or IS IT? :P

DORKISH?! Julie: ” Apparently the pronunciation for his name is Door-Quiche. But really, how many people would actually say it like that??”

Maine?! Wait… that’s his NAME?! This is the problem with more obscure place names – you end up thinking that the name is the place where things happen! “I don’t see anything wrong with it – this takes place in Maine, right? … wait a minute…. “

TEE TEE?! I’ve heard of that as a ghetto NICKNAME, but not an actual name!

I had to tell Julie that Petra is an actual name, more popular in Eastern Europe! She did say that this woman was Slovak…

Then I had to tell Julie that I’d known someone named Taran Billan in elementary school, but I don’t know if it’s a legitimate black name!

Slymm?! WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF NAME IS THAT?! “Oh, let’s put a Y instead of an I, and an extra double consonant at the end to be totally UNEEK!” Julie: “I wonder if anyone ever called him Slime instead of Slim.”

Natossia?! That is so not a legitimate spelling of Natasha or Natassja!

Liz and Sawsha?! Reminds me that my sister once came across someone named Sashakay Shaker during the course of her work as a police officer, but…

My brother used to know brothers (I think) named Diamond and Majestic Tang, but they were CHINESE and not black!

Iezesha?! Is that supposed to be Iesha? Wow, that’s even more ghetto than the original name!


You Are a Pumpkin

You are extremely cute, and you are as sweet as you seem. You enjoy entertaining yourself on Halloween.
You like to get creative this time of year, and you really get into the spirit of making things look spooky.

You are a little offbeat, and you’re fine with that. You like being unique, and you embrace your quirks.
You are comfortable being yourself, and it shows. Other people feel at ease simply being around you.


At 6:50 PM yesterday, Mike asked whether I was okay… I guess at least he was concerned. I suppose so? Then at 8:30 PM, I discovered the very start of redrum… my predictions were correct! Today, Mom sent us a Darwin / Port Douglas / Sydney email misspelling “weather” as “wheater” – she was apparently able to pet a six-month-old jumping crocodile in Darwin! “I am sure when he looks at me he is thinking about his lost meal of human flesh!”, “GINGERS are are selling at $28.00 per kg,” “I have lost 10 lbs but to my horror I can see my face getting rounder by the day,” and “one of my high school mate will be our guide for three days and she was married to Alan’s high school friend.” At least it’s not as bad as “YELLOW POWER”! Jon says that I can get there in the morning on Saturday if I want to play with Ayler, and they can provide lunch before the kids nap and Awana. Good planning!


That asshole Paul Iverson wanted to be my Facebook friend again; DENIED! I’m feeling more like myself today, which means that yesterday with Mike’s “urgent wig” Facebook messages was only partly due to hormones. Randal also added me to his Google+ circles; sigh. At least it’s been a time where I can take in the joys of a peaceful Monday!

You Have A Type B+ Personality

You’re a pro at going with the flow.
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer.
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While you’re totally laid-back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won’t stop until it’s done.
You’re passionate – just selective about your passions!


Thank goodness I got out of that dinner tonight since Mike told Robert that I wouldn’t be able to make it! Formal things are NOT what I’d want to attend, and Mike KNOWS it full well! I don’t care what he thinks about any wigs or such things, since HE was the inconsiderate one with no empathy! Actually, I’m not sure I want to talk to him right now since he thinks that locations are NOT important (“you’ve been there before”), so YAY! The Canucks-Capitals match started half an hour earlier than I thought it would, and I agreed with Troy that 6:30 is a weird start time for a home game. At least Vancouver won 4-2, with Vrbata getting a rare power play empty-net goal in his 800th game with 1:01 left on the clock! Now I’m not quite as sad as I was earlier, but we’ll see how that goes. I still don’t want my alone time to be interrupted this week, of course!


Chinese Eric emailed me back to say that he was all ready for the PARTY at Jon’s birthday dinner, but had never actually been to Steph and Lisa’s place before, so I’d have to serve as the human GPS. I had to tell him that my sense of direction is super bad, and that I always forget their address! Luckily, I did manage to find it! He also said that the Canucks had fallen back to earth after the HOT start, and joked that maybe we should just play Alberta teams, haha!

That was much better than talking to Mike later on about wig shopping and the time crunch through Facebook messages, of course! He seems to think that I actually said I’d go to some dinner tonight, which is NOT true! Then he had to run because some female client needed a laptop today. Just decline the dinner – SIMPLE! I don’t know what’s wrong with him! So he can RUN for someone else, but not for me. Hmph! Can’t these people ever go somewhere CASUAL?! It could be my hormones, but THAT IS NOT MY FAULT! Never mind that it’s Big G’s two-year death anniversary!


I put the leftover too-sweet cherry Nibs into a Ziploc bag so I could give them to the Timothy teens after Awana; I ended up giving them to Hannah over a kid’s head, haha. Martin and Natalie were running late, but picked me up shortly after 3, discussing Hannah’s “train stuck” text message (and Martin’s “you’re too heavy” response) / steak for Thanksgiving (Natalie) / two hot pot meals AND turkey for Thanksgiving (Martin) / Natalie driving with an L / joking around / picking up Thomas on the way. When I got to church, I settled into the usual chaos before telling Auntie Vivian about my sister’s old uniform and my old golf shirt. Sabrina, Gabriel, and I also had a kid tell us that he knew why his pants were too tight; we didn’t need to know even this bit of information! I also let Martin know that I wouldn’t need a ride next week; since he was staying around, I was going to make noodles, but the kitchen was occupied afterwards! Auntie Bessy bugged Martin about lying in church about having a stomachache when the kids and God were around, then said that she had to go to Surrey for Cindy Fang’s wedding banquet tonight. When she said that she’d pick up Andrea, I told her to say hi for me. Andrea’s only in town for the wedding with little Christopher!

Talked to Alan about Hong Kong and my parents (no dim sum), to Uncle Johnny about my parents’ whereabouts, to Auntie Vivian about bread, to Frances / various kids / Auntie Catherine about Awana money and uniforms, to Andrew about Brennan and getting old, and to Gabriel about awards. Later, I went to London Drugs to get red corn chips for Declan / invisible tape x5 (since THEY actually have it on the shelf!) / scissors for the container area before going to have a large #15 at the 24-hour Pho Xue Lua in the torrential rain. I got home at 8:30 on the 407, and threw away the Scotch brand tape along with my sister’s old uniform and a bunch of other junk. Just after I tried turning the heat up, Mike asked if I had any flypaper since he was attempting to kill a bunch of fruit flies. Yeah… I think it’s a good thing I had dinner BEFORE coming home to that! No, I do not have any of that stuff – I’ve never found it necessary.


Got up today at 11:30, and called Martin to remind him to pick me up later! The usual suspect wanted me to call him when I was awake (preferably before 10:30 so we could have time to do wig shopping), but that obviously isn’t happening!

You Should Stay Home

You don’t like to get too spooky during this scary night. You’re more of the festive type.
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