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Aspergers, “slow and retarded,” insults, potluck dinner ideas, Pyrex containers

October 9, 2013

Julie and I talked about Nikki via FB messages for a while; I don’t know how Ewan puts up with it, especially with his Aspergers! Then the usual suspect said that he was feeling much better; that’s good, at least! I gave him an extremely summarized version of events which included the insults; he wanted […]

Erin, cops showing up, noise carrying, picture from last night

September 15, 2013

Erin sent me a Facebook message to say Happy Birthday and ask how I was doing, which was nice. The cops showed up at the door, which I answered with a knife – not the best idea, I’m sure. No, I didn’t have a clue about what had been happening in the complex, although it […]

Homemade soaps, more hot sauce, New York steak, Freixenet champagne

September 14, 2013

Watched UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER and read a bit while waiting for Chinese Eric to get here, which he did at about 6:10. On the way to Boston Pizza, we discussed awkward US address and shipping matters; I don’t know what Michael would think about that, so it’s best Eric ask him directly! When […]

Emotions, Ian and my Ladner rarity, dune buggies, HACKERS character

July 25, 2013

Damn, my emotions are all over the place today! Decided to send Ian a friendly message (since it’s been a LONG time; May 8?!) about how I rarely go to Ladner; in his response, he said he’ll be having a romantic dinner with his love on Ladner Farm Market day, and his dune buggy is […]

Double Ian and Matilda! (dream) / Freedom to plan! / Chili Mix present

June 23, 2013

I dreamed about a couple named Ian and Matilda having kids all the time. They met another couple in a crowded school setting, who were twenty years younger than they were, and also named Ian and Matilda. There was a cramped upstairs bathroom in this school, which kinda looked like Uncle Reuben and Auntie Christine’s; […]

Lamb dumplings, and an Oasis apple / berry / cereal / yogurt smoothie!

June 19, 2013

Vanessa called me this morning at 9:15, but I was still sleeping! She wanted to go for lunch at Specialty Chicken and Wonton House and then run errands to see what was up at Superstore. (SO MUCH CHEESECAKE!) Then she offered me an electric blanket; sure, I guess! Talked about her Ladner roommate Ian drama […]

Fake anger, computer sound issues, lotion, natural stuff, stress

June 18, 2013

Yesterday, Michael picked me up on time. We went back to his place – we talked about medicine, dirty stuff, temptation, Ian, Vanessa, Krista, no drunk driving, stress, no energy / being lethargic, tortillas, alcohol, my doing a good job in learning certain things, crying, phone calls, white people, tests, worry, virginity, my computer sound […]

Forest Fruits beer, Bacardi Breezer, spicy chili ketchup chips, ditziness, martial arts

May 6, 2013

Went out in the sunny weather (without a jacket!) to the liquor store; I bought some new Wychwood Forest Fruits mixed berry fruit beer, and a litre of Tropical Orange Smoothie Bacardi Breezer. Then I went to Price Smart: I bought a combo sushi meal which is now chilling in the fridge for later, Excel […]

Ladner, rice cakes, needlepoint, and CHINESE ERIC?!

April 9, 2013

Chinese Eric tried calling me at about 11:15 PM yesterday; since that usually doesn’t happen, I wasn’t prepared for it! Oh well… I’ll call him back, for sure! 😀 Vanessa wanted to know if I wanted to come on an adventure / running errands around Ladner, Richmond, and Blundell Centre. Sure, why not. We talked […]

Restarting DRAGON WARRIOR IV / 2-1 win! / Flinging up Strength Seeds

March 21, 2013

Talked to Vanessa for a bit this morning through FB messages about weird people, her friend Ian, and annoying roommate issues. I had to restart my DRAGON WARRIOR IV game when my infinite 999HP and 999 MP cheat code was STILL active after I deleted it when Mara / Nara / Orin needed to LOSE […]