For some reason, the usual suspect thought it would be a good idea (he termed it “silly”) to ask if Jon or Steph could give us a ride, at 4 AM when I was already asleep! I know Jon and Harmony can’t, since they have carseats in the back for Ayler and Hiero. If Steph says it’s at the last minute when I call her and Lisa, I’ll just blame Mike instead since it’ll actually be the truth! Luckily, with me shifting the blame onto him, she seemed pretty acquiescent to the idea… phew!

Never mind the dream I had where everyone was naked near a dollar store where I returned $21 worth of greeting cards. Mike’s mom Vivian came in to ask a group of us whether we thought his behavior was a bit “off” when it came to the family. The guys were standing in such a way that a certain body part was covered. Mike looked like Ron Swanson with the mustache, but he was out for a while doing something which I’d requested. He came back and saw his mom questioning everyone. “MOM! I didn’t think you’d look like THAT!”

You Are Creative

You are constantly inspired and enraptured with the world. You love variety, and you get bored easily.
You are happiest when you have a large amount of freedom. You need room to daydream, create, and explore.

You see so much possibility in life, and you like to dig right in. You love to make things and work with your hands.
For you, there is no failure. Even if you end up hating one of your creations, at least you learned something in the process.


Seems that Chinese Eric called me from his cell phone yesterday afternoon when I wasn’t here. Whoops!

You Persuade with Pathos

When there’s some convincing to do, you like to rely on emotional appeals. You go straight for the heart.
And in order for you to make an emotional appeal, you have to figure out what the other person needs.

You ask the right questions and listen carefully. You can determine each person’s values and beliefs.
You know how to show others how what you want aligns with their emotions. You can personalize your argument for each person you need to convince.

Here’s a hilarious “bad grammar” picture from Kelly, AKA Brtfnk! “Irony is when someone writes YOUR AN IDIOT. Learn grammar. Insult properly.”

A Canucks banner from the Hockey subreddit:

From Wesley: “Nobody beats that many Metal Slimes!”

From Wesley: “Metal Slimes… they smile, but they’re evil little bastards!”



I discovered a MAGICAL direct deposit to my chequing account on the 4th, which is cool because I needed to buy dish detergent and a ream of Staples printer paper since the last time I bought that was in June 2011 after going to Pho Cao Van! No, it couldn’t wait till next week! Of course I took my wheeled bag when I went out at 3:35, too! Got 1.5L of dish detergent x2 (lemon / green apple), on-sale pasta (three boxes for $5!), an on-sale family size pack of Cadbury mini-eggs, and two M&M egg packs for Harmony and Lisa at London Drugs. Then I went to Staples, where the blue multi-use reams of paper were unexpectedly on sale. Of course I bought two for $10, since the regular price on one was $7.19! It was a challenge for me to haul my wheeled bag around after that, but I went straight home anyway, finally getting in the door at 4:30. PHEW! I WON’T HAVE TO BUY PAPER FOR A LONG TIME! Of course, I don’t NEED 1000 sheets of paper (one ream being 500 sheets) all at once – not like I use it for printing things – but it’s always good to have a nice-quality paper for writing stuff on. :D

You Are a Green Pencil

You are very down-to-earth and balanced. Little rattles you, and you are practiced in controlling your reactions.
You are both calm and proactive. You only do what needs to be done, and you make sure to act deliberately.

You have an endless curiosity and fascination with the world. You like to notice every detail around you.
You would make a great teacher, stay-at-home parent, or life coach. You can offer others perspective that they lack.


I decided to call Chinese Eric at 8:45 or so, and he actually answered the phone! I knew that waiting a week after playoff elimination would be a good thing. He had stuff to rant about, too: an eBay seller wasn’t pleased that Eric had won a case against him for damages since the seller hadn’t sent him what he expected, so Eric got a strongly-worded email about how the item WAS sent and how it even had a tracking number! I advised him to keep it for documentation purposes, and told him that Michael probably had experience with this kind of thing. Eric’s online shopping experience has been 85% good and 15% bad, so we guess that’s not too bad. One of his friends had someone go NUTS on him, though: “I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!”

Then there was the book he got from this sincere-sounding lady who had described it as “brand new” – it was definitely not in that condition! But there are items described as “slightly used” which DO look brand-new when you get them, like “bookstore condition”! Yes, he and I both like reading, although we prefer to read different things most of the time! I know that Eric doesn’t want to adversely affect Michael’s account at Hagen’s, his own friendship with Michael, or my own long-standing GOOD FRIENDSHIP with him. It’s all good. I did shoot Michael a message in reply to one about a “not that heavy” ream of paper: “Don’t spend $2.50 to pick up garbage from Hagen’s!” Unfortunately, he got that right away, then concluded that I should wait till I got off the phone before saying “strange things.” Well, does he WANT me to FORGET what to tell him later?! Sheesh! I’ll probably get the ream of paper myself from Staples tomorrow so he doesn’t get the wrong thing if he even goes to Superstore at night or whenever!

Eric and I also talked about the cayenne ice cream, Youtube “gameplay” videos, famous Youtube people and “my boyfriend / my girlfriend” videos, Googling the most innocent things and getting PORN SEX results (Rule 34!), parents thinking that YOU are the direct source of spam since they get questionable stuff on the computer (“ask Erica – she gets it!”), picking your battles with parents (sometimes it’s not worth it), the Sex Pistols, the Shaw digital phone line, and saving money. We also discussed Trevor Linden, John Tortorella, Montreal Canadiens playoff history, Olaf Kolzig playing for Germany despite being born in South Africa and having US citizenship, Brett Hull having dual citizenship and playing for the US instead of Canada, first-person shooters, my Yahoo account being a dump repository for spam, RPGs, FINAL FANTASY, CALL OF DUTY, Dan Bylsma / Barry Trotz / the Nashville Predators, the Detroit Red Wings, hanging out to watch playoff games, and Easter long weekend. He also wondered if Nathan was in town, since white Eric had sent him an Evite or email about that SON OF MAN movie, and Nathan was on the list! Speaking of Evites, Nathan was also on the list for that celebration of Hiero’s 100 Days of Life, although he hasn’t responded yet… HMM! I told him about the HINT that Daniel had posted about Nathan’s wedding date, too. That was a very good talk which lasted till 11:10!


Went out for some fried chicken at KFC, and then to buy toilet paper at London Drugs. I really needed the last item, even though it wasn’t on sale! Good thing I skipped the rain, as I was out from 2:15 to 4!

You Are a Drone Bee

It may sound like you’re the type that just follows the herd, but you are actually the type most likely to be a free spirit.
You are adventurous and likely to wander. You tend to have a very different personality from those around you.

You are more of a searcher than most people. It hasn’t been easy to figure out your purpose in life, but you’re getting there.
You have never been one for a desk job; you would rather get out there and explore. And you have friends who are just as antsy as you are.


Fiann and Troy gave me some important cooking tips today: Add extra virgin olive oil to some drained pasta BEFORE putting the tomato sauce on. Otherwise, the tomato sauce will be all greasy! Good thing that olive oil is on sale at London Drugs, but perhaps I’ll go there tomorrow instead. Then again, if the sale expires tonight…

The usual suspect chimed in to say that the only olive oil worth buying is the stuff from Costco. Yeah, I’ll figure out how to go there and then get back to you… *sarcasm* He says he can get it for me at the Richmond location, which I guess does help. Then he contradicted what Fiann and Troy said about olive oil and greasiness, saying it was an ingredient in jarred tomato sauce. I still trust them, though! Might as well do some laundry, too.

The DRAGON WARRIOR III party goes to Assaram at night. The dancer next to Vivian at Assaram’s dance troupe says: “Oh, do you want to dance with us? … shing, shing, shing… Come on, give it a try! It’s”


Your Fashion Philosophy is Chic

You believe that ‘Elegance is the Only Beauty that Never Fades’… and you style yourself accordingly.
When it comes to fashion, you believe that less is more. You aren’t afraid to go bold, but you never look too trendy or gaudy.

You are also big on wearing clothes that are age-appropriate. Nothing looks worse to you than dressing too old or too young.
Your clothes are so stylish and classic that they are also versatile. You can survive on a small, high-quality wardrobe.


Sonic 104.9 called me for some reason this afternoon – interesting! Dreamed about Claire meeting several famous people, and having to herd an alligator through a sliding glass door. I forgot that I’d had to re-install Jnes 1.1 in November, so I had to spend time putting in a bunch of codes for DRAGON WARRIOR 3 and DRAGON WARRIOR 4. Oh well.

Tonight was the last Canucks game of the 2013-2014 season, against the Flames. It also happened to be the Pat Quinn RING OF NONOR night! The game featured Frankie Corrado’s first NHL goal, plus a Flames player’s first goal. There was also a BS hit on Daniel Sedin which ended in his having to go to the hospital. At least the game and tumultuous season ended in a 5-1 win, though. I’ll have to call Chinese Eric in the next couple of days for our annual debrief, haha!

Who would you be on WoW?


A mad scientist dragon always searching for people to kill

Personality Test Results

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From the Woodus Dragon’s Den site:

You are… NERA. You are always dressed in your best clothes, but you are still gentle and modest. You enjoy the arts, and work to the best of your ability to please the people around you. (Flora of DRAGON QUEST V)

What wild animal are you?


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What fish are you?


You are rare and precious and made out of gold!

Personality Test Results

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I went to bed with a slight headache yesterday (and took Advil), but feel much better now. Jon and Harmony sent me an Evite for something called “Hiero’s 100 Days of Life.” Lovely. I guess I’ll see if the usual suspect is free to go to Ningtu on the 27th then, and he finally replied to my message hours later to say that he’d be free. Randal is invited, but I’ll deal with that later. In the penultimate game of the season, the Canucks lost 5-2 to the Oilers in their last game of the season, getting a goal with 11 seconds left in Ryan Smyth’s last NHL game.

With the Oxford comma: We invited the strippers, JFK, and Stalin!


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