Helen S. unfriended me for some weird reason! The Canucks played the NEW Las Vegas Golden Knights at 7 tonight, and lost 5-2.

At the Bal Castle gate in FINAL FANTASY V SPOOF, these soldiers are chanting. “TALUBSI! ADULA! ULU! BAACHUR! Come forth, Yog-Sothoth! Come forth!” “Why are we the only ones who take this cult seriously?”

At the Bal Castle balcony, Cara is taking care of the hiryuu dragon. “Carrying six people across the world was too much for her. Her spine is bent, her wings are town, and she contracted syphilis.”

This isn’t a bike sale; it’s a BOAT SALE!


From Mikki: I’m not sure what this warning sign is about, but it seems to include glow-in-the-dark boobs and a large swimming penis…

From Julie: Dytazia?!

From NZ Metal Army: “OCCUPY a fucking venue! Get your lazy fat ass to a gig!” This is the only #OCCUPY thing I understand. (except for the Cookie Monster one) Yay, humor!

From Reddit and r/morbidreality: Petula Dvorak?! Yes, I’ve heard of the singer Petula Clark, but this just reminds me of the word “petulant” and the composer Antonín Dvořák! {Antonin Dvorak}


This computer just restarted!

The Canucks have a prospect named Will Warm?! And his twin brother is Beck Warm?! What if they want to be COLD, like at the ice hockey rink?!

From The Washington Post: Melany Knott named her daughter KAISY Knott?! This actually reminds me of an Asian girl in Daniel Fellowship (1994-1999?) whose name was MELONEY.


After COFFEE TIME, I left at 4:30 in the rainy weather for that last-minute dinner at Kwong Chow. Of course, the 3 Downtown bus took forever to arrive at Marine Drive Station, so it wasn’t my fault that I got there when everyone (except Jon, who wasn’t there yet) was already eating noodles / beef / vegetables / other things. Ayler had a lot of questions about baby Henry and Steph’s plans, relating it back to himself because he is five years old: “I got shots when I was five! I am going to school on Monday! I can eat and he can’t!” Hiero just was in the background, looking a bit overwhelmed. Steph asked if I wanted to spend time with them at the AirBnB – sure, why not? Apparently, Mom and Dad hadn’t wanted or asked to hold Henry – what?! Not surprised that she wonders why she makes the effort! I thought they’d already done that before I got to the restaurant! At the AirBnB, I at least asked to hold Henry after he had a much-needed diaper change! Fraser was getting ready for a much-needed bath time, and he told me about his aquarium trip today / sharks / (stuffed) turtles / his Boon suction pipe toys. We hung out and watched VEGGIE TALES: Stories From The Crisper before he had to go to bed. Baby Henry was having none of this “go to sleep” nonsense, either! Steph drove me to King Edward station and I got home at 9, thanks to just managing to catch the 407 from Brighouse!

Random stuff from Mom and Dad, stuffed inside an Oceania Cruises bag: a yellow-brown Sammi Planning vest with dogs / dog paws / Engrish (“CHEERFULLY The mature world PRECIOUS HEART”) that actually fits, a thin dark blue Lilly button-up vest, four mandarin oranges, a Ziploc bag full of Canadian maple syrup candies / Gusto Caffé candies / Mastic mints to be regifted to Chrystal, a white Dama long-sleeved thin shirt which also fits, a green and white thin T-shirt, an Alia pale green long-sleeved shirt, and a pale brown and white striped Alia T-shirt.

Lisa, Fraser, and me at Wo’s last Friday!

I read a book about dragons and tea to Fraser while we were eating lunch at Pizzeria Barbarella last Saturday!

Maybe baby Henry wants to tell me something!

Baby Henry and his tongue and hand!

Fraser and me just hanging out, watching VEGGIE TALES!


Steph called me at 2:10 to see whether I was going to a last-minute dinner at Kwong Chow, near Main and 16th. Sure, I guess so… I was due to take a shower anyway, so I did that.

From OLD FAITHFUL Bathroom Reader #30: Timothy Shotwell is a sheriff?!

Malkin Crosby Long?!

From Not Always Learning: Dr. Seneca Ann Storm?! Interesting name!


Blah, I’m up early again! Time to take some melatonin!

From FORENSIC FILES: Jodi Sass has a great last name!

From the same FORENSIC FILES episode: Princess Gray?!

From a documenary on the serial killer James Hicks: Joseph Zamboni has a cool last name! I wonder if he’s related to the inventor of the Zamboni, haha! This book acknowledgements excerpt is from Tragedy in the North Woods: The Murders of James Hicks by Trudy Irene Scee, published in June 2009.

From Reddit: Darren Raddysh is a hockey player for the Rockford Ice Hogs. His last name reminds me of Mr. Raddysh of Palmer!


The Canucks played the Kings at 7:30 tonight, and won 3-2!

From Not Always Related: Maimah Phillips?!

From Not Always Right: Lien Nguyen?! She’d better not have a lien put on her finances, hahaha!

From Not Always Right: Ael Davies?!

From Not Always Working: Harley Bonafe?! There’s another special snowflake who goes by “they” and “them” Just pick HE or SHE. It’s not that hard!

From Reddit: Dylann Storm Roof is a GUY?! No wonder he grew up to shoot a bunch of people! Dylann makes me think of a girl, and “storm roof” is just an awful combination!


Julie M. saw this Toilet Trouble toy at Walmart once!

From my ex-friend Daniel M. and Gomer Blog: SHITBIT!

From Wesley: 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets every year. PADDED BATHROOM AND CARPETED FLOOR!


From Krista: Dragon fighting a white wizard!

From Not Always Right: Jef Girdler?! Jeff with one F is bad enough, but having GIRDLE in your last name is worse! 😛

From Not Always Right: Bethany Hickey?!

From Not Always Right: Carrie Poppy?! Nice flower name!


From Not Always Right: Aundrea Scott Smith?! It should have been spelled ANDREA… plus, it reminds me of doing laundry!

From Not Always Right: Ingee Appolon?!

From Not Always Right: Wahabah Hadia Al Muid is a girl?!

From Not Always Right: Tesser Kahn?! That reminds me of a tesseract!