I looked for the wooden spoon in the drainer and kitchen drawer while actively using it to stir some dumplings before watching the newest SCARY MYSTERIES. Is this how dementia starts?

From Julie M. and Firefighting Australia: My therapist told me, “Write letters to the people you hate and then burn them.” Did that, but now I don’t know what to do with the letters. HAHAHAHA!

No, London Drugs website, I was searching for ibuprofen. What does Always underwear have to do with Advil pills?! At least I don’t have to care about my ex-friend Jimmy supposedly having an allergy to ibuprofen anymore!

35 dumplings in the big Corelle bowl – YAY! Yes, I counted. Mike still says I’m still SO TINY, though…

15 to 20 dumplings in a small Corelle bowl – YAY!


After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 3:15 (first refilling my yearly prescription at the pharmacy next door) on a 401 (JUST IN TIME) to help with the kids. I had to leave room for a suitcase and also remember to get to the house after 4:35 because of a water shutoff till 4. Lovely! I killed time at the Save-On nearby, and when Harmony said they were fine at 4:35, I said I’d be there soon, but made a necessary pit stop at Kwong Chow first. That meant I washed my hands twice within ten minutes, but whatever. The replacement black carry-on suitcase looked okay, and I later found out that ALL the zippers were fine and that it was way easier to handle and maneuver! When I got there just after 5, Beckett wanted to see me and say hi in his own way – so cute!

Hiero wanted to show me his “enchanted airplane,” Ayler wanted to show me some piano techniques and quiz me on piano (and quizzing me on math at dinner), and Beckett just wanted to show me all his balls and have this cute confused look when the balls wouldn’t go through the holes in that wooden toy. He did go over to the far windowsill (almost obscured by the curtain) and play with the toy molecule rod and balls there while looking at the lights across the street. (and did it with the near window, too – spouting gibberish as usual) I found another emotion egg later and gave it to him. He wanted to go after the pom-pom on my Santa hat (Harmony thought that was funny), explore my bling shirt, and gently touched the keloid scar on my neck later out of curiosity. (I told him that this wasn’t a “ball-ball”) He climbed on top of Ayler, who didn’t like that, and then climbed on top of Hiero, who was a bit more acquiescent. When he threw the balls around and pointed at them, I asked him if he wanted me to go get them. After a pause, he said “yeah,” so I said okay. Hiero wasn’t sure if he knows what that means, but he did say “wow” tonight for the first time!

Beckett also has discovered the apartment door, and sometimes crawls to it for whatever reason. I picked him up and got him out of there, of course. He wanted to sit on my lap and “read” the 100 Words baby book, which I of course let him do because he’s much lighter than his brothers and my legs don’t complain! I did have a toe cramp much later, but it was okay within a few minutes of agony. We had beef tendon and beef brisket with broad white noodles and vegetables for dinner – even with cereal, Beckett didn’t eat much. Harmony crammed some Rice Krispies into his mouth later a few times when he was preoccupied with me and the toys, otherwise he’ll be way too hungry tomorrow morning! She bought some stuff on the Black Friday sales, and I told the kids about the KFC 50% Bowls and Buckets deal yesterday when Harmony was gone temporarily. Hiero asked if I wanted to buy it – not after I heard the website was pretty broken! Ayler asked me what a website was, so I asked him if he remembers Kids Physio. His face brightened at that: YES! I told him that a lot of stores and businesses and people had websites on the Internet these days. He seemed to accept this explanation. I didn’t mind if Harmony gave Beckett some shortbread at all.

I left at 7:30 and was thankfully able to catch the 3 Marine Drive bus earlier instead of later, and got home at 8:40 on a 407 in time to catch the last five minutes of the second period. The Canucks played Ottawa tonight at 7, and won 5-2 on the Alex Burrows Ring of Honor evening! Fantenberg and MacEwen got their first goals! I also managed to pack everything into that suitcase without anything breaking or being overstuffed… SUCCESS!

Random stuff from Mom and Dad: Cozy Christmas socks and a green PEANUTS water bottle!

Dinner tonight: beef tendon, veggies, and noodles!

From Julie: Christmas is so much harder when you get older. It’s like, “What do you want this year?” I don’t know… maybe a sense of purpose, some financial security, could use more sleep, a bottle of wine, and maybe some new bras. I had to use MS Paint to edit in an Oxford comma LIKE IT SHOULD BE!

The Famous Grouse whiskey shortbread!

Cozy Christmas socks for me, Steph, and Lisa! Pig coin purse for Steph! FUZZY SOCKS!

Western Family condensed cream of mushroom soup!

Green PEANUTS water bottle for me!


In the hospital ER restroom on the baby change table: Precious Poop graffiti with silver Sharpie!

Graffiti in the hospital ER restroom on the baby change table: Sandwich spread made fresh right here!

More graffiti in the hospital ER restroom: Because taking a urine sample wasn’t already enough of a hassle for women; “MIDSTREAM”… WTF?! Coming soon: Urine Sample, midstream while doing a handstand, singing I’M A LITTLE TEAPOT. See sheet for correct lyrics.

From Vanessa and BC Is Awesome: Someone put our Vancouver mascots Pee and Poo onto a T-shirt…


From Youtube: Halee Rathgeber?! If you are going to spell it that way, pronounce it like Halle Berry does, not as HAILEY or HALEY. BAD SPELLING! It also makes me think of Gerber.


From Julie: Peree Hampton is a guy?! Yum, puree in the Hamptons!

From Youtube: Raechel Betts?! BAD SPELLING OF RACHEL!

From John’s True Crime Vids Group: Peninah Wangari?! That’s an extremely outdated Biblical name, if anything…


SHORTBREAD, MULTIVITAMINS, CHRISTMAS DISH SOAP, AND COUGH DROPS! I went shopping at 1:05 on a 401. Purchased on-sale Waterbridge shortbread rings, on-sale Walker’s Shortbread x2 (Petticoat Tails / Rounds), on-sale Halls Vitamin C drops x2 (assorted citrus / lemon / orange / pink grapefruit), and NEW on-sale Method hand soap in Hollyberry / Frosted Fir Christmas scents. A random grandma helped me with my reusable bag by plopping it on top of her Asian Sautao Non-Fried noodles old lady shopping cart and taking it to my door! The Canucks played the Oilers tonight at 7 in a home-at-home series, and lost 3-2…

From the V4F Discord server: Nicolas Cage caged in a Nicolas Cage cage!

From Pete, Amethyst, and Multi: Just made me some synonym rolls. Just like Grammar used to make!

Halls Pink Grapefruit Vitamin C drops!

Halls Vitamin C drops: orange, more pink grapefruit, and lemon!

Walker’s Shortbread: Petticoat Tails!

Waterbridge shortbread rings!

Method dish soap for Christmas 2019: Frosted Fir and Hollyberry!

2011 Vancouver Canucks Playoffs Final towel… YAY!

Two Vancouver Canucks cloths!

Front of the Canucks wallet from C-Force, the Canucks Junior Fan Club!

Back of the Canucks wallet from C-Force, the Canucks Junior Fan Club!


2019 Year In Review! / Pictures with Satan in Comox and Courtenay!


[Meme fun: Take the first line from the first post of every month of the year. Repost it here as your year in review. (I’m discounting greetings and things like that :P) Yeah, it’s been an interesting year!]

Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month of the year. Post the first line of it in your journal as a paragraph, and that’s your “Year In Review.”

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND 2019, EVERYONE! Heard from Jana in CANUCK NATION that racist Stuart has three kinds of cancer (liver / colon / something else) and is currently in Langley hospice – karma works in good ways! I went shopping, having to walk to London Drugs because the endless construction and sewer upgrades have made the nearby bus stops non-operational. I went out at 12:30 for shopping purposes at London Drugs, so I walked there. Barry called to see if I was fine with changing our food shopping appointment on the 22nd to 11:30 instead of 11. I went out at 3:10 on a 407 (which luckily picked me up at the sidewalk) for shopping purposes.

I went out at 2 on a 401 to get Rubbermaid Take-Along containers and on-sale pads x2 at London Drugs, getting home at 2:20 on a 407. After my intake session with Rishu at Touchstone at 3 (leaving at 2:20 on a 401), I went shopping at the Dollar Tree / London Drugs / Big Crazy after killing time at the Richmond Public Market beforehand. Today’s date is a palindrome: 9/1/19! Beckett crawled over to me to say hi – CUTE! AMERICAN GREETINGS STICKERS, HOT CHOCOLATE, CANDY, SCISSORS, and TEA! SHORTBREAD, MULTIVITAMINS, CHRISTMAS DISH SOAP, AND COUGH DROPS!

From Reddit and This is True: Downtown Courtenay and the Comox Valley in BC offered pictures with SATAN for Christmas 2019?!


I had to do laundry today on the THIRD FLOOR, and had to go back down to my suite to grab actual cash money! UGH! The Canucks played Edmonton tonight at 7, and won 5-2!

Mushroom soup!

What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? “Bison.”

Julie M. sent this ENTER SANDMAN lullaby to me! Son: “Daddy, I can’t sleep.” Me: “Don’t worry, son. I’ll sing you a lullaby, Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, and never mind that noise you heard. It’s just the beasts under your bed…. In your closet and IN YOUR HEAD! EXIT LIGHT! ENTER NIGHT!”


After COFFEE TIME and a phone call from Rishu which didn’t involve me going out to the boonies of Richmond and a risk of being LATE, I went out at 3:05 on a 401 to help with the kids, and I had Beckett’s stuffed Santa dog this time. I got to Marine Drive early and saw some Vermont Curry at the supermarket – what?! The 3 was a bit delayed – waiting in the freezing weather was still better than not having transit at all, I had to remember. I finally got to the house at 4:40 (no thanks to some “lady” wanting to get on with her milk crates and huge walker), and Hiero was “dancing” with Beckett, who didn’t seem to like it much. When I’d washed my hands, Beckett was on the floor and Hiero showed me how he was going to make an envelope with scissors and paper. Ayler was just playing piano and making something else on the mat. When I gave him the stuffed Santa dog, he threw it on the floor and then associated its eyes with his own and mine. Yes, we ALL have eyes – you’re getting so smart!

Beckett showed me the magnets and his collection of balls on the far windowsill (which actually went with the colorful magnetic rods) which he had put there. I guess it combines his two favorite things right now: balls / projectiles and looking out the window at any (reflected) lights he can see! Jon and Harmony should take him to see the indoor Christmas light displays at the Hyatt and other places again this year, for sure. Beckett went to the window and spouted gibberish at me about the lights across the street multiple times: I told him “good job” every time he “found” the lights again! He also liked trying to fit the balls into a wooden toy with circular holes, likes the emotion egg, threw blocks around, and has enough strength to make the baby pop-up toy work by himself about half the time. “Pop! Ball-ball!” he told me. Yes, even more evidence of being smart! He laughed at the toy, and was enjoying himself rocking out with Holly’s light-up musical toy, so he gave me a big cheesy smile – so cute! I introduced him to saying “hahahaha” when he finds something funny, too!

We had more Waterzooi de Poulet with buttered bread and grapes and “hash browns” for dinner. Beckett started throwing food pretty early, but also had apparently been awake for six hours in a row, and had been awake for nine hours in a row yesterday – that’s so long for him! We talked about CAPS LOCK and Shift keys on a keyboard (Ayler’s learning typing at school), how old teenagers are, Beckett yawning, ZELDA, Chrystal and Vivian travelling together, the tall kids at school, the kindergarten class being sick, and my seeing Steph next month. Ayler would like me to say hi to her for him – sure, why not? Then he asked if he was taller than me yet – nope! Harmony wondered what was going on, being preoccupied with Hiero not eating. I told her Ayler just wants to be taller than me. We said that Steph would probably think they were tall because I basically see them all the time, unlike her.

Then he wanted to ask Uncle Joe if they could have crab next time he saw them since Auntie Wing Yee sent them a photo of some. “Is it really Friday? Maybe it’s Tuesday. It’s Friday, but it feels like a Tuesday!” Yes, because I had basically switched days this week with Uncle Joe and Auntie Wing Yee. I later had to suppress a laugh because he told me, “See you next Tuesday.” (CUNT) I read one story to Hiero, who sat on my lap – he told me that “oh my God” was a swear word, so I said that it kind of was, but it IS mild. Then he asked me what “mild” meant – I wasn’t sure how to explain that. I bet that was a fun bedtime discussion when I left at 7:30.

I waited for quite a while for the next 3 Marine Drive bus (which finally showed up at 8:10), but a guy passing by told me that I’d dropped my Compass Card “on the floor.” GEEZ, I ALMOST LOST IT AGAIN! I thanked him politely without mentioning that the “floor” was ACTUALLY the GROUND (he looked white so he should know the difference…), and made sure to zip up my winter coat pocket. I was lucky and was one minute ahead of the Brighouse train, and managed to get out of the Brighouse station a few minutes before the 401 and 407 showed up, no thanks to other people wanting the elevator and then SLOW-ASS people on the way out of the station. (including someone looking at their phone / consulting something IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PATH… MOVE YOUR ASS TO THE SIDE!) I get in my apartment at 9:05, none too soon!

Knorr Chicken Fried Rice Sidekicks for lunch!

That’s a suitcase handle, not a weapon or an axe!

I borked my suitcase… no handle! QUATCHI!

Maybe this “zipper” is from my mom?

From Julie: California is banning all words with the prefix “man” in them. So this is now called a bitch biscuit…


From Youtube: Kinyda Broadway, Keandre Broadway, Antonious Cawthorne, LaTora “Tiki” Wiley, Terrance Washington, Chiquita Chambers, and Jermicheal Lewis?! So much bad spelling!