I went out at 2:35 on a 401 to mail some random letter and number stickers, Old Dutch ketchup chips, Lays wasabi chips, Lays Numb and Spicy Hot Pot chips, Lays kimchi chips, Canadian penny / nickel / dime / quarters / loonie / toonie (taped to bubble wrap and put in a Ziploc bag to avoid Canada Post detection!), and Kwangchun Healthful roasted seaweed snack in a box to Julie since the post office at Shoppers was open on a Saturday. Then I went to London Drugs again (third time in three days) to get NEW Nivea vanilla and almond oil lotion ($2 off) / NEW on-sale Garnier Whole Blends Marvelous shampoo and conditioner / a GUM toothbrush before getting home at 4 on a 407. Time to relax now that things are good with me and Mike!

Intercourse, Pennsylvania?!

A large Canada Post mailing box!

NEW Jergens Moisturizing Honey Lotion!

NEW Nivea Cherry Blossom and Jojoba Oil lotion!

NEW Nivea Vanilla and Almond Oil lotion!

Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Shampoo: Almond and Argan Riches! Almond cream and Moroccan argan oil – deeply nourishes, softens, and tames!

Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Conditioner: Almond and Argan Riches! Almond cream and Moroccan argan oil – deeply nourishes, softens, and tames!

Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Shampoo: Coconut Water and Vanilla Milk!

Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Conditioner: Coconut Water and Vanilla Milk!

Garnier Whole Blends Deeply Nourishing Shampoo: Avocado oil and shea butter!

Garnier Whole Blends Deeply Nourishing Conditioner: Avocado oil and shea butter!

Garnier Whole Blends Gentle Shampoo: Oat Delicacy!

Garnier Whole Blends Gentle Conditioner: Oat Delicacy!

Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Shampoo: Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter!

Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Conditioner: Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter!

NEW Garnier Whole Blends Replenishing Shampoo: Legendary Olive!

NEW Garnier Whole Blends Replenishing Conditioner: Legendary Olive!

NEW Garnier Whole Blends Marvellous Shampoo with Moroccan, argan, and camellia oils!

NEW Garnier Whole Blends Marvellous Balm with Moroccan, argan, and camellia oils!

NEW Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo: Honey Treasures! Royal jelly, honey, and propolis!

NEW Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Conditioner: Honey Treasures! Royal jelly, honey, and propolis!

Scotch Expressions tangerine orange masking tape!

Midnight Madness black duct tape!


Today is National Smores Day! I went to London Drugs again at 12:50 on a 401 to get Activia raspberry yogurt, on-sale Old Dutch ketchup chips x2, a mailing box, NEW on-sale Dare birthday cake cookie chips, an on-sale 20-piece Cambridge cutlery set (Cambridge Remi Frost) and a large red metallic American Greetings gift bag for Christon and Alice’s wedding on the 31st, and a book called 101 THINGS TO DO WITH BEER (YUM!) for Jeremy in October. Got home at 1:30 on a 407 when it had started raining, which is fine by me.

Activia yogurt: Raspberry!

Old Dutch ketchup chips in a big bag!

American Greetings jumbo red metallic gift bag!

Cambridge Remi Frost 20-piece set of cutlery!

NEW Dare birthday cake cookie chips!


From Reddit and r/TodayILearned: Akbar Cook?!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Myranda Gray?! BAD SPELLING OF MIRANDA!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Shavin Anganan?! Like SHAVING?!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Pantelis Stavropoulos?! Like PANTS?!


After SHOWER TIME, I went to see Rishu at Touchstone at 2 today. Thank goodness that she was understanding about yesterday and was able to get me in today because of a cancellation! I browsed Richmond Public Market for a while – no food was appealing. Went to London Drugs for NEW Dare Foods Cookie Butter cookies, NEW Watermelon and Lime Tictacs Mixers, Arm and Hammer toothpaste, a pack of six grey MARTEX cloths, store brand scour pads, 2000 Flushes with chlorine, Secret socks, and on-sale Swiss Cheese crackers. I also mailed Fraser’s birthday card and stickers for $2, but forgot to address the envelope before leaving the house. LUCKILY, I had my notebook handy! I finally got home at 4:40 on a LATE 407!

2000 Flushes Blue plus Bleach!

2000 Flushes Green plus Chlorine!

Swiss Cheese crackers!

Watermelon and Lime Tictacs Mixers!

NEW Dare Cookie Butter cookies!

London Drugs recycled scour pads!

A set of MARTEX grey face cloths!

A set of DESIGNER WORKSHOP grey face cloths!

From Reddit and r/UnresolvedMysteries: Egypt Covington?! That is a place name, not a human name!

From Youtube: Cherkeiray “Neno” Jones and Tyisha Stocking-Paysinger?! Why would you name your kid something that starts off with a JERK sound?!


From Reddit and r/UnresolvedMysteries: Kortne Stouffer?! BAD SPELLING OF COURTNEY! Also reminds me of Stouffer’s frozen meals!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Erin Eyvonne Adams?! BAD SPELLING OF YVONNE!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Jason Dilling?! Like DILL PICKLES?!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Anita Juliea Williams?! BAD SPELLING OF JULIA!


I called Hester early this morning at 9:15 to see if she got my note yesterday. “If you broke it, it’s your problem!” Yeah, that’s very helpful… NOT! She finally said she’d send the handyman this afternoon “but not right now” – that’s fine, whatever. He came by at 1:30 in an official Amacon uniform (with his company name WORK WELL stitched on his shirt) and observed that it flushed very slowly. After fiddling around with the float and other things – he said the flap was fine (?!), he flushed it at least ten times and texted Hester to say things worked as intended. He was helpful and said that if I had problems tonight or tomorrow, I could call Hester and request he look at things again. I’m sure she’ll be THRILLED if I do… but I am entitled to working plumbing!

From Julie: Grammar Nazi bitmoji – YOUR vs. YOU’RE!

From Julie M. and JUDGE JUDY: Shartrice Ricketts?! Reminds us of sharting, the skeletal disease of rickets, and the color chartreuse! The grey and yellow part says, “In the Feature Belt at WFMZ.com” – what kind of color combo is that, producers?!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Zena Dawn Allan Omelko?! BAD SPELLING OF XENA!

From the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans: Elayna Hoff?! BAD SPELLING OF ALENA OR ELENA!


I discovered REDRUM this morning, but still took a shower to help me feel better. After COFFEE TIME, I discovered a TOILET PLUMBING PROBLEM: IT WOULDN’T FLUSH PROPERLY! I left a note with Hester to cover my ass AND called her about it, but then I had to leave immediately since I had no time to play phone tag! I went out at 2:55 on a 407 to help with the kids. Even after being at Marine Drive to see a 3 Downtown pull up to the stop, I wasn’t even at Jon’s any earlier than I was last week! Thanks, strollers and walkers which got on AND off before I left the bus at 16th! /sarcasm Yes, of course they’re obviously entitled to use the bus (as are wheelchairs) – I was just glad I left a few minutes earlier than I did last week.

Beckett was sleeping when I got there; Ayler and Hiero were playing that Emoji Memory card game that I bought, so I got an answer to the question I asked Jon about what they do when the baby is supposed to be sleeping. Otherwise, I’d have asked the kids myself. Hiero tried making up his own rules: “No touching cards that other people have touched!” (which is totally nonsense for a MEMORY CARD game) and how you can shoot people who are already dead. I said those weren’t fair! (they won the game and I lost – whatever) Ayler was sick because of some heatstroke at the Langley berry farm yesterday. We had a dinner of various things: macaroni and cheese, ribs, pizza, cold noodles, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and more. Discussed power-washing balconies, Hiero spilling almond milk on the floor and my black Secret socks (I had fun telling them that I can make up my own rules too, like I can pause dinner to put on their dad’s holey socks and wash my hands), some salad Mom gave them which expires today (I didn’t want it to take home – so Harma tossed it), and how we shouldn’t shoot people at the dinner table.

Beckett ate a bit of stuff, but was pretty much done fairly soon into his “meal.” I had fun hanging out with him afterwards, though, even if he threw balls all over the place. He has new colorful soft ones, which are probably better for the downstairs neighbors complaining about everything. He seemed to like the new penguin, at least. I let him climb on me because it’s cute, but watched to make sure he didn’t fall off the couch or anything. The balcony is effectively closed off to him because of a rather interesting arrangement of chairs and other things. PHEW! I think he had fun chewing on his Christmas board books, too.

I left at 8 after doing some STAR WARS STORMTROOPERS summer reading with the kids, after Hiero had to go to a separate room because he was hugging a whimpering Beckett, and after I had grabbed Beckett before he got to the kids’ jigsaw puzzle / after he invaded the washroom while Hiero was in the shower. I sent Mike a quick message (“thanks for the great fish head idea, Uncle Mike – says Nephew”) using the Save-On wi-fi at the bus stop – thank goodness I didn’t just miss the 3 Marine Drive bus! The bus driver didn’t create a delay this time, but instead it was an old guy who was slow in even using his wheelchair to get on AND off the bus! Yup, he is totally entitled to use the buses (and it could be me one day), but be reasonably fast about it – come on now, other people have connections to make!

At the station, I quickly went to T&T to look for (and get) some quirky Lays chips for Rachel – Numb and Spicy Hot Pot, Wasabi, and Kimchi! I should get the Deep-Ridged ones next time: Spicy Chicken and Pork! Thank goodness I managed to get the Brighouse train home within two minutes of getting to the train area, and I FINALLY got home at 9! Thanks to the delays, I was able to text both Paulo and both Erics in detail. The toilet STILL wasn’t fixed, so I had to consult V4F and then use buckets for filling up the tank. Sigh… I guess I’ll have to call Hester tomorrow morning. No melatonin tonight…

From Youtube: Betty Gray and Reeda Roundy?! BAD SPELLING OF RITA! Come on, people!


From This is True: Nataly Buhr?! BAD SPELLING OF NATALIE!

Gemel Smith signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning?!


From Reddit and r/UnresolvedMysteries: Timmothy Pitzen?! BAD SPELLING OF TIMOTHY!

Jared Spurgeon?!

Keon Barnum?!

Osane Ximines?!


Before Paulo came over to pick up his stuff four minutes ago, I took a shower today. I gave Paulo his All-Bran Buds portion in a Rubbermaid microwaveable container (plus the packaging for that), one pack of Kwangchun Healthful roasted seaweed, some Mala Samyang noodles, regular Samyang Fire noodles, MyKuali spicy prawn Penang noodles, MyKuali spicy white curry Penang noodles, MyKuali Red Tom Yum Goong noodles, Sapporo Ichiban Tonkotsu ramen noodles, Vedan Bah Kut tea noodles, Vedan mushroom and artificial cuttlefish noodles, Vedan spicy Korean kimchi noodles, Vedan spicy mushroom noodles, Samyang Carbo Cheese noodles, Samyang Spicy Cheese noodles, and Paldo Korean Bul Jjamppong noodles – all in the LOQI reusable bag with cats on it that Jon and Harmony gave me for Christmas last year. I have tested it out; it’s just not as roomy as the ones from London Drugs! He was pretty excited, dancing around like a little kid! Yes, we both forgot about opening the Winter Creek oyster jar until he’d left, but I was luckily able to grab him before he had exited the building! He apologized for the lateness of the intrusion, but it’s fine. LUCKILY, it was BEFORE midnight and I wasn’t talking to Mike at the time. He also thought some MOTHER 3 music was some water boiling – if it sounds like THAT, then you got problems! HAHAHAHA! It’s the high notes of the jukebox!

MOTHER 3: Parking Area: Dur-T Café Extended!

From Reddit and r/TrueCrimeDiscussion: Dahvie Vanity?!

Lance Bouma?!

Jay Beagle?!

Tyler Bozak?! Vaguely sounds like BALLSACK…


Today is National Watermelon Day! 😀

From Krista and Michael King: Books you can wear! A book dress!

Dalton Thrower is from North Vancouver?!

Jujhar Khaira is from Surrey?!