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FUCKING HELL! I woke up at 7 AM to a bloody mattress and a bloody white comforter! I took Advil and dealt with the mattress by flipping it over, and managed to cram the comforter into a washing machine upstairs since I didn’t have enough quarters to justify anything else. Of course, washing it didn’t work, so now I’m out yet another covering! Now it’s time to use the dumpling sauce which Mike made on Thursday!

You Should Go To a Halloween Parade

You are a creative and expressive person. You probably go out for every holiday, but Halloween is special for you.
You love to get all dressed up in something crazy. And you enjoy seeing what the people around you come up with.

You tend to be quite emotional, and you love to laugh, feel scared, and even feel amazed. You enjoy being overwhelmed.
You are a bit of a night owl, and wish more events were held in the wee hours of the night. The craziest things happen when the rest of the world is sleeping.


Weird kiddy names so far: Osten, Ranen, Wyetta, Waylin (boy), and Zaidee.

Mike got up on his own at 1:25. We discussed his taking a shower, his doing the dishes, coffee, costume planning (not tomorrow even if I did get out of the child care session), SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with Luke Perry, the Pirate Bay, SIMPSONS episodes, ISIS, a guy who wants to become a maxipad, Chrome, things hogging the computer memory, and computer reformats before he left at 2:30. Why did he ask what time I was going to be back? I almost never do that unless it’s relevant! Martin called twenty minutes later, so we were on our way soon with Natalie afterwards! We discussed her third week of university (papers and readings and exams and homework!), Martin forgetting something at his nearby apartment, his coming from Mission or Maple Ridge, Martin’s whistle, Martin possibly sticking around afterwards, snowboarding, cute guys at tutorials, and dorms before getting to church. I got Sabrina to help with my secretary pin, then settled in with her / Gabriel / Auntie Vivian for the first day (registration) chaos!

Saw Pastor Edward, Auntie May, Katherine F., Chung, Karen, Mattias, Marcus, Lawrence, Andrew T., Julie C., Jinny, Margaret K., Reigan, Henry, Sarah C., Jessica Leung, Frances, Micah, Isaac, Gabriel M., Ian, Connie, Alex, Christian, Jessie, Ramen, Shira, Jonathan, Ashley, and a bunch of other kids and leaders. I thought I recognized my second cousin Wilson, and I was right; he recognized me as well, and said that his son is named Brennan. Chris came over to thank me personally for deciding to do Awana this year; I’ve never been a leader, contrary to what he seems to think. Auntie Vivian said that tomorrow’s child care orientation was from 1-3, but I decided to opt out of it after learning that Martin had Ultimate afterwards. I can only imagine getting there and back with SUNDAY bus schedules – NO WAY! She also said that I had a limited amount of time to decide on the All-Day Leadership Conference in South Delta, so I’ll figure that out fairly soon. After parceling out fruit snacks and notices, it was time to help where needed. (I also saw Jordan later – a leader in training?) When we were done, I hung around for a while (eating a grape) watching a bunch of people eat. Martin said he was sticking around, so I went home; on the way, I had seafood noodles at Pho Xe Lua. (I had to ask for a MENU!) Got home at 8:15 to CHILL, unlike yesterday!


It seems that Dozi Duty is back on Facebook, which is good! Mike and I talked about brushing teeth, pretending to be Kabosu, his having Kraft Dinner with sriracha sauce, seaweed, alcohol, maybe Caesars, maybe Captain Morgan and Coke / Pepsi, our needing a big house so we can breed and sell Shiba Inu dogs (for not much profit), FINAL FANTASY VI Carbuncles, going to Value Village on #3 Rd. for costume ideas, and GAME OF THRONES. We also discussed RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, my surprise at seeing the lights still on from the outside earlier, TRUE DETECTIVE, personal things, TOSH.0, the weather forecast for the next day or so, measuring things with rulers, Wikipedia, spanking, width, length, terabytes, petabytes, 30 ROCK, opening the window, and Urban Dictionary.

He didn’t want me to let him sleep in much past noon; at least he SAID something this time, unlike yesterday! I woke him up at 12:30, which startled him – he wondered what the “buzzing” noise was, and I asked him to clean the microwave rotating plate later. Then he said I had to wake him up at 1:30, since noon had been too optimistic. If he’s still here by the time Martin picks me up, I’ll kiss him goodbye.

Alec: “At the bottom of this vine, head east and then turn toush at the end.”


You Should Eat in New Orleans

You love food that is rich, hearty, and flavorful. You especially love food that’s traditional and time-tested.
You eat because you love food. You are looking for big tastes and lots of spice – you don’t like anything too wimpy.

You love to celebrate, and not just with food. You enjoy a lively night out, especially one that ends in the morning.
You are a friendly person, and you believe that life is all about shared experiences. You love to be part of a fun crowd.


I would have let Mike sleep till whenever, but his phone rang at 5:30, so I told him that he might want to answer it at some point! (I don’t care about text message notifications) It turned out to be Sherry, so eventually he said he’d meet her at his place at 7:30. He fussed about noodles, taking a shower, and deleting things from her computer before I left at 6:20 or so. I told him to lock the door when he left, of course. When I got to Broadway Station after waiting for the 401 bus forever and dumping an ill-fitting black jacket, I still had to wait a few minutes for Chrystal, but that was okay. After walking around briefly, we settled on Original Joe’s for dinner. She had fish tacos while I had jambalaya with chorizo sausage and orzo pasta – we discussed my other birthday meals, Pastor Dan and Sharon becoming grandparents, her October trip to China / Hong Kong with her parents, Phil and Grace’s Hope City Church, Tim and Maxine going there, my mom being a bitch, and the broken coffeepot.

We also talked about Mike and my watching movies, moving out eventually (sanity vs. finances), her new cooking / eating class that a program doctor told her about (which takes the place of Awana for her – she definitely needs the break, so they’ll need ME there as a secretary!), Mike’s family, and her parents eating dinner at the Italian Cultural Centre. At least she and her parents get along better now, since she still has to live with them! Later, she accompanied me to London Drugs across the street since I had to get yet another pair of black Secret socks. Then she waited for her parents while I went back into the Canada Line station – of course I thanked her for the meal, and she thanked me for the original invitation!

When I got home at 9:15 after waiting for the 407, I was very surprised to see the lights still on from the outside, and then to see Mike’s shoes in the apartment. I heard his voice, so I knew he was still here – turns out that he met Sherry at the hospital across the street instead. To his credit, he offered to leave if I wanted him to. I graciously declined, even if I know he doesn’t want to wear out his welcome here. We talked about drinks, ANGER MANAGEMENT, pausing timed missions, Napoleon, BORDER SECURITY, being used to my scars, missions in RISE OF NATIONS (which he was playing when I got in), Muslims, swastikas, and the news. While I was at it, I decided to send Martin a reminder email about tomorrow afternoon; I got an answer within ten minutes, saying that he’d forgotten to reply. As long as he calls me when he gets here around 2:30, it’ll be all good! I put my uniform by the door, otherwise I’ll forget!


When I left the house at 10:45, I found that it was raining outside, so went back for a proper fall jacket… ugh! I was on time to meet Vanessa at 11 near the Specialty Chicken and Wonton House; she’d come from Langley, but would drop me off before getting ready for work. The suggested Deer Garden would have been busy, which is fine by me. We talked about her boyfriend Jason, his nice mom, his cat, my insane mom, pressure, filtering my mom’s emails to the TRASH FOLDER, eating organic stuff, mental illness, her Asian parents (especially her mom!), Krista, her abusive ex Andrew, and her own boyfriend Ryan. Conversed about Krista and Kyle trashing the house (which needed to be renovated then!) when they still lived with their dad Os, Krista moving back down here / to Latin America, my situation with Mike (no moving in together!), Teunis, Krista, Teunis’ ex Kaili, Julia and the bed, the FARTING FUNDAMENTALS book, the Grammar Nazi pin (NO SWASTIKA – MIKE!), my having congee with pork stomach and fresh fish (I’m an adventurous eater?!), Portland, Seattle, road trips, gas, Tofino, Nanaimo, beaches, seafood, restaurants, trying to do something nice for her mom (whose birthday is today – but it backfired with attempted guilt trips!), Keg coupons, and spring rolls.

Also discussed her gay friend Patrick, Mike’s dad Richard being loaded, her brother Richard being a jerk, her dad lying about being sick / taking care of his “elderly mother” (who died in 1954!), Ivy being only a few years older than I am, revenge / karma, Jen having gallstones, watching what you eat, pilates, and STONE TEMPLE PILATES. I got home at 12:25 to find Mike still sleeping (as I thought), and a missed phone call at noon from Hester. Deciding that I’d better get that out of the way, I returned the call; she said that she’d knocked on my door with no answer, because the pest control guy had been here and left. Funny thing, since I’d just been talking about that “once a month” scheduling (which may not be enough) with Vanessa! At least Hester said she’d give me more traps if I needed them! I checked my mail to find my bus pass application! Last year, paying the fee worked at the bank, so I’ll try that again next week! I should shower before tomorrow, too.


I replied to Mandy’s email when I got it this morning – yay for more belated birthday wishes! Gotta leave to meet Vanessa SOON!

You Are the Quiet Room

You are a calm and collected person. You may not naturally be so zen, but you have come to it after a lot of reflecting.
When life gets tough, you take a few moments to yourself. You are good at recentering and getting to your happy place.

If possible, you like to have a few hours of silence every so often. You like to sit with your thoughts.
Whether you’re meditating, napping, thinking, or practicing yoga, you could put a quiet room to some good use!


Last night, Mike and I discussed a circlejerk, a soggy biscuit, coffee, Cracked / Encyclopedia Dramatica articles on Zoe Quinn, SIDEWAYS STORIES FROM WAYSIDE SCHOOL, Eric Fry / Eric Bacon / Eric Ovens, rape, proof, 4Chan, relief that certain things DID work this time, my brief nap, Jimmy with the speech impediment / Timmy the retard / Cartman / Butters on SOUTH PARK, Shaw wi-fi hotspots, cleaning, being distracted, having fried dumplings with beer, and installing things on Sherry’s computer. (which has YM and MSN on it) We also talked about his meaning to join Red Flag Deals, online store flyers, walking to Superstore, sleeping in last Saturday, installing RISE OF NATIONS: THE NAPOLEON CAMPAIGN on my computer, THE SIMPSONS (Mafia / Yakuza fights!), and Solid State hard drives.

Vanessa called to confirm our plans for this morning; sure, I can meet her at the Specialty Chicken and Wonton House at 11! Mike and I talked about AT MIDNIGHT, Conan O’Brien touching his nipples, GARFUNKEL AND OATES, WORLD’S END, watching A TALE OF MARI AND THREE PUPPIES (Shiba Inu in an earthquake!), uTorrent, suspending disbelief while watching movies (but maybe not so much if based on a true story), Worcestershire sauce / salt / pepper / Clamato juice / jalapeno vodka in our Caesars, passwords, restarting the computer, DAEMON Tools for running virtual CDs, and his going home to sleep. Of course, the last thing did not end up happening, and now he’s using my bed to sleep rather than the couch. It’s much better this way, I guess!

Lighter and Fuel’s shack has completely collapsed!


Evelyn added me to Facebook after I wished her a happy birthday, oh dear. At least I can filter things from her, since she’s only 12 now! Mike and I discussed JON STEWART, weird sound effects from his game, suggestive ads on The Pirate Bay, Sheri picking up her laptop on Friday around here (not this apartment!), people talking outside my window, brushing teeth, my Grammar Nazi pin, his pasta coma, his missing a certain component of my birthday gift (which is on the kitchen counter – sounds familiar from Valentine’s Day), signing Jeremy’s birthday card (he objected to the “morbidity” of “your bodily death processes will accelerate at 33″), and his pretending to be Kabosu.

Conversed about strategy / missions in RISE OF NATIONS: THE NAPOLEON CAMPAIGN, his wanting to install RISE OF NATIONS on my computer (compatible with Windows XP?), that being an incentive to reformat my computer himself, porn, my “strange” gift logs, Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler!), my Grow-A-Husband (which I got on 11 February 2013), his sneezing, my snoring supposedly being very loud, and cannons. We also talked about his having some of the Breyer’s Birthday Blast ice cream, the game music, the WIENER song, his being unable to sleep (but no melatonin for him), his thinking that we needed Shiba Inu dogs here (no pets allowed!), Shaw / Imgur / Youtube videos being slow, and HIS ADMITTING THAT HE WAS AT FAULT FOR MONDAY! YES!

Alec: “Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Leder speak before.”


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