MOTHER 2 DELUXE Enemies, #1-169!

This is a list of enemies in MOTHER 2 DELUXE.

an alternate Starmen link.


Lunches of Enlightenment only restore 50 PP for Poo. For Ness and Paula, it only recovers 10 PP!


Use PK Flash on Ness’s Demon! Hopefully, it will make him cry or feel strange!

Here is The STARMEN page helped! In addition, this GameFAQs document (Sulfur!) was a great asset. The enemies are MUCH harder, so I had to enable some more codes.

Infinite HP for All Characters: 8251-57D6
Infinite Health for Character 1: 7E9A13E7 and 7E9A1403
Infinite Magic for Character 1: 7E9A1BE7 and 7E9A1C03

For the monkey trade quest: Get the Pencil Eraser, plus a Skip Sandwich and a Picnic Lunch from the desert store.

This is HARDER THAN THE ORIGINAL! I used these Youtube videos by MegaHarv as a walkthrough.

Use T to access the menu. (Why not “A”?!)

To get to Moonside: Press A when at the bar wall, away from Boris at the bar.


Crazy Enemies Code: Pro Action Replay: C0281D80 / Game Genie: 6D4F-7704 AND Pro Action Replay: C0281E1A / Game Genie: FC4F-7764 if the game freezes.

Game Genie: DB08-5FA8 (100% item drops in normal battles) / DB16-77DB (100% item drops in instant win battles)

7E98322A for Infinite Money!

Item Mod Codes

Item mod code for Ness
Slot 1 – 7E99F1??
Slot 2 – 7E99F2??
Slot 3 – 7E99F3??
Slot 4 – 7E99F4??
Slot 5 – 7E99F4??
Slot 6 – 7E99F5??
Slot 7 – 7E99F6??
Slot 8 – 7E99F7??
Slot 9 – 7E99F8??
Slot 10 – 7E99F9??
Slot 11 – 7E99FA??
Slot 12 – 7E99FB??
Slot 13 – 7E99FC??
Slot 14 – 7E99FD??

Paula’s item mod codes
slot 1 – 7E9A50??
slot 2 – 7E9A51??
slot 3 – 7E9A52??
slot 4 – 7E9A53??
slot 5 – 7E9A54??
slot 6 – 7E9A55??
slot 7 – 7E9A56??
slot 8 – 7E9A57??
slot 9 – 7E9A58??
slot 10 – 7E9A59??
slot 11 – 7E9A5A??
slot 12 – 7E9A5B??
slot 13 – 7E9A5C??
slot 14 – 7E9A5D??

Jeff’s item mod codes
slot 1 – 7E9AAF??
slot 2 – 7E9AB0??
slot 3 – 7E9AB1??
slot 4 – 7E9AB2??
slot 5 – 7E9AB3??
slot 6 – 7E9AB4??
slot 7 – 7E9AB5??
slot 8 – 7E9AB6??
slot 9 – 7E9AB7??
slot 10 – 7E9AB8??
slot 11 – 7E9AB9??
slot 12 – 7E9ABA??
slot 13 – 7E9ABB??
slot 14 – 7E9ABC??

Poo’s item mod codes
slot 1 – 7E9B0E??
slot 2 – 7E9B0F??
slot 3 – 7E9B10??
slot 4 – 7E9B11??
slot 5 – 7E9B12??
slot 6 – 7E9B13??
slot 7 – 7E9B14??
slot 8 – 7E9B15??
slot 9 – 7E9B16??
slot 10 – 7E9B17??
slot 11 – 7E9B18??
slot 12 – 7E9B19??
Slot 13 – 7E9B1A??
slot 14 – 7E9B1B??

Just replace the “??” with the value for whatever item you want.
01 – Franklin Badge

Here’s a table!

Code Name: Game Genie: Pro Action Replay:
Walk Thru All CB93-746F C054EAA9
Walk Thru Walls FD93-776F C054EE10
Text Doesn’t Stop EE64-54A1 C1892BFF

Detestable Crow: Seal your pack and pockets, as this foe will steal items quite often. (Cookie)

Ungrateful Dog 1: Here, boy! Fetch the stick! (WHAM!) Good boy! (Buttered Bread Roll)

Coil Snake: A very weak enemy, found mostly in Onett, but can be seen in other places around the world. (Cookie)

Starman Junior: This guy’s dad wouldn’t be too proud of him for losing so easily to Buzz-Buzz. [Onett boss]

Pogo Punk: Take him out before he gets hopping mad, and watch out for his charges. (Hamburger)

Skate Punk: He has the unmitigated audacity to call his friends into battle instead of facing you head on. Jerk! (Pizza)

Yes Man Junior: He’s bad to the bone, and dangerous with a hula hoop. (French Fries)

Frank: The leader of the Sharks can be a challenge if your level is low. Use your PSI Rockin to beat him. [Onett arcade Sharks boss]

Frankystein Mark II: Defend after he generates a burst of steam to protect against its strong attacks. [Onett arcade Sharks boss]

Delinquent Mouse: Like the Monster Mash, it has a high chance to give you the graveyard SMAAAAASH! (Buttered Bread Roll)

Reckless Slug: Since you don’t have any salt handy, just smaaash the little bugger to bits with your baseball bat. (Bomb)

Black Antoid 1: These little bugs can call for help. Stomp them hard before reinforcements come! (Cookie)

Black Antoid 2: These Black Antoids are partnered with Titanic Ant and know the secrets of PSI Lifeup. PSI Rockin’ them! [Giant Step boss]

Titanic Ant: He’s King of the World, Jack! Rockin’ his world and his cronies, and bash your way to victory. [Giant Step sanctuary boss]

Cop: His crushing chop can really hurt you, but not if you watch your HP. (Hamburger) [Onett Police Station boss]

Captain Strong: His Super Ultra Mambo Tango Foxtrot Martial Arts can really take their toll on you. Use hamburgers! (Boiled Egg) [Onett Police Station boss]

Rambling Mushroom: You’re in for a crazy ride if this fellow starts to scatter its spores… (Bottle of Ketchup)

Unassuming Local Guy: Assuming my info’s correct, he’s just a regular joe. Or John. I never bothered to ask his name. (Toothbrush)

Cranky Lady: Don’t get between her and a sale! She gives a fair amount of EXP for early on in your quest. (Handbag Strap)

Mr. Dimwit: He’s one strange little man. Watch your backpack, because he might swipe an item or two. [Burglin Park mini-boss]

Annoying Old Party Man: He had a few too many drinks at the last party. Smaaash some sense into him to win a Grownup Drink. (Grownup Drink)

New Age Retro Hippie: This wacky enemy will attack you with rulers and toothbrushes. Keep him away from the mushrooms! (Ruler)

Mobile Sprout: These annoying plants like to drain your PP. (Croissant)

Taciturn UFO: This pint-sized flying saucer can make you sick with its night-time stuffiness beam. (Skip Sandwich)

Spinning Robot: Round and round it goes, as will be your head from the cold it gives you! (Meteonium)

Big Woodoh: Be sure to call for backup — or defeat it first — this tree’s dynamite! (PSI Caramel)

Violent Cultist: Simple-minded enough to fall under Master Carpainter’s influence, yet strong enough to cause some damage with their paint attacks. (PSI Caramel)

Master Carpainter: Insane Cult Leader. Has a slight obsession with the color blue. [Happy-Happy Village boss]

Mole Playing Rough: He does not play nice. His sharp nails can rip your chance of victory to shreds. (Croissant)

Mighty Bear: This mighty foe can take its toll on a low-level party. PSI Freeze works wonders on it, though. (Teddy Bear)

Mr. Batty: Often confounds itself and starts wailing on its friends. Just bat the Batty. (Jar of Hot Sauce)

Mondo Mole: If you’d like to take a stroll down the road of easy battles, just paralyze him and take your time defeating him. [Lilliput Steps sanctuary boss]

Mischievous Sammy: It may use PSI Lifeup, so be sure to give it a case of Lifedown… in the form of bashin’. (Refreshing Herb)

Trick or Trick Kid: Be sure to gourd against some of his attacks, he’s a seedy guy. (Bomb)

No Good Fly: I don’t know where it got its naughty potty mouth, but it can say some seriously nasty things, man. (Boiled Egg)

Zombie Dog: Much tougher than its masters, but bites the dust when hit with fire or ice. (Pencil Rocket)

Cute Tommy: This creepy marionette is made of wood… which is extremely flammable. Whose hand is holding him? (Bag of Chocolate Chips)

Urban Zombie: It’s used to high costs of living and crowded subway stations, but hates being Fired or losing stock options. (Hamburger)

Zombie Possessor: Ghastly, Ghostly, and Gaseous — Just watch out, or you’ll be possessed! (Secret Herbal Medicine)

Ungrateful Dog 2: Fortunately, Jeff’s bouts with dogs earn him some dough much more often. (Buttered Bread Roll)

Gruff Goat: It might be a little gruff around the edges, but it is the best way to gain EXP for Jeff early on. (Package of Salt)

Mad Duck: This insane mallard can disrupt your ability to use PSI, but poses no threat to Jeff. (Boiled Egg)

Worthless Protoplasm: As the name implies, it’s not a prime choice for Giygas’s main army. Bash away! (Cookie)

Wandering Mushroom 1: Its plan for family gatherings is to gather them on your characters’ heads. Take it out quick! (Bottle of Ketchup)

Big Foot 1: It’s best to avoid him if your levels are low, but if you take him down, you’ll get a Picnic Lunch. (Picnic Lunch)

Smelly Ghost: It can take a lot of physical hits, but fire can penetrate the defenses of this menace. (Broken Iron)

Putrid Moldyman: This is what happens when you don’t take out the trash like your mom tells you to. Bash it before it trashes you! (Croissant)

Boogey Tent: Burn this bad boy down with your strongest PSI Fire attack. Watch out for his PSI Flash. [Threek boss]

Blergh: Someone ate just a tiny bit too much. You should make sure your food is not still alive before you eat it. [Threek mini-boss]

Red Antoid: Small yet powerful, this little fire ant can cause major grief. (Bag of Powdered Sugar)

Plain Alligator: This would be an alligator without cheese or ketchup. In any case, he can be surprisingly tough if you don’t take it seriously. (Meteonium)

Armored Frog: As cute as this little amphibian is, he’s got some major defense. Don’t take him lightly! (Broken Spray Can)

Violent Roach: It’s said to be the best survival animal known… until it meets Ness and crew. (Secret Herbal Medicine)

Muddy Zombie: His icy breath can make you catch a cold. (Skip Sandwich)

Foppy: These round creatures travel in packs, don’t pose much of a threat, and offer some nice EXP. (PSI Caramel)

Pretty Bad Fly: He’s still got a little good in him… or not. If they flock up, PSI Fire works nicely. (Pizza)

Squishy Slime: This disgusting little guy’s stinky breath will make it almost impossible for you to hit your target. (Bomb)

Belch: Save the Mr. Saturns by defeating this big pile of vomit. Distract him with Fly Honey to take him out. [Belch’s Factory boss]

Naughty Mushroom: Mushroomization spreads from this ‘shroom like the plague from rats. Be careful! (Rust Promoter)

Ranboob: It’s not stalking you, but it will fill your nostrils with a sleep-inducing aroma. (Picnic Lunch)

Tough Mobile Sprout: Tough by nature, but not tough against nature’s climate controls of Fire and Freeze. (Container of Seaweed)

Trillion Year Tree Sprout: A lot of fertilizer and Miracle-Grow did nothing for this guy. Watch its eye – you may get Diamondized. [Milky Well sanctuary boss]

Desert Wolf: This wolf’s bite is worse than its bark. His poisonous fangs could be your downfall. (Instant Guts)

Buffalo: This shaggy desert-dweller has good defense, so be careful when going up against him if you’re at a lower level. (Wet Towel)

Smiling Sphere: Is it smilin’ because it has a secret? Sure it does: powerful flames and a time bomb body! (Meteonium)

Crested Booka: This fanciful creature’s attacks aren’t too bad, but it can drop your Offense and Defense stats. (Picnic Lunch)

Skelpion: A poison stinger is a real zinger when it hits your finger. (Vial of Serum)

Kind UFO: Her attacks pack a little punch, and she can recover. Use physical attacks to make her crash and burn. (Cookie, French Fries, Hamburger, Boiled Egg, Fresh Egg, Picnic Lunch, Pizza)

Criminal Caterpillar: Whoa, Nelly! Chase this baby down to roll in a big bang of experience. (30,384 EXP!) Watch out for his PSI Fire.

Extra Cranky Lady: Watch your HP when this Cranky Lady starts swinging her bag at you. Her cruel words can hurt you. (Handbag Strap)

Annoying Reveler: Some people just don’t know when the party’s over. Watch out for his lectures; they lower your stats. (Grownup Drink)

Mad Taxi: It pollutes the air around you, and tries to run you over. Paralyze it and bid it farewell. (Insecticide Spray)

Crazed Sign: So this is Ohio!? Its attacks aren’t very strong, but it can put you to sleep or paralyze you. (Pencil Rocket x5)

Crooked Cop (Double Burger)

Thirsty Coil Snake: It’s thirsty, but not as parched as you’ll be for a Vial of Serum after getting its poison fangs! (Chick)

Gigantic Ant: Use your strongest physical attacks and offensive PSI attacks to make this ant holler uncle. (Double Burger)

Noose Man: They might look intimidating, but since they usually form a line, a nice PSI Fire blast will take care of them. (Box of Condensed Milk)

Hole Master: Each one you come across will claim that it is third in line. Perhaps they should have meetings more often. [Desert Gold Mine boss]

Musica: Electricity and sleep-inducing melodies ensure trouble, so pluck a few chords on it with your bat first in battle. (Instant Guts)

Scalding Coffee Cup: This particular foe is not well-liked at Starbucks, as it drops Lawsuits there from time to time. (Cup of Coffee)

Mystical Record: Not only is it strong, but it can heal its allies. No, it doesn’t come from Radio PSI. (Pizza)

Department Store Monster: This crazy mook has a taste for pretty girls in pink dresses. He also dreams of owning several Starbucks shops. [Fourside Department Store boss]

Robo-Gallon: If you can take it down in three rounds, you’ll take no damage; this countdown’s lethal! (Super Bomb)

Dali’s Clock: Time isn’t on your side in this battle. It can hit you multiple times in one turn, so watch your HP. (PSI Caramel)

Abstract Art: Art may be a little hard to understand, but it’s easy to see that this fight will be no problem. (Refreshing Herb)

Enraged Fire Plug: Don’t let your guard down around this guy. His gigantic blast of water will deplete your HP quickly! (Instant Guts)

Mani-Mani Devil: It can drain your PP, cancel your PSI effects, and Flash you. Use your strongest PSI attacks. [Moonside boss]

Sentry Robot: It dutifully summons more of its kind into battle periodically, so take care of it quickly. (Pencil Rocket x5)

Clumsy Robot: He may not have grace, but don’t underestimate him. If he fires a missile, it may sink your battle! [Monotoly Building boss]

Mighty Bear Seven: We’re not sure where one through six are, but number seven has some pretty nasty attacks, so beware. (Super Plush Teddy Bear)

Big Foot 2: If you want your Double Burger well done, use PSI Fire along with PSI Rockin to burn his bacon! (Double Burger)

Arachnid!: Ewww, an icky spider! Kill it before it has a chance to poison you. (Jar of Hot Sauce)

Strong Alligator: Very tough indeed. High attacks can send the whole party into distress, so focus on it first. (Super Bomb)

Elder Batty: It doesn’t pose a serious threat, but don’t rule it out completely. It can make you numb. (Double Burger)

Shrooom!: A much more excited mushroom means trouble. Use PSI Fire before it Shrooom!’s your head! [Rainy Circle sanctuary boss]

Tough Guy: As the name implies, he relies on the many art forms of punching. Said to be running for governor of California. (Chick)

Overzealous Cop: The fuzz in Summers are pretty rare, but in the event you do find one, they’re not really too tough. (Double Burger)

Fierce Shattered Man: A lonely and shattered shell of a man. He still calls for his mummy, though he can handle his own in battle. (Summers Museum mini-boss) [Mummy Wrapping]

Kraken: What’s crackin’? This serpent doesn’t drop any items, but victory is its own reward. (79,267 EXP!) [Summers boss]

Great Crested Booka: Its war cry can lower your power in battle. Take care when it charges forward. (Beef Jerky)

High-class UFO: A red shirt must have fallen into the wash when this UFO was being cleaned. (Double Skip Sandwich)

Marauder Octobot: Keep an eye on all his tentacles. He may snatch an item or two with one, while attacking you with another. (Lucky Sandwich)

Dead Skelpion: The Franklin Badge may deflect the PSI Thunder attacks, but it won’t protect you from being poisoned. (Bottle of Ketchup)

Considerate UFO: Don’t let her charm fool you. She packs a punch, but victory in battle will land you one of many great items. (Can of Fruit Juice, Royal Iced Tea, Grownup Drink, Kraken Soup, Bottle of Water, Cold Remedy, Vial of Serum)

Stinky Ghost: Its defense is stellar. The easiest way to defeat it is to PSI Fire… and light a match to get rid of the smell. Ugh. (Chef’s Special)

Filthy Attack Roach: This vermin is extremely weak against offensive PSI attacks. (Secret Herbal Medicine)

Evil Mouse: It’s not as deadly as its name implies. Watch out for its poisonous fangs, though. (Rust Promoter)

Plague Rat of Doom: No, he’s not Splinter, but he will infest you with some poisonous ooze if you don’t bash or Pencil Rocket him fast enough. [Fourside Sewers / Magnet Hill sanctuary boss]

Tengu: Harmony on the flute makes you drowsy, so be sure to bash the wind out of him. (Snake)

Conducting Menace: The Franklin Badge is your friend in this battle. Take him out with a few offensive PSI attacks. (Bottle of Water)

Kiss of Death: After starring in a toothpaste commercial, it turned to a life of crime when it couldn’t find any work. (Universal Spice)

Little Thunder: It mite be an easy win, it mite not — it depends who has the Franklin Badge to reflect its bolts. (Bottle of Water)

Lightning and Storm: Weather or not you survive this battle depends on your offense; Fire and Freeze are potent for the both of them. (129,026 EXP!) [Pink Cloud sanctuary boss]

Cursed Hieroglyph: Despite being a drawing on a wall, this enemy will unleash many powerful PSI attacks. (Pharaoh’s Curse)

Lethal Asp Hieroglyph: As its name implies, it could be deadly if you don’t take care of it quickly. (Pharaoh’s Curse)

Shattered Man: When he hugs you, it isn’t to show affection. He’ll solidify your party, so act fast. (Mummy Wrapping)

Royal Stone Statue: A guard who does his duties well, he can be rough unless you take care of him first. A Bazooka is very helpful here. (Instant Guts)

Arachnid!!!: It will take more than a can of Insecticide Spray to take care of this spider. (Beef Jerky)

Statue Boss: This tough foe can really knock your socks off. Keep your HP up, and give it all you’ve got. [Pyramid boss]

Lesser Mook: This chilling foe can diamondize you, so beware of its glare. (PSI Caramel)

Mook Senior: This old tentacled foe has some nasty PSI attacks and can diamondize you with his evil glare. (PSI Caramel)

Huge Barfy Slime: Try not to breathe near this vomitous being. Its status-altering attacks add difficulty to the battle. (Meteotite)

Devil Rafflesia: This plant proves the Little Shop of Horrors orders its ferna from the Deep Darkness. (Spicy Jerky)

Electric Eel: Shockingly enough, it attacks with bolts of lightning. Franklin’s got one up on it, though. (PSI Caramel)

Tough Alligator: This hard-hitting reptile has a soft side. A lucky victory will yield a Super Plush Teddy Bear. (Super Plush Teddy Bear)

Persistent Slug: They’re the pits! They like to travel in packs, but they’re so easy, this just means free experience. (Package of Salt)

Gutsy Woodoh: Some old folks are just mean. Save him for last, because he explodes. (Viper)

Barfy Slime: Looks like someone tried to eat too much eggplant! It’ll make you cry, and it can call for help, so watch it! (Pencil Rocket x20)

Manly Fish’s Brother: This aquatic foe has the power to bring back the dead, and you can too, with the rare Horn of Life he could drop. (Horn of Life)

Manly Fish: He’s not really that manly. He just keeps poking at you with his spear. He should be no trouble. (Beef Jerky)

The Return of Belch: Belch is back, with a vengeance and a new odor. Use PSI attacks and items when you start to cry. [Deep Darkness boss] (Casey Bat)

Wooly Shambler: Like Cousin Itt gone wrong, this foe’ll fall to the very climate it lives in – Ice. (Pencil Rocket x20)

Whirling Robot: It’s equipped with a beam that’ll give you a cold and make your head spin, so reciprocate with a blast of Freeze yourself! (Meteotite)

Energy Robot: It will take some time to drain the life of this mechanical beast because it can replenish its HP. (Super Bomb)

Starman: No ranks yet, but it still beams you up. (easy there, Scotty) [Lunch of Enlightenment]

Starman Super: It can revive fallen party members, so rough it up first and hope for the elusive Sword of Kings. (Sword of Kings)

Military Octobot: He may only have four extremities, but we don’t want to call him a tetrabot. That just sounds weird. (Meteotite)

Starman Deluxe: Order the new Starman DX, now with companion calling, PSI Shield β making, and Starstorming action! [Stonehenge Base boss]

Fobby: Like Foppy, this creature is not much of a problem and offers a nice EXP boost. (PSI Caramel)

Creepy Sphere: A real troublemaker, sporting both PSI Fire techniques and a deadly self-destruct sequence. Finish it last! (Broken Antenna)

Twirling Robot: This metallic being can keep you from using your PSI skills. Smaaash it to bits. (Meteotite)

Conducting Spirit: Show him the sparks that can fly when you Smaash him into tomorrow with physical attacks. (Lunch of Enlightenment)

Electro Specter: Equip your Franklin Badge, and the Electro Specter won’t be dancing to Kung Fu Fighting much longer. [Lumine Hall sanctuary boss]

Wetnosaurus: Someone get this dino a hanky! It’s strong, but not when it gets Fired up. (Luxury Jerky)

Ego Stone: Its attacks are as big as its ego. Keep your HP up, and give it all you’ve got! (Double Skip Sandwich)

Starvingsaurus: This pretty purple dinosaur has one of Paula’s most powerful weapons. (Magical Fry Pan)

Cursed Annoyance: Don’t let its fiery sprite fool you, Evil Elemental is weak against PSI Fire, so fire away. (Luxury Jerky)

Major Psychic Psycho: He’s on fire! A strong PSI shield will protect you from his powerful psychic attacks. (Star Pendant)

Psychic Psycho: He can read your future… he sees… BURNING! Take care not to receive his powerful PSI attacks! (PSI Caramel)

Soul Consuming Flame: Extinguish this menace or prepare to get burned. Slow it down with some PSI Freeze magic. (Meteotite)

Carbon Dog: The first form of your final Sanctuary Boss. This mutt uses a powerful fire attack. [Fire Spring sanctuary boss; first form]

Diamond Dog: Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend, especially when they’re in ferocious dog form. [Fire Spring sanctuary boss; second form]

Loaded Die: Taking your time to take out this foe may be a gamble because it can call on more powerful allies. (PSI Caramel)

Mr. Molecule: The bonds between its molecules are weak, as are its concentration, PSI usage, and challenge level. (Magic Tart)

Care-Free Bomb: Its attacks are explosive! Keep your HP up and use your strongest physical attacks to defuse it. (Super Bomb)

French Kiss of Death: Show this creature some modesty, and a Horn of Life may soon be yours. (Horn of Life)

Electro Swoosh: As powerful as its electric attacks may be, it’s still nice enough to send a friendly greeting. (Instant Guts)

Ness’s Demon: The name holds completely. Bust out your best PSI or heal yourself until it depletes its own PP… hope that you survive! [Sea of Eden boss]

Evil Eye: His glare can diamondize, so take care of him as quickly as you can with your strongest PSI Freeze. (Meteotite)

Starman’s Ancestor: This neon pink glowing spirit holds Paula’s strongest ribbon. (Goddess Ribbon)

Elite Octobot: This shifty foe can swipe an item if you’re not careful. Show it that no crime goes unpunished! (Meteotite)

Super Energy Robot: Though its Fuel Replenishing is quite the annoyance, take care of it last unless you want a face full of shrapnel. (Super Bomb)

Wild ‘n Wooly Shambler: Watch for its PSI Shield β — it can make for a hairy battle. (Pencil Rocket x20)

Ultimate Octobot: A thief and master of the Electric Slide — just watch that you don’t get paralyzed by it. (PSI Caramel)

Hermit Devil: A single bite from this foe can poison or diamondize. Tread lightly! (Horn of Life)

Final Starman: He is the last in the long lineup of Starmen. Counter his strong PSI attacks with a PSI Shield. (PSI Caramel)

Bionic Kraken: Make sure to equip the Franklin Badge and watch your HP counter. A win could yield the rare Gutsy Bat. (Gutsy Bat)

Heavily Equipped Porky: You finally face your rival. Unleash all the rage against him you’ve been holding in. [Cave of the Past boss]

Gyiyg: What’s there to say, really? He’s the source of all the evil you’ve faced up to this point. [ultimate Cave of the Past boss]

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