Scumbag Brain, a remote-control farting teddy bear, an iron pencil house

From Neuroscientist News: Scumbag Brain! “Motivates you to work out… ONCE.” “It’s 7 PM, yo. Let’s go to bed. It’s 2 AM. Hey, let’s stay up forever.” “Insists you forgot something. Won’t tell you what it is.” “Realizes how grateful you are for certain relatives. Immediately begins to imagine scenarios where they die.” “Lulling you off to sleep, softly slipping off into… OH GOD! Oh, phew, glad you weren’t actually falling and slamming into the ground. Go back to bed.” “Has the capacity to store and memorize an almost infinite amount of information. Won’t.” “Passionately hates a song. Can’t stop singing it in your head.” “Convinces you to do something, then makes you feel bad for doing it.” “Recognizes all of its problems. Decides to change nothing.” “Chapped lips? Just lick ’em, bro.”

From Julie: A remote-control farting teddy bear?!

From Julie: It’s an innocent-looking bear with an unexpected surprise!

The HALLOW’S END party (Sally / Craig / Clyde) have finally made it back to the zombie world in the mountains after going through the crazy multi-dimensional Mereseti Building in Hollyanna. They come across this iron pencil house, which has a couple of shopkeepers inside.


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