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What Do Your New Year’s Plans Say About You? / What’s Your Summer Name?

December 29, 2014

You Are Unique You have always done things your way. You are proud to only follow traditions as you see fit. You like to have a good time, but it’s often on your own terms. Your idea of fun is a bit different! Your attitude for the new year is one of creativity and individual […]

Bug bites, Tracy Bonham, no lamp fixing, HALO 2, Robin, Mario’s head in PONG

August 6, 2014

Mike and I discussed coffee, Youtube videos, prank calls, pausing before jokes, cooking Spanish rice, CHKDSK scans, reformatting the computer, CIVILIZATION, FINAL FANTASY 1, Beck’s LOSER, Tracy Bonham’s MOTHER MOTHER, Regina, engineers pushing back the ocean in FreeCiv for Windows, and Linux. We also conversed about my taking a nap, INSANITY WOLF, OREGON TRAIL, CALL […]

Dennis and Susan’s wedding banquet / Twice the amount of squab and seafood!

July 19, 2014

Thank goodness Mike left the transit decisions up to me for once yesterday afternoon, so we could meet at Brighouse at 4:55! Of COURSE the Trip Planning had to be down, but the Bus Schedules still worked to formulate a plan! When I was actually at Brighouse (almost forgetting my hat), there was a group […]

Ladner outdoor market and the small group BBQ at Pastor Dan’s

July 28, 2013

Michael and I had a pre-emptive discussion on proper behavior / etiquette / public displays of affection (PDA) last night through Facebook messages, and he did know how to use common sense! He thinks I can whisper in his ear if he does something that makes me feel uncomfortable; while I appreciate his consideration, he […]

Stupid movie nights with sugar daddies! / Tamarind crab / Toilet at dumpster

June 15, 2013

Eric sent us a Fellowship email invite to another utterly stupid-sounding movie night at Alan and Tracy’s on the 21st… the movie is called SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN, which just reminds me of sugar daddies. Given the last movie they picked, which starred JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, I have no expectations at all. At least I had […]

Pastor Edward’s second farewell dinner

January 27, 2013

Eric picked me up at 5:40, by which time I’d called Jon to see if he were going to Pastor Edward’s second farewell dinner. Since he was, I brought the chestnuts / lemons / ginger for him. I told Eric that I wasn’t ready yet, which wasn’t what I’d told him when he called to […]

Lazy Cowpoke, Frank working, bleached bones, Enrich Flavor

January 3, 2013

Here’s a post by Tomato comparing MOTHER 2 to EARTHBOUND, ending-wise. Three dead angels in the Cave of the Past! This is what happens when you die: “Ness! It looks like you got your head handed to you.” Giygas, right after you defeat him: The war against Giygas is over! Things in the EARTHBOUND universe […]

Arizona postcards, Traci, Jennifer, Taylor, Flying Men, Magicant

January 2, 2013

I had a nap this afternoon, then checked my mail to find an Arizona postcard from _luaineach, Christmas cards from Casey R. (chickabimbo) / Traci S. (smithdidit) / Marilynn S. (headless_maids) / Jennifer N. (khoshgeleh_16 – my year SHOULD be free of a certain kind of drama brought on by SOMEONE) / Taylor V. (32389) […]

Full Escargo Express, Magic Cake, Mu Training

December 30, 2012

Eric tried calling me this morning to go to church, but I wasn’t having any of it. I did wish his mom Veronica a late Merry Christmas, though. My freezer and fridge are now making weird noises… WTF?! At the Summers shop, we call our sister Tracy at Escargo Express so we can get rid […]

Time as literal currency? / November 2012 BBT Tally

November 30, 2012

White Eric called to see whether I was going tonight, so I told him what was up. Chinese Eric called a few minutes later to be let in; that was fine, then we had a marathon of phone calls to white Eric and Tracy to figure out how to be let in if the cellphone […]