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You could have picked DIFFERING middle names for your kids, y’know…

February 11, 2009

Bingo of the night so far: REAROUSES (90 points) – against Nadine S.-F. High-scoring words of the night so far: OXY (130 points) – against Josephine S. [5W, 3L on Y] MAFIOSO (334 points) – against Itamar R. [two 4W, hook off FAZE for a plural] THROAT (192 points; two 4W), AXSEED (256 points; two […]

Carpet showers while baking an oversalted loaf

January 29, 2009

Bingo of the day so far: OVERSALT (87 points) – against Judy B. High-scoring words of the day so far: DOGEYS (126 points) – against Angela V. [two 3W] CARPET (111 points) – against Karla M. [two 2W, hook off SHAKE to make SHAKER] SHOWERS (100 points) – against Mary M. [5W, 2L on H] […]

Cheap cards / Octuplets!

January 26, 2009

Went out earlier (BEFORE the snow will hit!) to buy healthy, suitable, sharable snacks for Sunday’s meeting: I saw SunRype Fruit Source (Mixed Berry / Plus Veggie Tropical) at Shoppers, and I think even Eric could eat these! Of course, he’ll have to look at the ingredients first to make sure. However, they have no […]

Various random observations / memories about kids, Wikipedia, and multiple births

August 30, 2006

I remember kids in elementary school named Aura, Mitchell, and Sebastian. Wonder what they’re doing now, heh. (I also remember a counsellor I had named Peggy, and a kid at the pool named Larisa) After reading Facts About Multiples some more this afternoon, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d definitely NOT like to have […]

Editing tags, OCDL, multiples

May 21, 2006

I decided that I was tired of all the “0 uses” on my LJ tags page where those tags were actually used once on previously-filtered entries. Originally, I thought of deleting them… but then I figured I could add those tags to pre-existing entries: one entry for each letter of the alphabet where “0 uses” […]

Funny quotes and weird first introductions

March 30, 2003

Well, here they are.. the funniest quotes of the week: HILARIOUS QUOTES OF THE WEEK (3) “aren’t decaplets.. twins born with no heads? no surprise you’d run riot with me mentioning twins [really octuplets and upwards] in a post, though..” — Spoz, trying to figure out names for the highest of higher-order multiples.. and jokingly […]

Facts About Multiples stuff

March 25, 2003

This whole long post is inspired by a line I was reading just now: “a woman in the USA gives birth to octuplets, nineplets.. or if they can even find a word for it.. 10 kids upwards.. ” (and for those of you who are wondering how I can make a long post out of […]