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Dream about high-maintenance strangers falling into a hole / COOKIES!

February 10, 2011

I had a weird dream which at first involved my working at a telephone company, making a bunch of calls. When we got our checks, I had $59,015 on a yellow cheque while Tim (lackofendorphin) had $150,023 on a really red and green cheque! When my mom saw these, she immediately compared the amount; she […]

Buns for breakfast, and Chinese Eric arrangements… DOGGY PILE ON LISA!

January 28, 2011

Before having buns for breakfast, I called Chinese Eric to see whether he was still interested for tonight; upon not receiving an answer, I hung up. The phone rang just a few seconds later – yup, that was Chinese Eric! He had called me in the morning (when I wasn’t up :P) to see about […]

Pants replacements, BBQ chips, visual mythology, and man shorts!

July 31, 2010

High-scoring words of the afternoon: ARGOSIES (220 points; 4W, 5W; a good deficit-erasing word!), FOVEAS (140 points; 5W, 2W) – against Joan H. ASKED (197 points) – against Chris J. [3W, 5W, hook off FAN to make AN] Went to the mall to get a bunch of stuff – panties, sweatpants, and green pants (no […]

Sport Chek and New Hampshire on the same day?!

November 25, 2008

PHEW… thought I’d NEVER get back online! My computer refused to work when I finally got up, so I thought maybe the monitor had problems. Don’t know what it was, but it finally worked again about an hour later. At least I got a baby card and some Christmas cards done. I hope there’s a […]

Consoling lounges / Dallas / "SportsChek" / Cigarette dreams

April 30, 2008

Bingos of the day so far: PUERPERA (59 points) – against Josephine S. CONSOLER (72 points) – against Matt H. LOUNGERS (66 points) – against Chris N. ABLEGATE (65 points) – against Mel G. [girl] Jon says he and Dallas might drop by in the afternoon to drop off some of his stuff after a […]

Old nursery rhymes, hospitals, dreaming, and online emoticons

July 18, 2006

Karen sent us all another email about the BBQ, only this time it was to apologize for her not being sufficiently prepared and loving at the “corporate side dish strategy meeting” the other night. It might be better if she apologized for last week’s incessant emailing about this event… 20 emails about the same subject?! […]

For the last time, this is NOT a sports store! / I got a sweet deal on a water bottle!

July 12, 2006

I occasionally get phone calls asking if this apartment is SportsChek. I’ve tried telling people that this isn’t a sports store, but I usually get this whiny response: “But this is the number I called, and I was told this is SportsChek / Coast Mountain Sports!” So now I just hang up on them: there […]

Don’t jabronies look up phone numbers before they dial them?!

May 12, 2006

The only reason I have my phone on is so that Helen can reach me when she gets here. So far this morning, I’ve dealt with two telemarketers and at least three wrong numbers… one of which was from a Dr. Hutchinson’s office looking for someone named Tricia! Don’t these jabronie numbnuts LOOK UP phone […]

Quirky groceries, wrong numbers, Kirby Puckett dead, violins as lobsters, quizzes

March 6, 2006

I now have four litres of green tea, a lot of milk (chocolate / strawberry / regular), chocolate cherry fondue yogurt, digestive biscuits, an Asian citrus wild salmon meal, and a bunch of other more mundane groceries… go me! Yes, I know I ranted about strawberry milk recently, but Milk To Go tastes better than […]

Venus Café and afghans

December 15, 2003

had a good time with Jon, Eddie, and Nate at the Venus Café.. talked about the accident, SportsChek and serving NHL players.. our church friends (Dawn, Dennis, Anita, Danielle, etc.), food.. Nate’s creative way of saying “I did a #2”.. (“I did a 3 minus 1”) praying before you eat.. (funny questions like “are you […]