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An evil stone plate, Ruby, sweet-tasting Rubies, the Rod, Oxyale, the Slab

July 7, 2017

I decided to call my worker Barry at 10:50 to finally let him know about last week’s events: Hester actually believing me with proof about the freezer not working. I swear, the ice cream was pretty bleh! Then the apartment building manager Hester, her husband Ni, and the maintenance repair guy came around at 1:30 […]

A backwards-talking broom in Gaia! / The Bottled Fairy from the Caravan!

June 14, 2017

The SUPER MARIO FANTASY ADVENTURE party (Mario / Luigi / Yoshi / Toad) is finally able to fly into Gaia, where they come across this backwards-talking broom! “Do you have great Power?” it asks them in backwards speak. The SUPER MARIO FANTASY ADVENTURE party (Mario / Luigi / Yoshi / Toad) is finally able to […]

Candy Hen! / Fnord! / Fobbies are Borange! / Mr. Jupiter! / Larice’s Magicant

January 20, 2017

My mouse drifted away to the other side of the screen a lot yesterday, and has now refused to open a right-click menu in Chrome, so I switched to Opera, then found out about an hour later that right-clicking worked in Chrome again. Okay, then! I also made an appointment with Dr. Ruby for 2:50 […]

The Last Water! / Bathtub in Space! / A chewed-on spaceship! / A space rocket

December 13, 2016

I got stickers from Nyani M. (browngirl / rubynye) today in the mail: Dragon stickers from the webcomic Will 5 Never Come, a girl with a black dress, a girl with artwork, a black girl with an orange dragon, blue superhero stickers, musical notes with rainbows, golden awards, a girl summoning a rainbow swirl, a […]

Airhorn prank, Flying Men in BOZOBOUND Magicant, complicated winter jackets

December 7, 2016

Mom said that she and Dad could pay a lot of the $160 passport fee if I waited for her outside Dr. Ruby’s office at the early hour of 9:45 AM or if they picked me up at 9 AM. I opted for the latter, given the current state of the weather around here. She […]

Dr. Yooghurt in the Neptunian Tribune, a floating teapot, the Eye in the Pyramid

December 1, 2016

It was definitely time for coffee this morning since I unwisely stayed up till 3:40 AM completing all the new Blogthings which I discovered! I changed my one non-CFL light bulb this morning since the other one had went out last night. Then I went out at 2:20 for my doctor’s appointment at 3 with […]

Asam Pedas hot and sour noodles, Stewarts Fountain pop, Tom joining Mr. Tenda

November 25, 2016

I had coffee and took aspirin before leaving at 1:10 (just missing the 401) to kill time at Shoppers Drug Mart. I bought an on-sale $1 can of mixed beans (where the deal expires TODAY) and Blue Menu store brand All-Bran at $4.50, saving $1.50 over London Drugs and $3.50 over Price Smart! Someone called […]

Scary zombie Teletubbies, strange kids causing chaos, having no tomatoes today

November 16, 2016

I called Dr. Ruby’s office to reschedule my Pap smear, but apparently they don’t do them on Mondays since they’re too busy. Earlier is better because people do pick up the specimens from the office, so the receptionist says. So then I had to settle for Friday, Nov. 25 at 2. Then I called Chrystal […]

Traumatizing children on Halloween, prizes in tampon boxes, bananas and milk

November 2, 2016

I discovered the symptoms of redrum last night / this morning, so I called Dr. Ruby just now to cancel my Friday’s doctor appointment. From Janina and WitchesSky Inspirations and Cackles: Halloween is the only day of the year where traumatizing children is socially acceptable. From Julie: They should put prizes in your tampon box. […]

The female reproductive system / Committing my uterus to God / Welcome to Canada

August 12, 2016

I dreamed that McDonalds served coffee in actual coffee mugs, and then made me wait half an hour for it to cool down when I just wanted Starbucks-like disposable coffee cups. Then Vanessa had flown out to Russia, only to bring back some purple flowers from Norfolk. What?! I booked a doctor’s appointment for 3:10 […]