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Found Shoppers Optimum card, but can’t open jars! / Vanessa plans

December 19, 2012

I finally found my Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card in my purse (where I DID look…) after thinking it was lost for an entire week! 😀 On the other hand, I STILL CANNOT OPEN JARS! I wasted my oolong tea, and am about to waste my V8 tomato cocktail with this! Where the fuck did […]

2012 Checkbox Survey

December 13, 2012

Why did I get up at 6:15 AM?! Ugh. 2012 Checkbox Survey This year, I have… Graduated High School. Smoked cigarettes. Got so drunk I passed out. Been on every ride at an amusement park. Collected something really stupid. Gone to a rock concert. Helped someone. Gone fishing. Watched four movies in one night. Gone […]

Blocking Celery, Tammy, Stuart, and others

December 12, 2012

That insipid vegetable – Tammy’s pet project – was going to apologize to me?! YEAH RIGHT, I HAVE INTUITION ABOUT THESE THINGS. Ha, I still think it was in Puckheads to troll. I don’t care if she deleted or banned me from the group last night, because now I can actually fucking BLOCK PEOPLE WHO […]

Flint pretty handsome, tortilla patch, Duster’s whiskers, moldy putrid apples

December 5, 2012

White Eric got on MSN to inform me that he’d be busing to Dylan’s tomorrow for small group. He says he’ll bring bread in lieu of a main dish since it’ll be too hard to heat up and such with his work schedule. Guess that’s understandable! I told him that some people just deserved bad […]

Finished WordPress editing! / Lettuce wraps / Squidward

November 24, 2012

Finally finished editing all the WordPress posts for extraneous HTML which Blogger put in there, so I can definitely return to DRAGON QUEST VI in between computer restarts! YAY! Talked to Talia briefly on AIM about lettuce wraps and buying individual leaves off the head – I don’t think that’s possible. Too bad about the […]

Scottish ancestry, weird laptop light spots, and unplugging mouse

November 10, 2012

Someone named Brett L. added me to Facebook; I checked my other messages, and it turns out he’s ROGUETRADER – NICE BLAST FROM THE PAST! Talked briefly to Vanessa on MSN last night about family trees, Ancestry.com reportedly being free at the public library, and long shifts. She’s like Jen, who has a bit of […]

EARTHBOUND Home Sweet Home Extended Version!

November 4, 2012

White Eric got on MSN last night to see whether I was going to church today; since he had that audio-visual meeting later, that wasn’t an option for me! Good thing he knows, too. Talked to Talia very briefly on AIM. EARTHBOUND “Home Sweet Home,” extended version! 😀

Annoying notifications, redrum, and Mom

October 31, 2012

James went on YM right after giving me 30 FB notifications in two minutes, which was ANNOYING AS HECK since I do status notes, and had to edit everything multiple times. Vanessa got on MSN to ask about Grandma, so I updated her on the death and such. Chinese Eric called me, but I didn’t […]

Church, new babies Alexis and Charis, plus support

October 28, 2012

Kevin sent me an email yesterday thanking me for the email thread on Big G’s condition lately, and saying that she was blessed to have the family’s presence. His thoughts and prayers are with us, he added. (I saw Scott say the same thing on Jon’s page) Harmony forwarded me and Steph some sympathy wishes […]

Melodramatic emails, morphine, and downtime

October 24, 2012

Got up and checked my phone: one missed call at 1:10 AM. Hmmm. Checking my email, I found a dramatic one from my mom: “Urgent Need! Hold off on your visits because they had to give Mother more oxygen and some morphine!” Knowing how melodramatic Mom can be, I called my sister. “Grandma’s FINE – […]