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SEXTUPLETS TAKE NEW YORK! / Mistakes, thoughts, and unreliability

September 3, 2013

This morning, I found a TLC show which I’d like: SEXTUPLETS TAKE NEW YORK! Wikipedia’s List of Multiple Births: “The Carpio sextuplets (born October 6, 2008 in the New York City borough of Queens) are the first Hispanic sextuplets to be born in America. It is not known if their parents, Victor and Digna Carpio, […]

Thrush not being THRUST, religious insanity, TURKEY MEATBALLS, and Declan!

October 10, 2012

Apparently, the belated Thanksgiving Dinner will be at Jon and Harmony’s instead since Mom’s been sick all week and still has to work at Langara on Saturday. She misses seeing Ayler and Havarti, I’m sure. (she also emailed about thrush, but rendered it as “thrust”) This means I should have called Chinese Eric tonight instead […]


August 3, 2012

Eric picked me up, and we were at Dylan’s shortly; he saw Randal in front of us, and pointed this out. I had no idea about that! There were a lot of people over; I talked to Connie, Wesley, Vicky, Raymond, Jon, Karen, Lincoln, baby Declan, Dylan, Deb, Cindy, Randal, and Geoffrey about Grandma updates, […]

Grandma NO FILTER / Dawn and Eni’s wedding

March 25, 2012

Managed to renew most of my library books before going out to Dawn and Eni’s wedding and banquet. Somehow, I needed to survive the afternoon and evening with my parents, and also needed to survive tomorrow! The thought of next Saturday kept me going! Mom told me that she had Princess Cruises chocolates for me, […]

Quintuplets List, as of 2/29/12

March 1, 2012

Thank goodness for the Internet Wayback Machine! All info taken from Facts About Multiples. Abbas (India, October 4 2006) 3 boys, 2 girls Abel (Germany, May 30 1984) 4 boys, 1 girl, Tim, Moritz, Peter, Dirk, Lisa Abikhalil/Haddad (born in Quebec, Canada, live in Lebanon, April 27 1992) 3 boys, 2 girls, Rami, Joe, Jad, […]

Richmond Sushi, new purses, Wayne x2, weird words, and entertaining stories

February 24, 2012

Decided that my new Fred Mayer purse was perfect for Richmond Sushi, haha. I met Wayne in the yellow Jeep; on the way over, I entertained them with my crazy stories about Mom (Vanessa asked about those conversation snippets!) when we weren’t talking about hockey / directions / jerseys / Canucks #1 / the Maple […]

Ivan and clinging / The Craving Test

December 12, 2011

Why did I have a dream involving Ivan and me clinging to each other as there was a shooting in a shopping plaza, and then running away from people, then my waking up at 5:30 PM?! CRAZY! You Crave Comfort You value harmony above all else. You like to have as calm as a life […]

Keg gift cards, disinclination to go out in cold weather, healing, and more

November 21, 2011

Tonight’s dinner menu: Pumpkin Fritters Winter Salad of some sort Carbonades Flamandes (aka beef stew cooked in Belgian beer) Mushroom Risotto Pumpkin Pie Chinese Eric picked me up, and we were off to Jeremy’s. We talked about SERVANTS, TV, eating a limited amount of beef, the Advent calendar, the hockey game, not being inclined to […]


November 19, 2011

Eric got on MSN this afternoon to ask if I’d changed my mind about Illuminate tonight; nope! I did take the opportunity to ask if he was going on Sunday to Jon’s thing at Jeremy’s, and figured he’d be out all day what with the football game / Alistair and all. Good thing I have […]

Sugar cubes make mouths tingly?!

November 13, 2011

When Eric picked me up for church this morning, he commented that I was unusually chipper for the morning, so I said that I’d banned someone already. We discussed that, journals, Ivan, my “long” receipts as proof that I spent thirty thousand dollars, rides, turn signals, cruising, germs, the West Final CFL game next week, […]