MOTHER 1 Enemy List, #1-103

LJ equivalent on August 5, 2012.

This is a list of enemies in MOTHER 1. The STARMEN page helped! Plus, this GameFAQ walkthrough (SULFUR!) really was great. I found a map of Duncan’s factory, too! Advent Desert Land Mine: Map Help. This text dump of everything in the game is amusing, too!

According to Reddit, Ninten’s mom’s name is Carol.

Notes to self: BUY A BOOMERANG FOR ANA INSTEAD OF A FRYING PAN. Don’t dispose of the SUPER SPRAY in Duncan’s Factory, as it can instantly kill insect enemies! Don’t buy a Survival Knife for Teddy; the Basic Sword provides better offense. CHECK THE MAGICANT DRAGON TO WAKE IT UP! (over Level 25)

Lamp: It hovers in the air!

Doll: It stares back at you. [boss]

Rat: A big rat with a tail this long.

Centipede: Exterminate it with Insecticide.

Hippie: He looks like he could grow flowers in his hair.

Crow: Watch your wallet and count your change, he’s a thief!

Snake: It might not be poisonous… (Magic Herb)

Stray Dog: I wonder if it carries fleas? (Flea Bag)

PseudoZombie: Watch out for further sneak attacks.

Redneck / Wally: He has a short temper, so be careful.

Gorilla: Don’t let this primate punk pick on you!

Biopede: Its strong poison was developed in a laboratory.

Hyena: He who laughs last laughs best!

Crocodile: Don’t accept his invitation to dinner.

Elephant: Don’t let him stop and unpack his trunk!

Tiger: Watch those eyes!

Fly: Insecticide is effective.

Mr. Batty: Life itself is a puzzle to Mr. Batty.

Ghost: It’s just an ordinary ghost.

Gang Zombie: Careful, his ‘Smash Hit’ is quite effective.

Starman Jr.: He is small, but it is obvious that he is a spaceman. [boss]

Territorial Oak / Big Woodoh: Should you fight or run? (Noble Seed)

Magic Snail: Its shell is unbelievably hard.

Woosh Swoosh / Foureyes: It’s the optometrist’s favorite!

Swoosh / Watcher: This enemy’s face is the easiest to draw.

Swooshette / Momseyes: Momseyes will spot you for sure!

Papa Swoosh / Dadseyes: Watch your step: Dadseyes are everywhere.

Oak / Woodoh: An animated tree with suspicious actions.

Bonus Swoosh / Groucho: If he was a mask, someone might mistake your identity! [If you guard against the Bonus Swoosh / Groucho, it’ll greet everyone politely and leave, which makes your experience points from the fight come out to 72 instead of three.]

Raeb Yddet: It has strong friends.

Sky Yddet: It has friends! [can only be seen if Raeb Yddet calls for help in battle]

Ulrich: This thing could not occur naturally.

Cave Master / The Fish: Strong against heat. Strong against cold. It appears to be protecting something. [boss]

Dragon: It seems to have an important secret. [boss]

Wolf: Watch out for those pearly whites!

Skunk: Hold your nose!

Lynx / Cougar: It is quite different from a pet cat.

Li’l Saucer: It’s only as big as a dinner plate.

Bear: Somebody ate his porridge, and he isn’t too happy about it!

Eagle: Its quickness is the source for its pride.

Barbot: Is it a malnourished robot?

Devil Car / Psycho Car: Hypnotism does not work on this car.

Death Truck / Mad Truck: Be careful of its exhaust if you’re asthmatic.

Bag Lady: Her refrigerator-shaped body holds a heart of ice. (Hamburger)

Mad Car: No one is in the driver’s seat.

Devil Truck / Psycho Truck: Hypnotism does not work on this vehicle.

Fugitive: He can be found on the FBI’s most wanted list. [somewhat rare; only around Merrysville and Reindeer]

Rope: Don’t let yourself get tied up fighting this guy. (Rope)

Gabilan: Something like this should not exist on the earth…

Tarantula: Poison, poison, poison.

Starman: A man from the stars. (PSI Stone)

Ultra Barbot / Death Barbot: It’s the latest in the product line. (Plasma Beam)

Nancy / Jane: Do not be tricked by her smile.

Omega Saucer: This is as big as a manhole cover.

Atomic Robot / Energy Robot: It’s a walking fuel supply.

Rattlesnake: Where’s that antidote?

Scorpion: It’s poisonous, but Insecticide works.

Bio-Scorpion: Beware of its poison and Stone of Origin / Stone Spray.

Fireball: It looks like it jumped out of a comic book.

Old Robot: Hypnotism does not work on this robot.

Bomber: It’s shaped like an egg, but is a little tougher. (Bomb)

Scrapper: It’s ragged around the edges, but do not underestimate it. (Laser Beam)

Dr. Distorto: His twisted face covers his twisted mind.

Lone Wolf: It seems that it does not have any friends.

Bigfoot: Surprised? It really does exist!

Silver Wolf: Its marvelous silver coat glistens and gleams.

Polar Bear: His chair was broken, and he isn’t very happy!

Red Snake: It gives good experience if it doesn’t run. (Magic Coin)

Armor: It would be nice to have a suit of armor of your own.

Bionic Bat: Beware of its Stone of Origin.

Dust Ball / Dust Ghost: AHH-choooo! [bursts into flames upon defeat]

Zombie: Careful, he knows ‘Brain Shock.’

BloodyZombie / Shroudley: An evil, caped zombie. Beware, its ‘Last Strike’ could be devastating.

Alarm Ghost: Don’t alarm this ghost, he has friends!

Nasty Zombie / Mean Zombie: It attacks with its bare hands.

Arachnid! / Spider: You’ll want to try Insecticide.

R7307: He is absolutely huge! [boss]

Titany / Titanees: It uses hypnotism.

Bison: A face only a mother could love.

Mook: It uses various PSI attacks.

Caroline / Kelly: Do not be tricked by her beauty.

Tough Croc / Crocodile: If he smiles, don’t smile back.

Gull Bandit / Seagull: That thief!

Black Blood Gang Member: He’s a real bad apple; stay out of his way. (Flamethrower)

Buffalo: Its father won’t even look at his face.

Black Blood Gang Boss Teddy: Maybe he’s not really rotten to the core…. [boss]

Blue Starman: His sole purpose is to keep passengers from passing through the cave.

Brainger / Cerebrum: What evil lab has manufactured this mobile brain?

Satania / Rockoyle: It likes to use PK Freeze.

Titanian: If you can beat it, that is great.

Mega-Borg: Special armor protects it from PSI attacks.

Grizzly: If you must sleep, don’t borrow his bed!

Gargoyle: It has the awful Stone of Origin.

Nuclear Robot / Super Energy: There is plenty of fuel inside of it.

R7038: Is there any way to defeat him? [boss]

Mook Senior / Oh-Mook: Not only will it attack using PSI, it is a thief!

R7038xx: New and, unfortunately, improved. [boss]

Giga Borg: He only has PK Beam. (Laser Beam)

Last Starman: It’s the strongest of the Starmen. (PSI Stone)

Suzie / Juana: She is good at, and not afraid to use, strong PSI attacks. (PSI Stone)

Star Miner: It carries, and likes to use, Bombs. (Super Bomb)

Last Borg / Omega Borg: He’s as strong as an ox.

Giegue / Giygas: It’s the final boss of the game. Since he’s invincible, you must sing to defeat him. [boss]


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