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Poor, defenseless dragon! / Summarize the book! / Document LEFT BEHIND THE FLOOR

November 21, 2016

Poor, defenseless dragon! / Summarize the book! / Document LEFT BEHIND THE FLOOR From Julie, Creepy Stuff, and THE ADDAMS FAMILY: “A knight in shining armor. He killed the dragon.” “I can’t believe anyone would kill a dragon.” “The poor, defenseless dragon.” #DragonLivesMatter Teacher to a student named Jen: “No, I said SUMMARIZE the book…” […]

Not washing your hands, liking serial killers, cereal in a small strainer

October 31, 2016

From James: I don’t always hear people go to the bathroom, but when I do, they take a massive dump and don’t wash their hands. Julie S. let me know about this. “Me: I like serial killers! Person: But they killed people! Me, rolling my eyes in sarcasm: Whoa, really?! I had no idea. Obviously…” […]

Pasta and sausage! / No convenience stores! / Size 34FFF boobs?! / Doge bag!

August 3, 2016

I left for Harmony’s at 3:30, just managed to get the 407 because I shouted at another running person to tell the bus to wait, and didn’t have any time to buy snacks before getting to the house at 4:40 or so. Ayler saw me from the window, and I could hear him say “Auntie.” […]

Girls smelling like colon! / Playing with the DRAGON QUEST III Small Medal

June 26, 2016

From Matt: Your result for YOUR Average Day & Thoughts Quiz!… The Bore You are roughly 58% Fun & Adventurous! 61% Educated & Intelligent. 58% Fun & Adventurous. 68% Hygienic & Organized. 61% Fit, Sexy, & Interesting. 74% Logical & Practical. 35% Compassionate & Understanding. 20% Ugly & Shallow. 43% Open-Minded.   You Ranked: The […]

Holly, Lena, Helen Y., Snoopy and Woodstock birdies, Brooke, no Jen

February 14, 2016

Holly and I talked a bit today via Facebook messages – too much narcissism in her life from her mother-in-law Jessie, and possibly her husband! I also talked to Lena for a bit via Facebook messages – at least Christian seems to be a good guy! No, she doesn’t want to trade Robin for Mike […]

Delightful congee, baby Isabelle, Dick Smalley, Christian Guy, Gay Lemons

December 11, 2015

Vanessa sent me a Facebook message tonight while I was tagging, so we talked about her bringing Jen some congee (which she described as “delightful” as she was having it with chicken for the first time), her initially rendering “jook” as “juke,” Eric thinking that I could cook Mike some congee to make up for […]

Cleaning hair with body wash?! / Toilet paper, REJECTED snowmen, toilets

December 2, 2015

I almost washed my hair with Irish Spring body wash last night, haha – I’m losing it! Then I tried eating my beef soup with a fork instead of a spoon just now – WTF?! Also, I discovered redrum when I got up this morning – time for Advil, all right! Vanessa told me a […]

Catherine, PEOPLE I WANT TO PUNCH IN THE THROAT, 2-1 win, Pumpkin Spice condoms

October 12, 2015

Catherine Tracy tried adding me to Facebook – DENIED! I finally finished the old dumplings from July 20, too! A woman was showing her daughter People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off Despots, and Other Suburban Scourges (Jen Mann) at the bookstore yesterday with the line “You’d like this book,” so […]

Raccoons trying to board a Stanley Park bus / Watermelon waiting for the bus

September 4, 2015

Vanessa and Jason got married today in Langley, and I found out through Jen’s Facebook wall post to Vanessa of her wedding program. That’s fine! As an adult, I’m not eating nearly as much ice cream as 10-year-old me thought I would! Raccoons trying to board a Stanley Park bus in 2010! (from David Lam) […]

Barry forgetting to call me back, Eric, Subway, Chili Club Mix now open, Khatari, Gen

March 18, 2015

I called Barry at 12:20, and he said he’d call me back in ten minutes. He forgot, so I had to call him back an hour later. Shades of Mike! Anyway, I set up a food shopping appointment for next Wednesday at noon; yes, I should bring the tax forms and the rent increase forms! […]