Weird yellow Canada Line signs by Josephine Lee, plus one that should be real!

Auntie Catherine emailed me back last night to suggest the Soho Tea Room, which is a seven-block walk from King Edward Station. I could do it two years ago when we went to the Gloucester Café, but who knows now? Luckily, she was fine with my alternate suggestion of Peaceful on Broadway, but we have to meet at 11 AM. Oh well…

Someone named Carrie Cheung added my alterego to Facebook – DENIED! Harmony emailed me to see if I was free to attend some fall party with the kids at the Centre for Ability on Tuesday. I remember that place, and what a long trek it was to get there by bus, but that was at least 20 years ago now. I can’t go anyway because of a hockey game against Ottawa at 7.

From Reddit: Holy fucking whale balls! It’s the UNDEFEATED VANCOUVER CANUCKS! I just shit my pants. The Sedins are unstoppable immortal cyborgs programmed to kill orphans and win at hockey. Brandon Sutter is clutch as fuck, and is a deadlier fucking shot than Lee Harvey Oswald. Luca Sbisa climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and the ghost of Mufasa told him to stop turning over the fucking puck in the defensive end. DNA tests have confirmed that Alex Burrows is your biological father. In his first fucking game as a Canuck, Loui Eriksson snorted bath salts, scored on his own goal, and – I shit you not – we still won the game! Projected to finish 30th place?? More like PROJECTED TO DESTROY ALL LIFE ON EARTH! See you at the fucking VICTORY RIOT!

You can see all these weird yellow signs at Waterfront Station while entering / exiting the Canada Line.

I am so angry, I made a sign.

I do not have time for this.

I hope you are happy.

Let us use our inside voices.

No to bad things!

We are all going to be okay.

What are we even doing here?

This one should be real: Have your fucking Compass Card ready before the gate!


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