Random DARK KNIGHT T-shirts, presents opening humans, engage rings

Called Steph since I was curious where she and Lisa were going on a flight: back east for a get-together. As long as Lisa knows stuff about traveling with dogs, this should be fine! Talked about sisterly love and mushiness on her end, death processes on my end, her being 30 soon, morbidity, iPads, the football game on Sunday, Jen’s engagement to a guy whom she apparently doesn’t know very well, decapitation, Jon’s probably being busy at church for a while, Pastor Edward’s last sermon being all over the place (as usual), THE BOOK OF BIZARRE TRUTHS, and Mom’s random Xmas present of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES T-shirts to them as well as me! I figured they were probably on sale somewhere… SO RANDOM!

Here’s a wallpaper photo from Rob Sheridan that Ryan found a while ago: PRESENTS OPENING HUMANS! (the stockings look like feet!) Yay for morbid stuff! 😀

Finishing up all seven levels of the Old Cave: “There’s no task for your level! You’re the best treasure hunter I’ve ever met!”

The chef at Herat Castle wants Jerin to taste some strained slime; Aguro jokes around, calling her a “slime elf.” Not shown: Lufia calling her a slime elf right after the hero says that nobody will call her that anymore.

Lufia’s jealous reaction: “Well? You always pay attention to Jerin! Why don’t you ever notice me?”

In the Purple Newt Cave: Not an ENGAGEMENT ring? 😛 (this lowers the prices at shops by 25%)


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