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Fit-Over sleeves and unexpected Vivacity dinner!

December 4, 2010

When Henry picked me up this afternoon, I had to laugh because it seemed as if he were listening to The Beat. He was really listening to Christian urban music, hahaha! We talked briefly about winter plans – he has Winter Con, which a lot of people are attending since it’s here in Vancouver! I […]

PIZZA PARTY and bumps on the head courtesy of Victor

November 20, 2010

When Ada called me this afternoon, I was certainly ready to brave the snowy elements outside! I was at the entrance when she got here, and it wasn’t terrible… though with more snow expected tonight or tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if this bad winter will be foreshadowed! Ian was busy talking to his guy […]

I disagree with punishing the kid for just having fun!

November 6, 2010

When Henry picked me up in the rain, he said that the Passion concert last night was awesome! I’m sure that having 10,900 people singing along to Chris Tomlin or whoever would have been pretty powerful! I had seen his picture of the crowd at Rogers Arena, and said “WOW!” to myself, haha. He asked […]

Jackets on head, Daniel being organized, Gloria Leung, mouth full

September 25, 2010

Henry picked me up a bit after 3:30 in the sunshine, and we were off. He said they’d done some kind of Bible Discovery thing last night which wasn’t quite understandable, and had forgotten his notebook and four colored pens just now. Whoops! I told him that the forgetting would happen much more often – […]

You want burgers for breakfast?! Wow!

September 18, 2010

Henry and I discussed school and other things on the way to church. When we got there, Jessica wished me a happy belated birthday as I interacted with Auntie Kam (Golden’s not here!), her daughter Zoe, Sabrina (the police record check is too far – parking’s a pain!), Cynthia (my sister used to be her […]

Belcarra Park with the kids – Addison, Rossini, Keefe, Kayden, Kaden, and more?!

August 25, 2010

On the way to church, Henry and I didn’t discuss much – we were both trying to get used to being awake! He’d unconsciously pressed the snooze button twice, including right after I called him to wake him up / remind him to pick me up. As I told a number of people (Sabrina / […]

VBS photos, good posting progress (dictator mod), and hardcore icons

August 22, 2010

Got back up at 1:30, and started looking at Sarah’s VBS photos: Sarah, Mary, Mark, Conor, Sean L. looking like he’s picking his nose, various kids playing games / doing crafts / dancing on stage, Jordan showing off his butt, Rosenda, Hilary, Bianca looking sad, Reigan, Danny / Benedict / Amos / others at Stanley […]

The alcohol is still doing a number on my blood vessels…

July 25, 2010

Eric called at 9:20, and we were soon on our way. We spent the ride discussing my “excessive” alcohol consumption last night (with two naps, even!), NOT drinking alone, illustrative death threats, a record of 21 on Good Friday 2006, and his playing games last night. Then we talked about my denying certain “entities” their […]

Appearing at the Awana awards ceremony and the carnival

June 12, 2010

Henry picked me up at about 3, and we were off to the last day of Awana. We discussed the butterfly effect (where a Brazilian butterfly flapping its wings could cause a Texas hurricane), his astronomy projects, 2012, resting on the sun, MYTH busting, the weird traffic stall on the bridge, Vacation Bible School, Ambleside, […]

I highly doubt that Margaret is in love with her own brother, Jordan…

May 1, 2010

I thought I had a bit of a fever, so took a hot shower before napping briefly under warm blankets. When Henry picked me up, we listened to the pre-game show on Team 1040… I wasn’t sure if we’d miss the start of the hockey game because of the park outing, but we did. Then […]